Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 365 - Week 6

What a busy and fun week this was! Here is a look....


Annual Super Bowl party with our small group. Always a great time with fabulous people and yummy food!

What was left to clean up afterwards. I will do that in the morning!


The temperature is getting a little colder and we had some frost today. I thought this was a cool way to show it.

This is our mailbox a little after 1:00 this afternoon. Do you see all of the "fuzzy" frost still there?


Does anyone else feel like their kids are more technologically savvy than they are? My 5 year old is....

She LOVES to text! She does it all the time, sending messages to Daddy the most. Let me point out that I have only been texting for just over a year. I am 39, she is 5...YIKES!


Kyla's class is doing a unit on snow globes this week. One of the grandma's made these and sent them in for all the kids.

It's an edible snow globe! Isn't it adorable?


No picture today.


Today Reese went for a ride. He loves to go in the van.

He isn't the greatest passenger, but he does ok.


Today was ISSMA for Bryce. He performed a vocal solo, a men's vocal ensemble and a piano solo.

Bryce received two golds and one silver! Very proud of him!!

In case you are wondering, Ethan is still here. For some reason Kyla has been in a bunch of the pictures the past couple of weeks. I will have to capture him this week to prove I still have 4 kids!! ;)

Have a great week!!

Project 365 - Week 5

Pictures for this week...check. Posting on time.....nope. Better late than never!


Kyla was turned on to a new thing last week by Mrs. Marsh at school..pistachios. Kyla loves them! Mrs. Marsh also told her about special muffins that were at the store. When we were there today for some groceries, Kyla spotted them right away and wanted to get one.

It's a pistachio muffin! We'll see if she likes it in the morning.


Kyla wanted the muffin this morning. I cut it in half......

She was intrigued with the color, but not as crazy about the flavor.

Tonight Kyla went to a special friend's house for his 4th birthday.

Special fun for special friends!


Today was pajama day at Kyla's school. I help at school every Tuesday so I got to wear my jammies too!! I think we should have jammie days more often!

Kyla with her teacher, Mrs. C.


We have been having unseasonably warm temps for this time of year. The seagulls were taking advantage of it in the parking lot!


Guess what is back on the menu at the golden arches?

Shamrock shakes!! My mom used to get these for us when I was a kid and I loved them! I have to say, I don't think they taste the same anymore, but someone enjoyed hers!


Kyla's school had a special guest today for a magic show.

The kids really seemed to enjoy it. Do you see the book Ronald is holding? Do you see the purple guy in the picture? Do kids even know who that is anymore? Do you know who it is?


Went to Sam's today in preparation for our Super Bowl party. (so did everyone else in town!) I came out with some good purchases, but my two favorite are in the back.

Sam's was so crowded they didn't have any regular carts and they thought it was so fun to ride on! I have a feeling the girls might ask for this every time we go.

Here's hoping you have had a fabulous week!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 365 - Week 4

How can January be almost over?! Why does time go so much faster the older you get? Yikes!! We had a fun week here, take a look.


Today our small group did something different. Instead of meeting for dinner and discussion like normal, we took advantage of the weather and hit the slopes.

The tubing slopes that is. We had a great time......

..making trains (with grown ups leading the way!)

...and watching our youngest member take his first tube ride! A very fun day!!


This is a shot of Kyla after school today.

She was singing a song about Barney to the tune of "Joy to the World". She got to laughing so hard that I thought she was going to cry or pee...not sure. Just had to get her giggle!


Tonight I went somewhere I have never been before with my friend Kristine. Here is a clue.

I needed those for my evening. Any guesses?

Maybe this will help....

It's the laundromat! I have never been to one before and while I wouldn't want to do it all the time, it is a great way to get a lot done in a short amount of time! We did 14 loads of laundry in less than 3 hours. (And no, my machines are not broken. I am just so behind that it would take me months to get everything clean again)


Today was Mom's Day at Kyla's school. It is a very fun and special time to share the day with your student. We had a lovely snack...

...and I had a hand painting done by a very good artist.

We put our hand prints on the cover of a book she had made. Inside the book were questions she answered about me. Here are a couple of my favorite things she said:

"Mom's favorite job at home is cleaning." (obviously after seeing Tuesday's picture, we know this isn't true!)

"She is 6 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds."

"I would like to give her a monkey." (I already have 4!)


I think I have mentioned that Bryce is 6'2" and quite the man. Here is my next "manly" dilemma with him.

He wants to shave!! Now first off, he is a great sport letting me take this picture and post it. You can see that he has a mustache and he is starting to get those "goat" hairs on his chin and neck. I know he needs to...but shaving is forever and that is my baby!! He has told me he wants to shave by the musical, which is March 15 & 16. So, anything I need to know to prepare him and/or his skin. Better yet, anything that can prepare me?!!!


Every other Friday I go to our local gym and babysit for an hour and a half. In return I get a free membership to the gym (Ahem, maybe I should use that...oi!) I usually don't have many kids but this week we had that cutest little 11 month old and my kids were smitten with him.

How could they not be?!!


Went out to dinner as a family tonight with a gift card from Grammie and Grandpa. This is one of our kids favorite places to eat.

It's not fine dining, nor would it be my first choice, but it makes them oh so happy and that make Mama happy too!

Hope you have had a fun week and that your January is coming to a close on a great note!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project 365 - Week 3

Another week over! I am so glad I am documenting the days again, because they go by so quickly.


Still sick today. Kevin took the kids to church and then I went and picked them up since he had to go on to work. After I picked them up we ran here to grab a few things we needed.

Taking the kids to Sam's is always an adventure, but adding mama not feeling well is probably not a good combination!


No school today and I was thankful. Still feel lousy, so went in to the doctor. Had the fun of meeting this.

My lungs were "rattling" enough that she wanted to rule out pneumonia. I was in the clear for that but had a bad bronchial infection. Antibiotics and an inhaler will hopefully do the trick!

When I got home this is what I saw.

All dressed up, suitcases packed and headed to Alabama. I don't know why, but this is what they have been playing lately. Why Alabama? Not sure. But obviously you must wear your finest to visit there. As the day went on and they were still playing here is the progression.

Did you notice that Kyla has worn 3 different outfits to Alabama? All I know is they must do a lot of laundry in that fine state!


Today the kids had a 2 hour delay. Now we had a snow day last Friday so you may think that was the reason, but this will show you otherwise.

FOG!! The temperature was almost balmy but that quickly changed by the end of the day!

This afternoon I had an appointment that I have really been looking forward to. Here is the room where my appointment started.

On the agenda were these...

..and then I ended up with this...

For my birthday my family and Grammie and Grandpa gave me a gift card to the spa. Today was the day for the full body hot stone massage and pedicure!! Ahhhhh......I would love an appointment like this every week!


Started leading a new Bible study tonight! So very excited to start this journey with a lovely group of ladies.

I love the book of James and am looking forward to really diving into it!


I have a friend that I was re-introduced to recently. We have been spending a lot of time together lately, sometimes meeting twice in one day. I would love for you all to meet.

Unfortunately, I think we are going to have a long, love-hate relationship!!


Tonight was Ethan's Pinewood Derby. Grandpa and Ethan worked on his car together and it turned out really well! The competition was tough but Ethan's car took 4th place in his division, which was a pretty good showing. The highlight for him though was a special award he won for most colorful car.

The proud boy, his car, trophy, medal and equally proud Grandpa!!


Had to run an errand today and when we went to leave we saw these on our front porch.

Cute little birdie tracks! The girls loved them.

A pretty good week and feeling much better, so I will take it! Hope you have had a great week too.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project 365 - Week 2

What a week here! We went back to school and went from Spring-like temps to a snow day at the end of the week. Here is a look.

It is 5:15 a.m. and I am up making these....

Pancakes. Now, this is no big deal until you realize that I am making pancakes, eggs and sausage for 70. I fed the Junior High kids at church this morning so had to be up to have everything done on time. Let's just say 10 pounds of pancake batter was used!

Tonight everyone had to be in bed on time, since it is back to school tomorrow. Look at how prepared this one was....

She got this out of the dollar aisle at Target and loves it. I think it is adorable!!

I saw this bumper sticker while out this afternoon. I have seen "OMG" used many ways, but never like this before.

Today the boys started lessons up again after being off for break.

Bryce is preparing a piece for ISSMA competition at the beginning of February and will be using those keys quite a bit in preparation.

Today Bryce auditioned for the school musical. He was very excited to audition, as were many of his friends.

Call backs are tomorrow and cast list up by Saturday.

Woke up this morning achy and feeling awful. Stayed home from school and went back to sleep. After I picked up Kyla she was begging to bake something.

So we cheated and she started mixing. Let me just show you the cheat.....

Now I love baking and almost always serve homemade things, but these were a lifesaver for this sick mama today! (they are quite good and nice to have on hand for a quick batch of cookies)

**Side note, Bryce was called back for auditions today!

Two glorious words....Snow Day!!! We went from mid to upper 40's to a Winter Wonderland! Of course the kids had to go out in it. After they come in, it is always chaos. 4 people's things to hang up to dry. We have to resort to this.

Days like this really make me wish I had a mudroom!

Also played a game with the girls.

Have you seen this?

It's called Headbanz and it is fun! It definitely was a great snow day game!!

And in HUGE news today, the cast list was posted and Bryce got one of the male leads! He is Prince Dauntless the Drab!! He is so excited and we are so very proud of him! The cast looks great and I am looking forward to a great show in March!

With snow comes snowballs. Now you may be thinking to throw at people, but that is not the kind I am talking about. Reese gets them all over his legs and belly and the only way to get them off is the blow dryer.

Doesn't look like he was minding it too much!

I hope you have had a great week and that your household is healthy and enjoying each other!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 365 - Week 1 2012

I'm ba..ack! My, has life gone by and things changed since I have last blogged. More about that another time, this is about beginning Project 365 again. I have appreciated it so much over the past 2 years and regret letting life get in the way of finishing this past year. So here is to a New Year. A year of hope, a year of promise and a year of drawing closer to God and the ones I love!

Happy New Year!! Today was my birthday....only one more year of my 30's left. We went to Mom & Dad's for dinner and my special dessert...

...Robert Redford. I love it and Mom makes it for me every year! After dessert we had a rousing family game.

Tripoley. I love that the kids can play games like this now. Candyland was getting a little old!

Today Grammie picked up both boys for a sleepover. (the girls slept over last week) When Bryce was little he would always pack his Sulley suitcase to go to Grammie's. Look what he did for old times sake.

I am surprised his 6'1" "man stuff" fit in there, but it sure warmed this mama's heart to see it!!

Another sleep over but this time at our house. Ella and Kyla had the beloved "A" spend the night. I am so thankful for this lifelong friendship they have. When I walked by Ella's room to make sure they were sleeping this is what I found...

Kyla and "A" were hanging on to each other. (Ella is up in her bed) Just so sweet!

Today this bag needed to be documented.

This is Ethan's bag and it has been packed everyday for a sleepover this week. When he got the call today to sleep at another friend's house, we just started laughing. Hopefully he will remember his address after being gone so much!

I was out with the kids tonight since Kevin was working late. The girls really enjoy doing this every time we visit this place.

Any ideas where we are?

This evening I took the kids to run a bunch of errands and then we went to surprise Kevin at work. This was the first time we had been out to his store and the kids were super excited to visit.

I think Daddy was pretty happy to see them too!

Today was haircut day. 3 of the 4 kids needed one badly. Here is the before....

...and the after....

Much better! Now they are ready to go back to school Monday.

I pray that your 2012 is off to a great start and that you are making the time to catch the little things in each of your days that make you smile. Have a great week!!