Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project 365-Week 26

I can't believe we are halfway through the year!! I am so thankful I have stuck with this project and have a reminder of each day. Here's a look at what we did this week.


Happy Father's Day!! Ethan had made gifts for Kevin before school ended and did a great job putting them in a safe place and then remembering to get them out! One of the items was a sheet with things that were special about dad.

Take a close look at #6...

I was crying. What 7 year old writes that? Obviously mine does, and I am so thankful for his heart!!

We had Kevin's parents over for dinner. Here are "the dads" with the kiddos.


Swimming lessons started for the older 3 kids today. Here is a peek of our view each day for the next two weeks.

Kyla either looks like that, watching intently or she is busy snapping random pictures the whole time!


Today was Ella's last t-ball game. First let me point out her lovely sock choice.

It may look silly but there was NO battle!!

She received a ball and trophy for playing.

I think she was just as excited about the Popsicles they got that day!!


The boys love to play cards, so today Kevin and I played "Golf" with them.


Today was the last day of the Revelation study I've been doing. It was a great study!


The girls went to A's birthday party today. Carrie's sister-in-law brought 2 horses for the kids to ride. The kids were thrilled and the girls loved it!!

Thanks for a great time Carrie (not to mention the pressure to have horses at our house!)

Tonight we decided to go out for dinner. With Kevin not working we are trying to be frugal, but just needed to get out. We went here...

We ordered and an hour and a half later we still had no food! Our waitress and the manager were very accommodating and apologetic and we ended up getting our whole meal, for a family of 6, FREE!! Thank you Lord for providing us a night out and giving our kids patience when they were hungry!!


Today Bryce had his first playoff game. His team had the best record going in, but unfortunately today they just couldn't pull it off. They ended up losing, so his season is over.

We are very proud of him and his improvement this season!

Hope you have had a great week and have some great memories of the first half of your year too!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Project 365-Week 25

What a soggy week it's been here! We still managed to get out and have some fun though. Here's a peek.


Whenever it is hot and humid with rain or storms, we will get some of these popping up in our backyard.

We call them toadstools and knock them down. Kyla thought the round ones looked like microphones!


Received this letter a few weeks ago for today...

Went and sat through the longest questioning process ever! I served just over two years ago and went through nothing like this. I was a second round candidate and was not chosen this time. (Insert sigh of relief here) When I came out I found this on the van.



Good day to go to the library today and sign up for the summer reading program. I love that my kids all love books and reading!!

When we came home Kyla was playing outside and then was coming up the back deck stairs and fell. She got a nasty scrape and goose egg on her chin. It was hard for her to keep the ice on it, so we got creative.

She thought that was pretty fun!


Today a couple of things happened that I am just not ready for. First, I watched a friend's boys while she went to the doctor. Her oldest is the same age as Ethan. After they left Ella drew this picture for him.

It's the two of them. Notice the hearts? When I asked her what they meant she said, "love". Ethan and Ella are like oil and water, so for a boy his age to treat her kindly was huge for her. I think we had a first crush!

The other thing I wasn't ready for today was this.

Do you know what this is? This is a reason I will have to wear heels or walk on my tippy toes the rest of my life! This has put me into denial. These two marks are Bryce and my height measurements. Let's just say mine is the one on the lower side. UGH!!! How is my 10 year old taller than me?!!!


These were the cause of much fit throwing, possible gnashing of teeth and a missed t-ball game.

Ella has MAJOR issues with socks. She is always complaining that they "feel funny" and it has been the source of major problems many mornings. Thankfully when it's warm, sandals are here and we're good, except when it's t-ball time. Tonight's episode was so bad that she had to call her coach to tell him she wouldn't be there. Oh please, let this pass before it gets cold again!


Some cute little legs getting dried off after being in the pool. Went this afternoon with good friends from our small group. Thankful for friends to play with, nice adult conversation and a cool refresher from the heat.


Do you like chocolate raspberry? It was time for some tonight.

Fooled you, huh? So thankful for a stylist who tells me exactly what to use and how to do it and for a mom that has a beautician's license and can get the products at dirt cheap prices! I have been doing this for a while now and can I just say that the salon price for hair color is ridiculous!

Hope you have had a super week!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Project 365-Week 24

This has been a fun week, with "camp" being the theme. All of the kids went to a type of camp at some point this week and we managed to fit a few other things in too. Here's a peek.....


Kyla used to be petrified of animals, especially ones that moved suddenly. Now...

..not so much! She is always on the floor with Reese, or tugging on him, chasing him, etc. Sometimes he lets her know that he is done with it, but for the most part he is very good with her!

Monday (there are a week's worth of pictures just today..sorry!)

Today Ethan left for Prairie Camp (church camp, 2 days and 1 night). Two of his friends spent the night at our house and I took everyone this morning.

Here they are cheesing in the van beforehand...

And once we were checked in, on the way to their cabin with a counselor.

The girls also went to camp today. Their camp was "Water Camp" at the pre-school, which lasts for 4 days, 4 hours a day.

After everyone was dropped off, I went and used a gift certificate from two of my Bible study friends for this.

They are finally painted!! (Thanks Amy and Kerri)

Then picked up the girls....

Took them to do this...

I really think children should be weighed pre and post picking!! I know they ate more than they picked!!


Went out for dessert with some of the teachers from Ella's pre-school. Here are some of the desserts that were consumed, or at least were attempted to consume!

All I can say is, YUM and I will regret this in the morning!


Today Bryce went to Prairie Camp. The older kids were staying 3 days and 2 nights.

Here he is heading to his cabin. On a side note, Bryce loves camp. He has gone every summer for many years and always has a hard time leaving camp. I am so thankful that he has had such great experiences there and made great friends and learned more about being the young man God created him to be!


Today was the last day of water camp for the girls. They LOVED it and made and did many fun things.

Kyla by her creations.

Ella with her treasures.

And the other big project today.....

Any idea what this is all over my shirt?

Maybe now?

Surely you guessed this...

We did the haircut again and it went a little better this time!! Well, except that I am soaking wet!


Remember Kyla on the floor with the dog? Here she is in another position with him..

This time they needed a blanket apparently.


We went to two more graduation open houses today. When we were leaving the second one, the rain came. Some of us ran to the van, others, well not so much!

Obviously I wasn't doing too much running because I needed this picture! Hope their shoes are dry in the morning.

Hope you have had a super week!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Project 365-Week 23

One week down of summer vacation and I haven't heard "I'm bored" yet! That within itself is a good week!!
We stayed busy with ball games and celebrations this week. Here is a peek.


Last week I showed you this....

...and told you I would tell you what it was for this week. That was the silverware that Carrie and I wrapped for a surprise 40th birthday party that I had been planning for my good friend, Jill. Her husband approached me almost a year ago saying he wanted to throw one and needed help. I was totally on it! The hardest part was how to get her there. Jill was having all of her family in for her daughter's birthday and she does not like to leave her family when they are. So what did I come up with? I told her that Kevin and I were renewing our vows, since we just celebrated our 15th anniversary and that it was a surprise for him. She totally ran with it, asking me if I would have flowers and what would I wear? We even went dress shopping!

Here she is after she realized what was happening...

And after blowing out her candles.

If you look close at the end of the table you will see some of the silverware. :)


Made this today for an impromptu cookout with Mom & Dad.

Triple Berry Trifle...YUMMY!!


Ella had a t-ball game today. While this is not an "action" shot, I thought it was cute!

Walking out to center field with a teammate.

And one of her fans reminding me what she think of Ella.


The kids were playing the Wii today and I looked around the corner to see this.

3 of them lounging on the couch together watching the other one play. Who do these children belong to? (and why do they always have red eyes?!)


These are the B.E.S.T. flip flops ever!!

They are made by TEVA and have arch support in them! I'm getting a funky tan line, but the comfort is so worth it! (and yes, I need to paint my toes!)


Went bowling today with our friends, the Lyons. There is a local alley that offers free bowling for kids during the summer, you just pay for shoe rental.
Here are the girls...

And the boys...

The adults bowled too, but no picture of us!


Today we went to two graduation open houses. One of them was for our oldest nephew Andy. This is a picture of all of the cousins from Kevin's side of the family together. (our 4 kids and his brother's 4 kids)

Andy is the one in the hat. I guess you're never too old to give goofy ears to your brother!

Hope you have had a great week!! And for those of you who guessed Ella was a flamingo in her Noah's Ark play, you were correct!