Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project 365-Week 5

How is it possibly the end of the week already? This one flew by, but I was able to keep up the pictures.


Girl Scout cookies were delivered to us today. Jillian didn't look too happy, but I think the Girl Scouts can take her!


We took the kids out to eat and then stopped at Krispy Kreme for dessert. (the light was on and we had free coupons!) While there we conducted an experiment. We asked to have a doughnut before it went through the "icing shower". Oh my, I took a little bite and it tasted like a crispy roll. That icing makes all the difference!!


Puppy Class! Reese's friend Thunder graduated, so he wasn't there. But, we have a new class mate. Murray, a bull mastiff, and of course Reese loved him because he was the biggest one!

Wednesday (Two today)

Why do the girls have their pant legs pulled up you wonder? See the brown fuzzy guy? He loves to go after their pant legs to play, so they decided to fix that! And....

Reese's new found toy when outside. It's the climbing rope on the swing set that Grandpa built. Thanks for thinking ahead Grandpa!! Not only do the kids love it, but the dog does too.


Today was Mom's day at Ella's school. One of our projects was to have our child paint our hand to put in this book. Fun day!!


Went to the Fun Fair at the boys school this evening. There were games, prizes, the "balloon man" and food. The snow cones were a huge hit with our tribe!


Kevin and I went out for dinner tonight while Grammie and Grandpa kept the kids. (Thanks Mom & Dad!) We went to Houlihans and waited 2 hours for our food!! (they gave us our meal on the house) So nice to have some time to ourselves, eat hot food without cutting anyone else's and not have to take anyone to the bathroom!

How has your week been? Would love hear about it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Balding beautifully?

In my Project 365 post yesterday I posted this picture...

...and told you it was my special purchase. It is called Nioxin and my hair stylist recommended it. Why you might wonder? Will it give me silky smooth hair? Maybe it will enhance my hair's natural beauty? Well, I would hope so but the main purpose is to help my hairline. Yes, my hairline.

You see, I was blessed (and I use that term oh so lightly) with my maternal grandmother's hair. It is very thin. Well that was ok because I still had a lot. Not so much anymore. It has gotten to the point that my husband and oldest son have a lot of fun telling me I am bald or I'll catch Kevin looking at the top of my head. My son was so kind about a week ago to tell me that I needed Bosley. I was mortified!

I have spoken with my stylist before and she said to try this product. When I went to the beauty supply to get it, there were different levels, for different hair textures and hair that is chemically treated. I asked an associate for help and was thrilled to have her look at my head and give me Level 4. Do you know what Level 4 says? It says for "Visibly Thinning Hair". Thank you very much associate for supporting my son and husband! Can a girl get some hairline love somewhere?

So here is hoping that it will do something. And because I have totally lost my mind, I even have a picture of the top of my head to show you the cause of all of the humor in our house. Please be kind internet. I am an emotionally fragile balding woman!

And for those of you who actually see me on a regular basis....Please don't stare at the glare on my head! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365-Week 4

It was a busy week this week, but was able to keep up with the pictures! I'm so glad!


This is what our entry looks like 3 out of 4 Sundays every month. Why you wonder? It's small group!


Ella had her best friend, A, spend the night since there was no school. Here are the girls enjoying each other.

And since there was no school, we went bowling with Grammie!


Puppy class again. They were moving so fast it was hard to get a shot. But guess who Reese found again....



My special purchase today. It is called Nioxin. If you want to know what it is or why I bought it, check back tomorrow for an explanation.


Played a rousing game of "Guess Who" with the girls!


Had a baby shower for Ella's Pre-K teacher, Mrs. C today. Such a special lady and was great to see all of the kids honoring her!


Mom and Dad (AKA Grammie and Grandpa) came over and brought dinner. Afterwards we played Apples to Apples and....

Wits and Wagers. This is a great and quick family game!! We got it for Christmas and it was an instant hit with our family!!

Can't wait to hear about your week!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pieces and Parts

Today was a very special morning! Ella's Pre-K teacher, Mrs. C., is having her second child and we were having a class shower today. Come to find out it wasn't a moment too soon, as she found out she is being induced on Sunday.

Here are a few of the pieces of the shower....

Mrs. C and her students.

Every shower needs refreshments....

...and since she is having a boy, little blue feet were in order. (don't worry, they were actually arranged nicely on platters)

Mrs. C. has a 2 year old daughter and we wanted to get her a big-sister gift. Mrs. C. asked that we get her a "baby brother" doll. I went shopping and found two, both by the same company. The one we purchased has a soft middle and seemed a little more suited for some good hugging, but there was this one.

Looks fine. You can give it water and it wets, warranting diaper changes. But this piece is my favorite part.

See what it says? I was laughing so hard I was crying in Toys-R-Us! I have 4 children and we never had a doll like this.

And for those of you wondering if I checked, oh yes I did! I put my hand through the heart cut out, undid the outfit and confirmed the advertisement. Then I headed for the restroom, because a mother who has had four children can only laugh so hard, for so long with her own pieces and parts!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grey, or would that be gray?

I have always spelled this color....


Now I know that others spell it G.R.A.Y. Both are considered acceptable spellings, though some may be passionate one way or the other.

Kind of like life, some people may find one thing acceptable while another is passionate about the other.

My husband has been in a season of grey areas lately. He knows what he believes to be right and what the Lord lays out as right, but is running up against others running in a grey area and influencing and encouraging him to do the same. The most evident place this is happening is in his work environment. A place where the world and number crunchers put a premium on success at all cost and where grey seems to be the color of choice as long as the desired results come through.

Well today, that grey turned crystal clear! Much like Daniel, in chapter one refused to cross a line and partake of Nebuchadnezzar's world, Kevin has taken a stand. This may cost him his job in the long run, but we are trusting that God will provide and bless Kevin for choosing to honor God instead of the world. And you know what? I am thrilled! I am thrilled that my husband is choosing to honor God and I love him and support him more than ever because he is trusting the ONE who is worth trusting!

So how do you spell grey and are you willing to stand for what you are called to or will you be influenced by how others "spell"?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 365-Week 3

Three weeks already? Wow! It has been a busy week around here, so here you go....

Sunday (2 pictures today)

Had to sing at church for all three morning services and for the evening PS service (Prayer and Song) Long day, but worth it!

Ella lost her second tooth and did it all by herself to boot! Look at that smile.


Had lunch with a treasured friend today. Yummy food and great conversation. Great way to start the week!


Had our first Puppy class with Reese tonight. What a hoot! The whole family went and there were 9 puppies, most of them smaller breeds, well except Thunder! Reese LOVED Thunder!! Can't wait to see them all play again this week.


Spent my day using these products. Bet you can't guess why!! Felt overwhelmed and wondered why we have a puppy if no one else will help. Have you had one of those days? (and please note, some people DO help. Just wasn't feeling it that day.)


Bible study started again! Thank you Lord!! I am co-leading this study on Thursday morning and Wednesday evening. Love me some good brain stretching Bible study!


Future dumpster diver?

Saturday (bonus pictures on this day)

Any ideas what this is? And yes, the puppy is still here.
4 kids that needed haircuts equals big pile on the floor! (I must say that the woman who does the kids haircuts found it amusing that I had the girls sweep it all into a pile to take a picture!)

Much better!

And because she and this were so cute....

After haircuts I took the kids to IHOP for lunch. They had never been there and Kyla loved this pancake!

How has your week been? Have a great one this week!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

And the winner is.....

Christine you have won The Pioneer Woman Cooks !

Congratulations!! I hope you enjoy it and find many delicious recipes for you and your family!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


My sister sent me an email asking me some questions about motherhood, taking time for myself, etc. She is giving a talk at MOPS and wanted some input from other moms who have been through (or are in) that stage.
A couple of her questions are,
*"As a mom what keeps you motivated everyday or what is your motivation?"
*"What are some of your best memories of the "pre-school" age?"
*"How do you take time for yourself and why is that important?"
Would you take the time to share your answers to give her a wider view too?

On a related note, my sister Tawn is wonderful. She is also a mother of four, two boys and two girls, just like me.
We are almost 7 years apart and when she was little and I was in my tween/teen years, I remember loving to do her hair and play with her. But, I also remember being annoyed with her too. Thinking my "things" were so important and she was in the way. If only I would have known the gift that I was missing.
I am so very thankful for my sister and the joy that she brings to my life, our family and generously shares with all who know her. Her laugh is contagious (well maybe not the snorting part) and her heart is huge. She loves the Lord and her family and friends with an open throttle.
Tawn, you are a gift and it is an honor to call you sister and friend. I am so proud of the woman and mother that you are! Thank you for making a difference for so many. God loves you and so do I!!
With much love,
Your big sister, Sori

Tawn at age 1, me at 7. (Mom, what were you thinking with my hair and the profile...YUCK!)

After coming home from camp.

On my wedding day.

Christmas 2009. And yes, I have two younger brothers also.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Life will never be the same....

Yesterday I promised to share something life changing and I can't wait to share this!! It all has to do with this pot....

What do you think is in there? I can tell you it is not youth elixir or some other natural remedy, but it will change the life of all that it touches.

Any guesses? Well, here is what is under the towel...

So what is life changing about this blob? Well, let me tell you. That blob turns in to this....

These Cinnamon Rolls from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook are absolute heaven. They melt in your mouth and are worth every calorie you ingest enjoying one! (or two or three, whatever your preference is)

I have followed Ree's blog for a while and her cooking and photography are amazing. I've wanted the cookbook since it was released and was treated with it at Christmas by a dear friend. It is filled with fantastic, easy recipes that are sure to please everyone. If nothing else, these cinnamon rolls will become your new legacy.

The girls helped with part of the making process and enjoyed licking their fingers when we were finished.

I love cooking and baking and really feel that this cookbook is a must in every one's kitchen! In honor of these euphoric cinnamon rolls I am going to give away one of Ree's cookbooks, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

In order to enter, please leave a comment with your all time favorite recipe. If you do not have a blog, please leave an email address to contact you at if you win. Comments must be made by 10:00 p.m. EST Friday, January 15. I will randomly select and announce the winner on Saturday, January 16. Good luck and happy salivating!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365-Week 2

So, far this has been fun! I am much more aware of my day and capturing something from it. That in itself is a blessing!


Empty pizza boxes and a Bible can only mean one thing. Small group resumed tonight. We share a meal, study/discussion time and prayer. I love our group and am so thankful for how God has brought us together!


The kids went back to school today. I love them and we have a good time, but sometimes you're just ready. I was ready.


This is the new scene whenever the dishwasher is being loaded or unloaded. Reese steals plates, silverware, and anything else he can! It is amusing trying to catch him while not acting like it's a game.


Went for my cleaning at the dentist today. Confession - I am neurotic about teeth. It's the first thing I notice.


I workout almost everyday with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. When I am done my girls like to do it. Here they are with one who uses weights, one who uses soup cans and the brown fuzzy one who just tries to get whoever is closest!


Took my mom out to dinner for her birthday.


Went to good friends for dinner tonight and to meet their new puppy. This is some of our kids giving us a concert. And this......

Is their new puppy. He is adorable!!

How has your week been? Make sure to come back tomorrow, because I have something life changing to share with you!