Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project 365-Week 9

I can't believe that March starts tomorrow!! Maybe soon we will be able to get some pictures of sidewalk chalk or kites, but for now here is what we have!


I woke up this morning with my eye totally swollen shut. Worse case of pink eye I have ever had! Wasn't able to lead worship this morning and had to cancel small group, so what's a girl to do? I cleaned Kyla's room, getting it ready to paint!

This is what it looked like clean. Can you find Kyla or other mystery people?

Monday (a few today)

Time to paint! She could not wait to start!! Kyla and I did all of the rolling (Ella helped a little too) and Kevin did all of the trim. This is the darker shade and the lighter is on the other walls. We're still waiting on the big girl bed, so I will post a before and after when it is all done.

This is one of my favorite roads. It is right around the corner from our house. It's the road I learned to drive on. The trees canopy the road and fresh snow or fall's colors are so beautiful here. This photo doesn't do it justice, but it is a special stretch of road to me.

Went out to dinner tonight with a gift card from Mom & Dad...thanks! Any guesses where we went? Nice not to cook after painting all day.


At the baby shower for Ella's Pre-K teacher we had each child decorate a fabric square. My talented and generous friend Berette, then put them all together in a quilt. Here is Mrs. C holding the finished project.

Kevin took Bryce to see the Notre Dame women's basketball team play tonight. Here they are beforehand getting ready with their light sticks!


Dropped of some meals to a friend recovering from surgery today and she gave each of the girls this. They had so much fun making it!

Here they are with the final product.


It was Bingo night at school tonight. We went and being a family of 6 we take a whole table. Everyone at our table won....except me! Oh well, it was a fun night.


This is my favorite store!! I went in to look at Spring things and had so much fun trying things on. Having lost so much weight I literally need a whole new wardrobe for each season. While it is fun to enjoy shopping and trying things on, it is daunting to think of replacing everything. So a few things here and there as I can. Maybe someday my wallet will support my desires! :)


Kyla getting ready to take the dog out. She just looked too cute to pass this up!

After baths the girls were being silly and posing for all kinds of pictures. I snapped this one and then saw what was in the background. Anyone know what is on the tv?

It is what Kevin, and consequently I, have been glued to this Olympics. It's curling. I still do not understand it, much to Kevin's chagrin. I am trying though. It is amazing to watch and in all honesty I wish the team would come to my house and teach me in the kitchen because I would have the cleanest floor ever!!

Congratulations Canada on a job well done!! But what will we watch now?

Have a super week!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project 365-Week 8

I can't believe another week has gone by! Here is my week in pictures...enjoy a peek!


Valentine's Day. This is the promise ring that Kevin gave me when I was a senior in High School and he was a Freshman at IU. I thought it was appropriate for today, a promise kept.


Kyla wants a "big girl" bed/room, so this is the bedding we found.


Today went and got the paint for Kyla's room. She has been talking non-stop for a year about painting her walls purple. So two shades of purple she will get!


Spent a good share of the day cooking today. A couple of meals for a new mom and Pioneer Woman's lasagna and jalapeno poppers for us!


Met C and her two A's for lunch at Lunkers. The kids love it there because of all of the fish and various animals around the store and restaurant.

And I couldn't resist a picture of them being eaten by an alligator!


Bryce has been busy rehearsing for "Snow White" in which he was Doc. Tonight was closing night of the show. He did a great job!! (they all did)


I have been waiting to get in this position all day! It was 10:45 and I finally got to sit down, get comfy and then we watched "Survivor" from Thursday night. What is up with the "heroes"?

Have a super week!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter essentials

Since we are in the thick of winter and snow here, which doesn't seem to be going anywhere, I thought I would share some of today's winter essentials.

Hot chocolate! It makes everything better.

A shovel. Notice this is a smaller model.... that smaller people can help!

But what is she shoveling?

Paths in the backyard for the dog! (I guess that's the downsize of a small breed)

"Mom, I'm getting snow in my eyes!"

The hairdryer. Why would that be essential, you wonder?

It is the only way to get all of these frozen snowballs off Reese when he comes in. He loves the snow and even with the paths, he likes to venture off of them!

I never thought I would be shoveling the backyard for a dog!!! At least he's cute and I have good help.

Happy Snowy Day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project 365-Week 7

This has been a fun week. Enjoy taking a peek at what I did!


Super Bowl party with small group tonight! This is just some of the food that was here. Yum!!


Got everything together for taxes today. Not exactly fun, but necessary!


Received my new book today! I am very excited to be doing this book study along with Beth Moore's blogging community.


The kids had a snow day today. I had packed Ethan's lunch the night before, so he just grabbed it at lunchtime. Well, the girls saw that and wanted to play "school lunch" too. So this is what they had.....

Everything had to be packed and in bags or containers and out in the lunch box. They are just too funny!


Do you recognize this? It is the same laundry room floor that wasn't so clean in last week's post. I got it all folded, put away and even did more and the floor is still clean!


Finally went and saw this movie! Great movie with a great friend!!!


My new shoes came today! I got them for a steal!! The heel is really high, but since I have lost so much weight, I love wearing heals now!! Plus it helps me deal with the denial that my 10 year old is as tall as me!

Have a super week!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow day and random thoughts

The kids had a snow day today. It was a lazy day of playing and just being home with no agenda. I think we all need one of those every once in a while!

I have been very busy the last couple of weeks with different activities at the kids' schools, church, meetings, jewelry shows and just life. I have been feeling overwhelmed lately and feel like a new season in life is about to start. A season that will include my oldest going to middle school, a second grader, one starting kindergarten and the youngest starting pre-school. All of this is coming at me at once as registrations begin, information is being sent home to get us thinking about this activity or that. And I start wondering.....what will I be doing?

It is bittersweet to think that time is going this fast and my "babies" are ready to start these journeys. At the same time it is exciting to watch wings spreading, Independence growing and personalities coming into full bloom.

I feel like a new season is coming for Kevin and his job. Whether that means he remains at the same place or moves on, it feels like it is inevitable. And again...what will I be doing?

God has really been working on me these past months. Sifting, refining and calling me closer. Some days and moments, I have been obedient and rested in His peace, His care and His teaching. Other days and moments I have insisted that I knew best and I have wrestled and cried at the feeling of being out of control.

And there it is. The word...control. I am a firstborn, a leader, a get-things-doner. (can we pretend that's a word?) This season I am being called to be a waiter, a prayer and a truster. That is sooo hard, especially when all of the results will inevitably effect my family or me directly. But yet, His plan is always so much better than mine.

So I will wait. I will try to savor the changing of the season and bask in what He is trying to show me. I will continue to sit on my hands and bend at my knees and seek His control instead of mine. I will give Him glory and praise because He is worthy of that and so much more. And I will enjoy those random days with nothing scheduled that He gives so I can remember and reflect that even a snow day, is His day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project 365-Week 6

It's week 6?! How is it that the days and weeks just keep flying by? This week has been a blur and I am so far behind on household things, but the pictures are here. I guess that means this has really become a part of my day to day life.

Today was a more laid back day, because we didn't have small group to get ready for. There were still things to do though....

Kyla helping me unload the dishwasher. She is an awesome helper!


Last week was the 100th day of school. Ethan brought home a paper he did about "100". Take a look at what he wouldn't want 100 of.

I guess 2 are enough for him!

Tuesday (a few today)

Today Reese had his first haircut. Here he is before...

And after....

We also had our last puppy class tonight. Would you believe another mastiff was in class and of course who did Reese want to be with?

But he did take one romp with his little pals for the last time...


New shoes and a new workout video.

This is tough! Still circuit training but much more focused than the Shred. I will rotate both. All I can say is Jillian is getting back at me for the Girl Scout comment last week!


I told you yesterday I did a new workout. Today my body felt like it needed....

I ended up not taking any and just complained instead.


I mentioned that I was behind on household things. Here is case in point..

All of these clothes are clean, but are probably so wrinkled now that I'll have to start over. Don't judge...just keeping it real!


Grammie and Grandpa came over to visit and play games before leaving on vacation. Of course we had to play....

Wits and Wagers!!

Hopefully next week I'll get caught up at home and my kids will know where their clothes are! How has your week been?