Sunday, September 26, 2010

Project 365-Week 39

Another week gone by. Wow, this year is going by quickly!! Here is a peek at the week.


Went to church, then home. I was on call for work but didn't have to go, so back to church for a meeting. On the way home this was the sky.

I loved the blue sky peeking through! Just like God peeks through our lives and situations.


Houston, we have a reader!!

She had been recognizing sight words and starting some reading, but has really taken off now! So very proud of her! Here's the way someone else looked during the time.

I couldn't resist Kyla's expression!!

Also put up some Fall decorations today.

In case you are wondering, there is an "e" on Welcome, it is just hiding behind the leaves. I Love Fall!!!


We have our first middle school progress report. Drum roll please,

Not too shabby I would say!

I also got a great surprise today! We have been doing a little updating in our house here and there as we can. (We live in the house I grew up in, so a little updating and TLC is necessary!) Anyway, we used to have these hideous 70's mirrors in the entry. Our wonderful friend and master carpenter, jack-of-all trades, Barry put this up for us.

We now have beautiful wood and then Kevin put up the hooks! (Insert Hallelujah Chorus here) Now I have to decide if we will paint it and the entry or just stain or seal it? Any suggestions?


I have been on these a lot lately.

I have been interviewing for the full time assistant store manager of Crazy 8. I have gone through 2 rounds of phone interviews and there are 2 more from what I am told. Again, not how I thought provision would look, but who I am I to question how God is providing during this season?


Someone needed a haircut....

He is getting much better about this. He might actually be enjoying a part of it.

All I can say is, pathetic! :)


We had a cool full moon tonight. Want to see what a great job I did capturing it?

Or perhaps this will show it better?

Let's just say that Tori should not try to take pictures while driving ever again!


A little while ago I received a Target gift card from H-Mama for winning a contest at her blog. (I was so excited to win something!) I had been trying to decide what to get with my gift card and this is what I came up with.

Oh be still my heart! I need new pans desperately!! I love to cook and have the original pans from when I got married 15 years ago. My pans are T-Fal, you know, all the rage back then. Well, they are in bad shape. All of the coating is gone, everything sticks and a few are even bent or have broken lids. So, as I am able to, I am starting to replace a pan at a time. Thank you H-Mama...You rock!!

Hope you have had a super week and that your September is wrapping up well! "See you" in October! :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project 365-Week 38

Oh my, week 38. This week was so much better than last week! Thank you for your encouragement! First a few answers to some questions from last week. Bryce's candles were in Twix bars. Java Twix bars to be exact. Last week was not my birthday. I just meant that it was week 37, like I am 37. My birthday is in January.
Ok, so on to this week......


A much needed family day after the crazy week we had. Bryce got to pick a place to eat after church, since we didn't do that on his birthday. He picked Ryan's Steakhouse. Imagine that, an 11 year old boy picking an all you can eat buffet!! While we were walking in I noticed this shadow and made everyone stop.

It's my whole family together!! Hooray!!


Today was a monumental day for Kyla. It was her first day of pre-school. I was at work, but Kevin did a great job and even got all the traditional 1st day photos for me.

She has all 3 things she was supposed to take; her backpack, her name tag and her smile!

Right before one of the teachers got her out of the van. She was so excited!! She will go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. When I got home she was jumping up and down, telling me, "School was great! School was great!"


Ella really wants to be able to hang upside down and flip on the rings of the swing set. I was helping her when this was taken.

Then I decided to show her again. (I have shown her many times)

Never thought someone would capture me doing this!


Today Ella pulled out one of her teeth, all by herself!

Then while I was at work I learned that another tooth had been lost. This time by Ethan.

It's the top right as you look at him.

Then, I came home from Bible study and guess what happened? Ella pulled out another one!! Two for her in one day!!!

I guess it is a good thing I am working, because today was an expensive day at our house!


Do you use this?

I love my wooden spoons! They are great for so many things, safe for my pans, and apparently they are great for dogs too.

Really Reese? Is there anything you won't eat?

And tonight Ethan embarked on a new adventure.

We have a Cub Scout here! He was mesmerized by the uniform. It was hilarious! Now how to sell all that popcorn?


I worked today and when I got off I felt terrible. Dizzy, nauseous, etc. I came home and went straight here.

It took most of the evening to feel better. Never got literally sick, but sure felt awful. Part of it was probably from not eating and possibly just being tired? Who knows, but don't want to feel like that again anytime soon!


After work tonight, I met up with the family at Sam's Club to pick up some things for small group. (they were on the way home from a birthday party run) Got the kids ice cream while Kevin ran through and picked up the few things we needed.

Where else can you get that whole cup full of ice cream for .97?

See, much less of a sob story this week, right? So thankful for more time with the family this week and the pictures to prove it! Hope you have had a great week too!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project 365- Week 37

This is my "golden" Project 365 post. What does that mean? Well I am 37 and this is week 37. (you know, like golden birthdays.)
I am so glad this week is done! I have been away from my home and family more than I have been with them this week and it has been hard, both physically and emotionally. (beware of sob story throughout this post!) We all made it though. Here is a peek at the week.


Today was our family celebration of Ella and Bryce's birthdays. Ella's birthday was the day before and Bryce's is Wednesday. Grammie, Grandpa and Gram all came over to join us for birthday dessert, chosen by the honorees. They both picked pumpkin pie crunch, but I wanted to stick candles in something different for each of them. Here they are....

Can you tell what Bryce's candles are in?


Happy Labor Day! For Bryce's birthday party this year, he got to chose 4 friends to take to a Cubs baseball game. One friend couldn't go, so Ethan was able to go by default! Kevin was brave and ventured to Wrigley Field with the 5 boys.

Here they are outside the stadium.

This is such a great group of kids! And, at their seats before the game.

They had a great time and the Cubs WON!!!! On a side note, I have to say that I was so impressed with the Cubs organization. I had contacted them, saying it was Bryce's birthday celebration and first game. After the 7th inning stretch, a Cubs Ambassador came to their seats, asked for Bryce and presented him with a bunch of little Cubs goodies and a handwritten card. With all of the people that go in and out of that stadium every game, I was really impressed!


Today started a series of long, busy days for me. I had to do 7 presentations at the pre-school for orientation (3 today, 3 Wednesday and 1 Thursday) and I brought breakfast to the teachers that morning.

Baked oatmeal, Scrambled egg and sausage muffins, fruit and oj. Breakfast of champions for some of the most wonderful ladies you would ever want to meet! After that it was straight to work.


Today started the same as yesterday, minus the breakfast. After presentations straight to work. Got off work at 5:30 went on to church to set up for our first evening of Bible Study. We are doing this on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning....

Very excited for this! So, left home at 8:15 a.m. and returned home at 9:00 p.m. Exhausted! Here is the most important and hardest part of this day. Today is Bryce's 11th birthday and I wasn't home for it! Wasn't able to make him a cake on his day. Hadn't had any time to shop for present(s). Felt like a lousy mother. But, here is my sweet boy on his very first birthday.

Happy Birthday Bryce!! You are such a wonderful young man and you bless my socks off with your compassion, intelligence and talent. Your love for God is a treasure and I thank you for showing your mama grace this week. I love you sweet boy and am so proud to call you son!


Headed out for Kyla's pre-school orientation and my final presentation. (yeah!) Then off to the Thursday morning of above mentioned Bible Study. (I was late of course and Carrie did great leading without me...Thank you Carrie!!) Then home for a little bit to bake 6 dozen cookies for a junior high event for Bryce. While I was running around the house, Kyla wanted to take pictures. She ALWAYS wants to take pictures!! So here is one she took of me coming upstairs from grabbing an ingredient.

Do I look as tired as I felt? Finished baking, quick bite to eat and off to work. Home at 10:00.


This morning I left for work just before 9:00. Worked until 5:30 and then Kevin dropped Ella and Kyla off to me for Ella's birthday party at Build A Bear. Here they all are with their animals they made.

I think this was seriously one of the only times they were still! :) They were a great group and had a good time. They begged for a silly picture and of course, I obliged.

After the party we walked down to the food court for Dairy Queen.
Home at 9:00 p.m.


Left for work shortly after 9:00 and worked all day. Today was super busy! We have been open for almost 2 weeks, but this weekend was our Grand Opening. It was Grand and Crazy!! Guess it's a good thing the store is called Crazy 8! Here is my last picture. This is the clock in the van when I pulled in the garage tonight.

I am pooped! I know there are so many that work full time. I haven't worked outside of the home for almost 10 years. It is definitely an adjustment, and I salute all of you who do it and don't document and complain like I just did!! Thank you Kevin for doing your best to pick up my slack. Thank you to Grandmas who have been willing to pitch in. And thank you Lord for providing in our time of need. It is not exactly how we envisioned it looking, but I am thankful nonetheless.

I pray your week has brought you joy and thankfulness, with some treasured moments too!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Project 365-Week 36

I can't believe it is September already! The weather even turned cooler here the past couple of days and it feels like Fall. Personally, I love it! We had a good week, here is a peak.


Today we had our annual outdoor celebration at church. Instead of 3 services indoors, we all combine outside for one large celebration. I was on to sing this week. This is what it looked like after we left the stage.

After the celebration, lunch is served and then lots of fun and games. It was a super hot day, but fun.


The girls have been making craft projects lately. Today they worked with clay and this is what they made.

Super cute and fun!

Also took in this sight this evening (5:30ish).

I just love seeing the sun beams break through like that. It always makes me think of God breaking through every situation.


Piano resumed again and we have a new student here.

Ethan began lessons too! He is so excited!! Both boys are taking from our beloved Miss Michelle. Hooray music!!


I saw this today and couldn't believe my eyes!

This tree is at the corner of our street. It has totally changed colors to this brilliant yellow. I guess it knew September started today and was getting ready for Fall!


Today was a milestone for Ella. Well, maybe not a milestone. Did you ever play hand clapping games with friends when you were a kid? You know like, See See My Playmate or Down Down Baby? Or perhaps the McDonald's Big Mac song? Well I taught Ella See See My Playmate. (With Kevin's help...yes, he can do them all too!)

It was so fun teaching her this and doing it with her. Maybe now we'll move on to a more "advanced" one!


Kyla and I had lunch with our special friend Kris and her little guy, "A" today. On the way to lunch Kyla was telling me what the clouds looked like. Guess what she said this one was. (the top one)

She said, "It's a chicken with a bone in it." She meant a drumstick. I was cracking up!
At lunch Kyla took this picture of "A".

He is a lot of fun!!


Today is Ella's birthday!! I can't believe she is 6 already. She opened presents this morning...

...and then we had cake at dinner.

For those of you doing Project 365, I thought you might enjoy this picture. WARNING: This is immediately after Ella was born, so she isn't super blood though!

That is our Project 365 hostess, Sara holding Ella when she was born. Sara was with us for the delivery and even cut the cord.

Happy birthday my sweet Ella! You are full of life and spunk, with a giggle that is absolutely contagious. I am so blessed to be your mama!

Hope you have had a super week and that your September is starting off with joy!!