Saturday, May 29, 2010

Project 365-Week 22

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who have or are serving and to the families that willingly send and support them so I may have my freedom!! You are appreciated, remembered and thanked from the bottom of my heart!!

This week was the culmination of a VERY busy month for me. It was a good week, with many blessings too! Here's a peek.


Today was the Blessing Breakfast for the 5th graders at church. The parents were invited to have breakfast with the 5th graders and small group leaders. Each leader went forward speaking a blessing and truths over each 5th grader, sending them off to Junior High. It was very special (there may have been some weeping from a certain parent, no names please.)

This is Bryce with Mr. Ryan and Mr. Jordan. It has been so awesome having these two young men, invest in Bryce!! Thank you gentlemen for all you did for Bryce!!


Tonight was Ella's Pre-K graduation. The class presented a Noah's Ark play and then "graduated". Each child was assigned an animal. Can you find Ella and guess her animal?

Here she is with her teacher Mrs. C. (sorry about the awful red eyes!)

Mrs. C is amazing and she has provided such a fantastic foundation and love for learning in Ella (and the other kids!) I am so glad Kyla will have her too!!


This is a project I have been working on all month. (With help from Kevin and another mom) At the end of the pre-school year our organization W.A.T.S (We Appreciate The Staff) present a gift to each teacher. This year the theme had been "Sharing God's Bucket of Love" based off of this book. We wanted to send the teachers off ready to relax so this is what I came up with.

7 Adirondack chairs with each child's thumbprint up the back slats, the teacher's name and school year on the arms and a cushion screen printed with the bucket logo.

They were a lot of work, but the teachers loved them and I think they turned out really well considering a few of the road bumps along the way.


Carrie and the kids came over today for lunch. After we ate, the kids played and Carrie helped me wrap these...

I'll tell you next week what they were for!


A sweet friend gave me a gift certificate to a local nursery and greenhouse. This was such a surprise and blessing, because with Kevin not working, flowers are not a priority. I took the girls with me to pick some things.

No rhyme or reason to anything. The girls liked the colors or shapes. I am not a green thumb, so makes no difference to me.

Holding up one of their choices. (These just so happen to be my favorites, so I was thrilled they each picked one!)


Today was the last day of school for the boys.

Here they are getting off the bus. It was a bittersweet day, because this was the last day that they will ever be in the same school. How are they getting that old?!!


A basket of water toys can only mean one thing......

The pool is open!! We have been members of a pool for a few years but knew this year we would not be able to join because of finances. The kids look forward to swimming every summer and talk about it all year long. It was so hard knowing that we weren't going to be able to this year. I decided to write a letter to the pool explaining our circumstances and asking if there was anything we could do in exchange for membership. When I sent the letter I knew it was ridiculous. This is a private pool, in a neighborhood we do not live in, why would they grant us membership? Well, I received a phone call this week saying they received the letter and would absolutely grant us membership! I sat and cried when I heard the message. In the grand scheme of things swimming doesn't matter, but it means everything to my kids. I was in absolute awe of God and how much he cares about my family down to the silly little detail of swimming. I know He is Jehovah Jireh and I praise Him for His provision!!

And, if we couldn't go to the pool, I wouldn't have this picture...

She refused to let me help her put the goggles on right. Can you see how they are half filled with water? I was giggling the whole time!!

I hope you have had a fantastic week and that God has showed up where you least expected Him too!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Project 365-Week 21

How is it possibly almost the end of May already? This month and year are flying by!! There is a part of me that needs May to be over because I have had so much on my plate all coming together at the same time. Nonetheless, photos are a priority. Here's a glimpse of my week.


This picture could be inserted for any day that I have to drive through town. They are widening the main road through our town and it is a mess! Trains stop for lengthy periods, traffic is backed up, the lights are messed up. All I can say is UGH!!!


Even though this was on last night, we had to wait and watch it this evening.

We are back to taping things on VHS (UGH!) and it was too late on Sunday to watch it all. The worst part was, I saw who won when I got online this morning, right in the middle of the home page.


Bryce was in piano lessons and I was out in the van. Miss Michelle has these gorgeous flowers growing up and around her trellis.

Not sure what they are, but very pretty!


Every Wednesday evening (and Thursday morning) I go to church to lead Bible study. A reminder of what we are studying.

Though sometimes I feel like I need this....


Super busy and crazy day. Today is our 15th anniversary! Busy with church stuff all morning and evening and a little pre-school stuff in between. This afternoon I made these for my meetings tonight.

Strawberry-Rhubarb, Old Fashioned Creme, Banana Creme and Pecan. I think they were a hit!


Today was a fun day for the boys at school. Ethan had a parent field trip that Kevin went on and then the yearbook signing party with DJ.

After school Bryce had his 5th grade celebration. They plan fun activities and food for the kids to send them off to middle school. Here he is getting ready to go on a scavenger hunt.

He's the one in the green shirt.

They also did a special project having the 5th graders bring in a baby photo and current photo and then their teacher gave a one word description of them. They called it the rainbow wall.

Here is Bryce's pictures and description...

That's a good word!

Tonight Mom & Dad watched the kids so Kev and I could go out for dinner for our anniversary. After dinner we went for a treat....

Ritters frozen custard. Heath Glacier for Kevin and Peanut Butter Mountain for me.


Today Ella went to a friend's jewelry and make-up birthday party. Oh my was that a happy group of 5 & 6 year old girls!! When I picked her up, the mom sent home a favor bag for Kyla too.

Let's just say...2 VERY HAPPY GIRLS!! Thank you Mrs. Farcus!!!

Hope you have had a great week!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Because of you....

Today Kevin and I are celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary! Some days it seems like it's been 5 days and others, 50 years. You can look here for how our relationship started. We were high school sweethearts...that was 20 years ago!

I know on this day, all of these years later, that I am who I am because of Kevin.
Because of you, I know and love Christ.
Because of you, I have 4 beautiful children that adore their Daddy.
Because of you, I have felt love in ways I never imagined.
Because of you, I laugh harder.
Because of you, I understand love is a commitment.
Because of you, I love to bake and cook.
Because of you, I believe metallic cinnamon is a color.
Because of you, I get to be a princess with her prince charming.
Because of you, I want to make each day count.
Because of you, I look forward to growing old, because it will be with you.

Happy Anniversary to the man that still makes my heart beat faster, my smile grow wider and my eyes light up. I love you Kevin!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Project 365-Week 20

The official countdown to the end of school has started! Only 10 more school days. This week has been full with ball games, meetings, baking and fun. Here's a peek at our week.


We had a fun and low key Mother's Day. Kevin's parents came for lunch and afterwards we convinced Grammie to play "Just Dance" with us!

She did great and was such a good sport about it! Nothing better than dancing with the family!!

Also received a couple of great things from the kids....

A sweet poem from Ella with her hand prints!

A sheet of reasons I'm special from Ethan. Do you see why he thinks I'm smart? He's in first grade so I'm still ok in math now!!


Ran quite a few errands today, as there is a lot on my plate for the month of May. I hadn't eaten so stopped for this....

Burrito Bowl from Chipotle...YUMMY!!


Bryce has piano on Tuesday afternoons, so after his lesson he ran an errand with me. We had some good (and interesting) conversation while driving. (Does anyone else have better success talking to their kids while driving?) Anyway, I snapped this picture at a light...he tried to turn but wasn't quick enough!

Later that evening our whole family was gone, so when we came home the girls wanted to take the dog out. When they came in this is what they looked like.

It had started raining and they had a ball playing in it.


Have you seen or tried these?

They are super good. I used them in trail mix that I normally put pretzels and plain M&M's in. Much better this way. So far I have only seen them at WalMart and Sam's Club.


What do these things have in common?

These were the items used for Reese's haircut. Since Kevin isn't working we have eliminated a lot of things and unfortunately the groomer had to be one. Since Reese is a miniature poodle he has to have regular cuts. Also, the last time he was at the groomer they said that I was going to have to get a sedative from the vet before I brought him, because he won't stay still. We decided we could do it. We borrowed trimmers from a friend and went to work.

It took 2 of us over one hour and 45 minutes to trim him!! I can't tell you how much string cheese and peanut butter we went through. Then I still had to bathe and dry him, and his face isn't done yet. I'm thinking the sedative might be a better idea!


I had special dishwasher unloading helper today.

Later the girls were outside playing when Kyla came in to tell us Ella was stuck and needed help. Where was she stuck?

In the baby swing. They wanted it up to push their babies in, but apparently Ella thought getting in it would be better!


Today we spent the day at the ballpark. Bryce, Ethan and Ella all had games.

Ella warming up....notice the fashionable wearing of the visor!!

Ella at bat.

Bryce at bat.

Ethan at bat.

Hope you have had a great week too!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Project 365-Week 19

Happy Mother's Day! I hope today finds you celebrating and/or being celebrated!!
It's been another busy week around here but as you will see we found time for a new toy.....Here's a peek!


Small group night. After we're done people usually go back and nibble a little more food before heading out. Some people do this.....

This is Melissa. She is our babysitter and one very special lady!! She was having a little whipped cream and I caught her!!


Made these today...

The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls, otherwise known as YUM!!!

For dinner our small group ladies surprised one of our friends that moved to Alabama on Friday. We had a lot of fun, great conversation and it just happened to be two of their birthdays.

This is our group. The only one missing was Carrie. I am SO THANKFUL for these women! They are real, caring, praying and faithful friends!!


Today we received a new toy. Berette, our friend moving to Alabama got this game for our family.

This game is AWESOME!! It's dancing but all you use is the Wii remote. Our whole family loves it and we have been playing it like crazy. It is also a fantastic workout.


The kids playing Just Dance.


Tonight Kevin and I went to the Spring choir concert at our high school. This was Melissa's last concert and we wanted to see and support her. (You know, the same Melissa with the whipped cream) I have had the honor of being Melissa's voice teacher for 4 years and she is very talented, but more than that she is a treasure. She is beautiful, intelligent, funny, loving and she is strong. Strong in her will, in her love and in her faith. I am going to miss her when she heads to school in the fall but can't wait to see what God has planned for her!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

When we got home around 10:40 or so we saw this when we pulled in.

Notes from the kids. One said, "buying lunch" and the other two were random notes from the girls. Too funny! Guess they wanted to make sure we saw them.


Tonight we had family dance night! 4 people can play Just Dance at a time so we would rotate in and out. We played for over an hour a half straight. So much fun!!

There was some serious groove being thrown down tonight!


We kept our friend's kids tonight while they went out to dinner. When they came back the four adults played Just Dance. (surprised, aren't you?) Because we were all playing and the kids were all off playing in other rooms, I don't have an actual picture of us, but it was fun! So just to remind you what the game looks like...

If you haven't figured out.....we LOVE this game. If you like to dance I would encourage you to give it a try. It has a great mix of songs, some oldies, 70's & 80's and more current. The lyrics are ok for the kids and the words even come up so you can sing along. Plus it's great exercise!!!

Hope you've had a super week!!