Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project 365-Week 17

I am glad this week is over. It wasn't a bad one, just busy and Kevin was gone Thursday through Sunday working an Emmaus Walk, so I had all the kiddos alone. Sure makes me appreciate everything he does to help!
Here's a peek at the week.


Since Kevin lost his job looking through this is a regular thing around here.


Kyla stayed in her jammies all day. She would live in jammies if she could! She was on the floor playing with Reese when I snapped this.


These bring many thoughts to different people.

Some think, "Pesky weeds that are overtaking my lawn." Others may think, "That would be good in a salad." While others of smaller stature think, "Mommy would love these." Those are all fine thoughts. However, our four legged friend thought, "I should eat a lot of these because then I will throw up yellow in the house for a long time." Let's just say, yes he did and he felt miserable!


I had a helper making cookies today. Of course she wanted to help eat them too! Do you know who's hand that is?


It's hard to say, "Not me" when you are confronted with your own handwriting and name as evidence!


While running errands today Kyla wanted my old sunglasses. While at a stoplight I noticed she had them up on her head like I do so I grabbed the camera. She felt this face was appropriate.


With Kevin being gone the last few nights, I took the opportunity to watch a couple of movies that might not be his first choice. Last night I watched "Time Traveler's Wife". Tonight I watched this.....

"Precious". OH.MY.WORD. The language is unbearable and the situations this young woman has gone through are unfathomable. However, the thought that there are people who live this way every day in every community is another reminder of why I need to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who I cross paths with.

Hope you have had a great week!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Project 365-Week 16

This week has been crazy busy, but still managed to grab some pictures. Here's a peek...


We said goodbye to a new friend today.

This is my mom's new Cube. She was in NY for a week so we got to drive it. Very fun and we really appreciated having a second vehicle that could actually transport more than one child. (we have a mini-van and a small pick-up) Thanks Mom!


It was a gorgeous day today! After the boys got home from school we all went down to the park to play.

Kyla having fun while doing some balance walking.

Ella at the top of a climbing wall.

Daddy playing ball with the boys. (and yes, I said boys. Ethan is that little grey speck way at the back of the picture.)


New glasses came in today. Here are all of my boys with their new specs. This is Ethan's first pair!


Started a new Bible study tonight on Revelation, by Beth Moore. (I'm also doing it Thursday mornings) I'm sure it will be good stuff!


This day was crazy. I was home for about 1 1/2 hours all day and even being gone that much I still missed two meetings I should have been at. All that to say, this is what the sink and counter looks like when I'm gone all day.


This next picture is priceless to me for two reasons. This is my youngest brother, Trent. He is 11 years younger than me and my girls A.D.O.R.E him! As soon as he walks in our house they go crazy and I always wonder who put quarters in them! He is such a good sport with them all of the time, playing with them, being goofy, etc. (that's the first reason this picture is priceless)
The second reason is that he hates having his picture taken. So, being the wonderful, sneaky older sister that I am, I caught this.....

He was letting the girls do his hair!! The girls then asked for the camera and this is what I found that they captured, with Uncle Trent knowing they were taking them.

Kyla getting him in position.

Ella taking her turn at him. Notice he is on his phone. I can only imagine what he is telling the person on the other end!

And this one made me tear up. This is Ella riding on Trent's foot. (Kyla, the 3 year old took this!) Our dad used to walk around with us on his feet and I remember it very fondly. My kids didn't get to know Grandpa Freel, but Trent is passing on a great memory of him to them! Oh Trent, I love you and your patience for letting those girls give you such style!! Thanks for being a super uncle!


Today I cleaned and folded laundry for what seemed like all day! Here are the towels that had yet to be put away. (How's that for an exciting Saturday?!)

Hope you have had a great week!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project 365-Week 15

This week was our Spring Break week. While we didn't vacation anywhere, we tried to do some fun things around here. Here's a peek at our week.


Happy Easter, He is Risen! This first picture is of Carrie, Rita and me. We are in small group, worship team, Bible study together and we took this as a shout out to Sara.

After church, we went to Mom & Dad's for dinner and an egg hunt. The kids always have fun and somehow there is always an egg that eludes them!

Kyla finding an obvious egg.

Ella had to look a little harder for this one.

After Mom & Dad's we came home and the kids got to hunt for their baskets here. I always write individual clues and then they have to figure them out to find the loot!

Ethan reading one of his clues.

Bryce had a horrible time finding this one! He didn't know that the bottom of the thermostat panel flipped down. That's where the clue was!!


I received a special gift today!

My first, "Mom, these are for you" flowers!!


Today was a special day in a different way for each of the kids.

Ella spent the night at A's house. (I think she looks like she is moving in!)

Kevin took Bryce and Ethan to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". (didn't get a picture, but they loved it!)

And I took Kyla to KidZoodles. What is that you wonder? Well here's what you do there...



SLIDE! (Do you see Kyla sticking out the entrance?)

And everything she did, I had to do too!! But I think she had a great time. What do you think?


Found this on Reese today...

It's a tick! YUCK!!


Mom & Dad took us all bowling today. We had a great time.

Ethan had just bowled a strike and he and Grandpa were enjoying the moment!


We had a new family picture taken today.


Today was Ella's first T-ball practice. This is her first time playing and she is very excited!

Running back from first base.

Hope you have had a great week!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Project 365-Week 14

He is Risen!! Happy Easter to everyone!
I can't believe it is April already! We had a fun and busy week. Enjoy taking a peek...


Tonight was the closing night of the musical "Esther-Ordinary Faith" at church. This was put on by 1st-5th graders and they have been practicing since January.

Ethan was a soloist. He did awesome!

Bryce was King Xerxes. He did an amazing job too! All of the kids did great and the message was fantastic too!


I have been waiting for this day since Christmas. Any ideas why?

Maybe now?

Full body hot stone massage. Also known as bliss! This was my Christmas present that I just finally got around to using. Totally worth the wait!


Eye exams for everyone but Kyla today. Kevin and Bryce are getting new glasses and Ethan is getting his first pair of glasses. New supply of contacts for me. I thought it was interesting what they use for the eye chart now.


Tonight and tomorrow morning ended the Daniel Bible study I've been leading. It was my second time through and it was great! Moving on to Beth Moore's Revelation after Spring Break.


Bryce had his piano recital tonight. He played three selections and was fantastic, even if I do say so myself! This is Bryce with his piano teacher Miss Michelle. (She also directed the church musical and is Bryce's Splash 45 teacher at church) We love Miss Michelle!!


Good Friday service at church. How thankful I am for the cross!


Guess what we did today?

Colored eggs! The kids each did their own dozen, so we have four dozen to eat or give away!

That was my week. Hope you had a great one too!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Frumpy Friday

In light of today being Good Friday, this Frumpy Friday will be brief and to the point.
I have told you how I have really called on God over this period of weight loss and how He has answered, strengthened and disciplined me. Bottom line, I had to come to that place of dying to myself and my wants. The life I have now is so much better, healthier, etc.
Jesus made that all possible when He went to the cross. He did it for me and He did it for you. Everything that we struggle with, all of the insecurities and failures that we have and see....He covered them all. He loved me that much. He loved you that much.
Thank you Lord for the cross. All of my praise and thankfulness will never be enough. You are worthy of all praise, glory and honor!!