Saturday, November 27, 2010

Project 365-Week 48

What a whirlwind week! So many things to be thankful for and pictures to prove it!


Why is this picture special?

I took this when we left church Sunday. It was the first time I had been to church in over a month and it did my heart good! Hooray for being with my family and being able to worship with my church family too.


Any idea where we are?

The 3 younger kids had a dentist appointment today. We have the greatest dentist and the kids love going.

After the dentist, Kyla had Thanksgiving feast at pre-school. Kevin took her and this is what she looked like when she came home...

A very cute Indian!


I was off work today, so ran last minute errands in preparation for Thanksgiving. While Kyla and I were out we saw a huge swarm of birds. (or would that be a flock?) I wish I could have gotten a picture of all of them in air at the same time. It was amazing, in an Alfred Hitchcock kind of way.


Today before I went to work the girls helped me get something ready for Thanksgiving.

We wrapped and tied all of the silverware for Thanksgiving. So thankful for my willing helpers. Then it was off to work until 11:45.


Happy Thanksgiving! We hosted 50 people at our house today. (44 to eat and 6 that stopped in to visit) Kevin's mom and I share the hot food cooking, everyone else brings sides and desserts. Everything went very well and it was a blessing to have so many together.

My brother Trent and his girlfriend Becky.

Kevin's Aunt Phyll and Uncle Kelly.

Kevin's cousin, Sherry and her two kids, Karen and Justin.

Kevin's cousin, James.

My mom.

My sister, Tawn, her husband Nathan and their kids, Andie, Austin, Alivia and Alex.

Kevin's cousin Brenda and her children, Sydney, Becca and Michael.

Kevin's Grandma Donna, Aunt Beth and two of her kids Austin and Ashlyn.

Kevin's Uncle Karl, Aunt Chris and one of their daughter's, Susie.

Kevin's cousin David, his wife Angie and their girls, Hannah and Abigail.

Kevin's cousin Angie, her husband John and their 4 boys, John John, Isaiah, Caleb and Samuel.

Mom and Dad (AKA, Grammie and Grandpa)

Kevin's brother Mark, his wife Judy and 3 of the 4 kids, Andy, Zach and Matthew. (Sarah had to leave early and I didn't get her picture)

And I think you might recognize this group.
Now that was a lot of people!! Don't worry, no quiz.


Had to be to work at 4:00am. Can I just say that is early! I worked until 4:30 pm and was totally pooped. Came home, ate dinner and then on to an important tradition at the Yoder house. Decorating the tree!
Every year the kids get a new ornament of their choice. They always love getting them all out and seeing them from the past years.

Here they are decorating. They did a great job with just a little help for the highest places!


Back to work this morning. After I had been home and dinner and baths were done I asked the girls if they wanted to do something. Here's what we did.

And then they did this....

And when it was all said and done, we had this....

Breakfast tomorrow should be very yummy!

Thanks for sticking with the longest post ever! I hope you had a blessed week and were able to celebrate with some (or many) of your loved ones too!! Have a great week!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Project 365-Week 47

Can I tell you how good God is? After all of these LONG days and weeks that I have had lately, a much needed respite came this week. Here's a peek and you'll find out what the respite was at the end.


Had to work all day today, but I had promised the girls that when I got home they could do something with me. So, I came home and assumed the position for this.

I had a special pedicure waiting, just for me!


Tonight Bryce had his first middle school choir concert. One of my co-workers was gracious enough to cover the last part of my evening so I could be there.

Can you pick Bryce out? He's in the top row. He also got to come down front for the last song.

He had a solo. He did a great job and so did the rest of the kids! The director has it down to a science, having 3 concerts back to back in one evening. First the 6th graders, followed by 7th and 8th. That is a lot of singing students!


Bryce and I got up early this morning to head over to the middle school. All students who have a 4.0 are invited to come for an honors breakfast for making Principal's Honor Roll. Bryce also earned his letter for this accomplishment.

Way to go Bryce!!


While I was at work this evening, Kevin called and said that Bryce and Ethan were being picked up and taken to the men's Notre Dame basketball game. Mr. Rick, Ethan's table leader currently at church and Bryce's former leader when he was in K-3rd grade, had 2 extra tickets and wanted to take the boys. They had a great time and came home with this to add to their collection.

How blessed we are to have a man that pours into our boys, not only on Sunday mornings, but all of the time! We love you Mr. Rick!!


Another night of music tonight. Bryce and Ethan had their fall piano recital. This was Ethan's first recital and he handled himself very well. Bryce did well also.

Here they are afterwards with Miss Michelle, the best piano teacher ever!!


Today was a glorious day!! Do you want to know why? It started a 3 day no work weekend for me. Yes, you read that correctly. Yesterday I was at work and was told, "You're not coming in tomorrow." I couldn't believe it. Some schedule jostling was done to cover me and I was told I needed to enjoy the weekend and that I had done enough for a while. Oh sweet music to my ears!!!
So today, I ran errands. Errands that needed to be run desperately. While out I saw this on the back of a van and it struck me.

While Disney would be amazing, I was having a fabulous "vacation" of my own!!


Another day off. I stayed in my pj's all day and worked on house things that have been neglected far too long. When it was time to take Kyla to bed she said she wanted to read to me. So, I climbed in and Kevin caught this for me.

I love the way she "reads" this. She has it almost perfectly memorized and she used the best inflection. But best of all, it was bedtime and I was home!!

For all of you who have offered encouragement and prayers for me lately, thank you! God showed up so huge this week, when I needed it so badly. I am so thankful for a community of support that consists of family, friends and co-workers and for a God that is compassionate to remind me that He knows and hears. Have a wonderful week and a blessed Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project 365-Week 46

Just when I thought a week could not get longer, this one did. I have put in over 50 hours at work this week and am exhausted in a way I don't think I have ever been. Again, thankful for provision and selfishly wondering if I can pray for it minus the exhaustion! :)
Here's a peek at the week.


It finally happened. I missed a picture today. Well, only one so far for the year isn't too bad.


Today was crazy hat day at school for Kyla. She chose one of Ethan's to wear.

Is there a cuter Yoda? I took her to school, did a couple things at the school and then in to work at 1:00.


I went to work at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. Take a look at this picture.

That's my phone and the time says, 3:44 AM. That's what time I pulled back in to home from being at work all day, night and into the morning. One word to sum it up...Pooped!!!


Last week I showed you my favorite tree in our yard.

Well this is what it looked like today.

So glad I caught it last week!


Was supposed to be off today, but of of course I had to go in. When I got the call, I got off the phone and had to scramble to find someone to keep the girls (Kevin had gone fishing) and then call a friend I was supposed to meet to work on a pre-school project. While talking to her I lost it. Just crying, you know, the ugly cry. I think the exhaustion and missing my family and "normal" life had caught up with me. Thank you Lord for grace filled friends who give you an encouraging word!
Anyway, when I got home the dog wanted to go out and play. He ran straight to his rope and waited for me.

As I got closer, you can almost see the anticipation on his face.

And then, it was time to play!

I think Reese is missing me too.

Tonight, Kevin went to a friend's house so I took the kids out for dinner. They chose IHOP. When we were leaving the girls saw this and made sure everyone else within shouting distance did too.

I wanted to come up with something witty, but I've got nothin'! The kids thought it was funny though.


Another day at work. When I got off I went to pick up the girls from my sweet friend Jill's. They had been there playing for a few hours while Kevin took Ethan to a Notre Dame basketball game. I was driving Kevin's truck so the 3 of us crammed in. Kyla sits in the middle straddling the gear shift. Guess what she likes to do?

She loves to help shift. Usually I put my hand over hers to guide, but she is getting pretty good, so I let her do a few of them by herself tonight. I remember my parents doing this with me when I was little. If it helps her drive a stick one day, then I'm good with that. :)


Today was another super long day. Went in at 8:45 and was supposed to be off at 5:30. The closer at Gymboree called in sick, so I had to stay at Crazy 8 to close and sent the person who was supposed to close at Crazy 8 to Gymboree. When I took a quick lunch/dinner break I went to Chick-Fil-A in the food court. I go there quite a bit and everyone knows me and my normal order. And if I ever get a diet Dr. Pepper instead of water they give me a hard time for mixing up my order. When I sat down a gentleman said, "I see you have Chick-Fil-A. How was your service?" I proceeded to tell him that I work in the mall so I eat there a lot and how kind everyone always is and that they know me, etc. When I got back to the store, this was waiting in the back room.

He sent over a whole platter of brownies, thanking me for being a loyal customer and to share with the staff. After the long day and week I had, it really made my day. The way I felt I probably could have eaten that whole tray, but I didn't.
I have always appreciated Chick-Fil-A, their philosophy and that they honor the Sabbath. Now just one more reason to give them my business. They honor their customers too!!

I hope that you have had a super week and I am praying that I will get around to see everyone this week! I am missing you all too!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Project 365-Week 45

This week proved to be another L.O.N.G one! In the last two weeks I have worked 90.5 hours, or in mom's terms, too much!! With the help of Kevin, the pictures were kept up, so here's a peek.


While I worked from 10:30 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. we had some characters getting ready at our house.

There was a cowgirl.

A 50's girl.

A clone trooper named, Captain Rex (the specifics are necessary with this one!)

And a blind ref.

They went trick-or-treating in Kevin's old neighborhood (AKA, Grammie and Grandpa's house) Kevin took all of the pumpkins over too.

Bryce ended up choosing a bat for his.


Another long day at work, but when I got home (11:30) I finished preparing for a little talk I was invited to give Tuesday morning. I was invited to the pre-school to give a devotional for part of their in-service day. It was such a blessing to be asked and God really used it to charge my batteries!


Did the above mentioned devotional and was blessed! After that I voted, no pictures allowed there. When I came home Kevin was out raking leaves. Do you remember all of the times I've mentioned Reese and the vacuum? Well, the rake proves to be no different.

I really should have used movie function so you could see and hear how crazy he was going!


Today must have been Tori gets blessed day and I didn't know it. I have a dear friend who begged me to let her fold laundry for me. She knew that I have lots of clean, unfolded clothes, towels, etc. I have to admit I felt a little silly, but she insisted. So I loaded up this,

Two overflowing baskets of towels. She met me in the mall parking lot as I was heading in to work. When I came home I had this,

Two baskets of perfectly folded towels (and a stray sock or two that got mixed in) Thank you RB, you do indeed have the gift of folding!

Also waiting for me at home tonight was this.

A mysterious envelope. Inside was a very generous gift card to Meijer. I have no idea where it came from, but am so very thankful!!


A day off. Hooray!! Guess what I did? I stayed in grubby clothes all day, did not shower and even had lots of friends stop by my house. Oh how I needed this day. I have been missing community so badly and today I was lavished with it. I also took this picture.

This is my favorite tree in our yard. It is always such a vibrant yellow, always one of the very last to drop it's leaves and there is just something about it. Even as a kid I loved it.


Today while I was at work I received a phone call that went something like this. "Hi Mommy! Guess what? It's SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!!!" Oh yes, you read that correctly. I told her to make sure Daddy took pictures for me and she said, "He already did!"

There was even enough for a good coating that stuck until the next morning.


When I work at night, as soon as the mall closes, loud pounding and grinding noises begin coming from across the way. There has been lots of work going on behind a closed wall, but at night they open it. This is causing a stir among the cool, technical people around here.

That would be an Apple store. What is hilarious to me is that the logo is painted on the outside of the wooden wall that covers it, so there is no mystery as to what is going in. Yet last I heard, the mall and Apple would not confirm a new location. I don't get it!

Hope you have had a fantastic and blessed week. I don't know about you, but He always shows up when I need Him most!!