Saturday, October 30, 2010

Project 365-Week 44

This has been a long week. I have worked way too much this week (49 hours), it's been windy and chilly (I actually purchased and wore a down jacket one day) and I was super emotional this week. All I can say is, glad this one is over! Here is a peek....


I feel like I live here.

I keep reminding myself it is a season and I am thankful. Repeat 10 times. :)


Someone had their Halloween party at pre-school today.

Well howdy partner! I think that is one cute cowgirl, or as she says it, "Towgirl". (her c's and k's come out as t's)


Today was supposed to be a day off, but no such luck. While I was gone Kevin decided to carve the kid's pumpkins. He went for a different look this year.

Didn't they turn out amazing? Bryce hasn't picked his design yet, so that's why there are only 3 done.


Today was a super windy day! This is just a shot of the sky, too bad you can't see the wind.


Today I got a whole day off!! Oh thank you Lord! (insert extreme emotion and Hallelujah chorus here!) I ran errands with my special helper, finished getting things needed for costumes, did some things around the house (not nearly enough) but this was a highlight.

I can't tell you how fun it is to watch a show with your kids that you, yourself watched every year. Some things are just timeless, and priceless!


Today I went in to work at 9:00 a.m. and got off at 8:00 p.m. All I can say is after 11 hours I couldn't get home fast enough. But guess what? Went out to leave and the truck wouldn't start!!

Had to call Kevin, who loaded up the girls to come rescue me. Ended up having to drive around to Sears to get a new battery. It was 9:30 until we got home. UGH!! We are trying to look at it positively and be thankful that it happened now and not in the dead of winter or sometime when I would have been stranded.


More work stuff.

Going over all of our holiday info for work. When we close tomorrow night (Sunday) we have to set all of our Christmas decorations and begin our Thanks for Giving Campaign (for St. Jude's). Time to kick off "the most wonderful time of the year". Please remind me of that when I am complaining about long hours and grumpy people! :)

Hope you have had a super week and that your battery is fully charged, both literally and figuratively!! "See" you in November!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project 365-Week 43

I really can't believe that we are entering the end of October. I am even more amazed that I have taken all of these pictures this year!! Here is this week to add to the project.


Kyla received a very special surprise today.

Our neighbor, Miss Evelyn, brought this balloon bouquet and stuffed teddy over for Kyla's birthday. She was so excited! Thank you Miss Evelyn for all of the kind things you do for us!!


Today was some one's 4 year old well check.

Why can't grown up gowns be that fun?!


Tonight was a treasured moment. Can you guess why?

My WHOLE family ate dinner together!! With all of the working I have been doing, I have missed a lot of dinners lately. I was so happy to have us all at the table together!


Today was picture day at school for Kyla.

I think the cute-o-meter is at full on this one!


Swimming goggles are always in fashion....

...don't you think?


Came home from a 10 hour day today and played some games with the kids.

Ethan and I played Battleship.

With the girls it was Candyland. (Bryce is away at a retreat this weekend, so no games with him this time.)


On my way home from work tonight I saw this. When I did, I couldn't believe it and I turned around to go back and take a picture of it.

Those are Christmas lights...turned on....on October 23!!! What in the world?!! There is even a radio station locally that has begun playing all Christmas music now. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. I also knew I would be getting it early this year due to working retail, but this was just funny!

I hope you have had a merry and jolly week!! Maybe next week I'll find Valentine's decorations somewhere!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tag-I'm it!

Sara at Make Music from Your Heart tagged me in a post, so I am answering her questions.

1. What are you fixing for dinner tonight? I am not fixing dinner tonight, as I will be at work. Kevin will be serving chicken, I believe.

2. What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Am I limited to one?! I would say the turkey is my favorite savory thing and I LOVE cornbread, so that would be up there too!

3. What are you most thankful for right at this moment? God's refuge. In this season when I am working full time, trying to serve in ministry God has called me to and still be the mother, wife and friend that I need to be...well, I am exhausted. The feelings are sometimes overwhelming, but that is when I cling to my refuge. "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart." Psalm 91:4

4. Do you think 50 is the new 40? I've never really thought about this one, because I haven't had to live it yet. I will say that I think the more you love and laugh, the better any age is!

5. What age do you dread the most? I don't really dread an age. It is all necessary for growth and wisdom and without any aging there would just be stagnancy and I definitely don't want that.

6. If you could have/do anything for your birthday, what would it be? If I could choose anything for a birthday I would have a two-fold wish. One, that I could be in the chorus of a Broadway show. That would be a super cool present and something just for me. If I could have something else, I would love for my family to go to Disney World together. My birthday is January 1st, so what a fun place to be together to start the new year.

7. What kind of cake do you choose for your birthday? I don't choose cake. Kevin's mom makes me a dessert called "Robert Redford". It's a crushed nut crust with pudding, cream cheese and whipped topping layers. I love it!

There you have it. My answers to Sara's questions. Here is a question I would love you to answer....

If you could plan the perfect girls night out, what would you plan?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Project 365-Week 42

What a week! 40+ hours at work, a luncheon, a 4th birthday and "normal" life too. All I can say is that I was dragging by Saturday night. Here is a peek of the week.


I snapped this on my way to work. This is a very common sight around here right now.

Farmers tending to their fields. There is a very distinct smell that goes with this too, but you'll just have to imagine that.


Today Kyla had a field trip to the apple orchard for school. I had to work so Kevin went with her. They picked apples, chose a gourd, went on a hayride and had apple cider.

I love this shot! Thanks to Mrs. Roeder for capturing it!!


Today was my day off, but typical me, I tried to cram everything I am not able to do on other days into this one! I had to take this first picture. Everyday we take Ella to kindergarten. (she then rides the bus home) This is what she does everyday before she goes in.

She is the lip gloss queen! I find it hilarious, Kevin..not so much.

Kyla and I ran errands after we dropped her off. We ended at Meijer for a bunch of things, ran into a dear friend and then Kyla finished off with this.

How can you say no to the pony ride when it is only a penny?!

After the kids got home, the boys had piano and after piano lessons I took them to pick their pumpkins. This is my favorite pumpkin....

...because all of my pumpkins are in it!


I had to run to the grocery store for some last minute items for the teacher luncheon I was doing on Thursday. When I went in everything outside was nice. When I came out.....

it was pouring! Then I was cold, but we need the rain really desperately!


Today was a luncheon at Kyla's school honoring Mrs. Capek. For one of the table pieces I took this idea from Mimi at He&Me+3's post last week. Thanks Mimi!

Filled with all of Mrs. Capek's favorites.

I sure love these ladies and are so very blessed that they have touched my kids' lives and mine. I also am blessed to call them friends!


At school today Kyla made "Apple pizza". She brought it home and was so proud! Here she is sharing a bite with Ella.

I also tried to get a picture of some of the colors here. This picture is pathetic in comparison to what I have been seeing everyday, but it's what I could snap.

I just love the beauty that God reveals in the fall! Absolutely magnificent!!


Worked until 5:00 then it was home for a very special 4 year old's birthday!

The all important singing and blowing out the candles! Grammie jumped in to keep the hair out of the fire!

And opening presents.

Happy birthday Kyla! Your contagious giggle, animated facial expressions and "attitude" are a constant source of joy for me. You are a strong little one and I pray that you will always use that strength! I love you sweet one!!

And may I finish by saying, how can my baby possibly be 4?!!
That's enough for me for one week! Hope you have had a fun and less busy week!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Project 365-Week 41

Another week over already? They seem to be going faster and I seem to be accomplishing much less! How does that work? Here is a peek at the week here.


I have been waiting for today for a while. Kevin and I went to see a fabulous acappella group called Straight No Chaser. If you are not familiar with them, you should take the time to check them out. They sing all genres of music. Amazing vocalists and so entertaining and engaging! See for yourself....


Today a certain 6 year old artist made signs for every one's bedroom door. Here is what she made us.

Now everyone will know where to look for me! :)


I saw these wispy clouds today and thought they were so fun.

Then tonight I had to go to a meeting. Kevin had built a fire before I left and here is what I saw when I went out to say goodbye.

He was reading a Bible story to the girls. Love it!


Today I said goodbye to a loyal friend of 15+ years. We had a good relationship, but it was time to go our separate ways. So I said thank you for being there as I became a new wife. For letting me call on you at all hours of the day and night. Thank you for walking me through motherhood and being a constant presence for my children. You were even so kind to let my kids pound on you over the years. I pray that you will find rest where you are going. Please join me in bidding a fond farewell.

They served me well!


Today was supposed to be my day off, but no such luck. We have so much merchandise and not enough hours or people to get through it. Here is what I went in to.

All I can tell you is 4+ hours later and it doesn't look much different. Crazy!!!


I think I have forgotten to mention that as of this week it is official. I am the full time assistant store manager at Crazy 8.

Keys and all.....oooh.


With all of my working the kids are in bed a lot when I get home. This is what I see many evenings.

Precious. Tonight I was home and tucked every single one of them in. I miss my babies and my hubby!!

I hope you have had a super week and hopefully I'll make it around to see everyone!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Project 365-Week 40

Happy October! I am loving this cooler weather that October is ushering in. It's been another good week here. Take a look....


Had to go in to work for a while this afternoon. Guess what I did almost the whole time....

Folded and organized denim in the back room. UGH! Have I mentioned my disdain for folding laundry at home? Now I get to do it at work too! :)


I do a lot of volunteering at Kyla's pre-school. Today I was working on putting together book orders to go home with the students.

150 packets to be exact. All I did was walk around the kitchen table, pick-up packets and staple. Kevin even helped for a while. Monotonous, but such a great program to get books into kids' hands!


After we dropped Ella off at kindergarten, Kyla and I headed to Carrie's for lunch and some kid play time (and adult talk time!) Kyla is only 5 months older than "A", but she is such a mother hen with him!

Had to make time for some swinging!!


This is an intersection I go through every time I go to work.

Had a long day at work today, as we were having district and regional representatives visit. After work, home for a quick bite and off to Bible study. I was ready for bed after this day!!


Take a look at this picture and see if you can guess why these items are placed together.

Any ideas? Well, if you remember last week, I mentioned about the new pan I chose with the gift card I won at H-Mama's. A dear friend of mine read that post. At Bible study this morning she said, "I didn't realize your pans were that old." And then do you know what she did? She said she wanted to help me get new pans!! She proceeded to go and get the pans and bring them to me this afternoon. I can not tell you how excited I am! After she left, I stood there and cried, hence the tissues on the boxes. What a blessing my friend is! I am not saying who it was because she doesn't want it to get out about how nice she is!! :) All I have to say is, thank you, thank you!!


Kevin took this picture today because he was amazed at what he saw.

Do you see what our hummingbird feeder is covered in? BEES!!! By the time Kevin took this, many had left. That's still too many for me!


Today was a special birthday in our house. Reese turned 1. For his special day I picked up a toy for him. Here he is playing with it.

It's a cute little monkey with a squeaker.

I think he enjoyed it. What do you think?

After about 45 minutes it had the hole. I guess it is better then aluminum cans and wooden spoons!!

Hope you have had a super week!!