Monday, August 30, 2010

A winner or 2

We have a dual winner to my "where will I be working?" question!
Eve from The Bald and the Beautiful was the first to answer correctly in the comments. She guessed Crazy 8 and she is right.

Crazy 8 is a relatively new brand under the Gymboree Corporation. Crazy 8 carries kids clothes from newborn to size 14.
Eve will be receiving a $20.00 gift card to Crazy 8.

Here is the dual winner part. My friend Robin tried to answer on the comments and couldn't get it to work. She actually Facebooked me the answer. (can I use Facebooked as a verb?) Anyway, Robin used to live here and she started researching our mall online and then actually called the mall office to verify. How is that for effort? So, Robin will be receiving a goodie package from me!

Thanks for playing along and for the fun guesses!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project 365-Week 35

Is it me, or are the weeks just going by faster? It has been a good week around here and everyone seems to be back into the routine of school. Here is a peek at our week.


Finally, one bloomed!!

Many more are ready to open any time. I love sunflowers and we planted these quite a while ago. It's been fun to watch them get so tall (most are taller than me) and now to see one open!


This is how Reese is whenever someone comes in or out the front door.

He has never tried to jump or fallen through. (yet!) If you stop on the landing, he will give you kisses too.


Today was a bittersweet day. I went over to Lori's to say goodbye to her daughter Melissa before she left for college the next morning. To say I love this girl, is an understatement. She has been such a blessing to me and my family! And my girls, well let's just say they A.D.O.R.E. her!

I love you sweet one and can't wait to see what God has planned for this new chapter of your life!


Today I took the girls the post office to send off their hair. We decided to go with Locks of Love.

There is 23" of hair in that envelope that will help to change some one's life.

And away it goes!!
On a side note. The woman that helped us at the post office was a breast cancer survivor. When she realized what they had done she started thanking them and making a huge deal over what they had done. She insisted that they hold the breast cancer stamps and have their picture taken. She even lifted them up to where they are in this picture.

She gave them coloring books for being such sweet girls too. BTW, do you notice the animal pictures between them? Those are Animal Rescue note cards and stamps that the post office sell. She thought that was a great cause too and should be represented with the girls. I guess you had to be there to appreciate and laugh at the production that was made.


Guess who I found in the backyard being naughty?

Another soda can!! This one didn't turn out quite as bad as the one last week.

I've heard that if you crunch ice you are iron deficient. What would you be if you crunch aluminum?


Tonight Ella was not very happy with Kevin. She didn't want to go to bed and of course he was firm with her that she needed to. She brought this out to him.

She made this at pre-school 2 years ago. Every week they would send home a simple Bible verse and we would keep them in this. She wanted Kevin to read various ones to her to help him understand how upset she was. He read them and there were many about love, etc. Then he read this one.

She said, "I don't like that one. I'm going to throw it away!" If you notice the paper is crumpled and smoothed back out. I guess God dealt with her drama!


I guess I haven't shared this, but I got a job. I have worked for a couple of weeks and am not sure how much I will be working yet. I was hired and have worked at one retail store that is opening another brand at our mall. The past two weeks I've been helping get that store set and ready for the grand opening tomorrow. Tonight I had to bring home my blank name tag to get it ready for tomorrow. Here is what I did.

Does anyone know the name of the store where I will be wearing this? The first person to answer correctly will get a special prize from me! And no fair answering if you are someone to whom I have disclosed this information to. Have fun guessing!!

Hope you have had a fantastic week and I'll look forward to seeing your guesses!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Project 365-Week 34

A week of new beginnings and transitions. A week of watching one head off to middle school and one start kindergarten. A week of laughing and marveling at how very blessed I am!


It was group night tonight. Every year before school starts we always have an ice cream sundae night and then pray over all of the kids before sending them off to school. This year it happened to fall on a regular meeting night so I wanted to add something fun for our whole group to do together. We ate (as always) and then before praying for the kids we played "Minute to Win It". Have you seen the show on NBC? It is really fun and uses common items from around the house for games.

Some of the kids playing "Hanky Pannky". You have to pull all of the kleenex out of a box using only 1 hand in 60 seconds.

The living room was covered in tissue! No one did it, but they all had fun throwing them on me when it was done!

Here are some brave contestants playing "Penny Hose". In this game you place a penny in the bottom of each leg of pantyhose. Without using your body, other hand or any object to help, you have to wiggle your hands down to retrieve the pennies.

There was some success at this game.

Another game was "Noodling Around". In this one you place a piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth. You then have to pick up 6 uncooked penne noodles from around the table.

Rick was close and gave strategic pointers to players who followed.

Michelle almost had it and she is pregnant to boot!!

It was a really fun evening!


Grammie wanted to go do something with the kids one more time before school started, so off to miniature golf we went. Anything is fun if it with Grammie!

Resting in the gazebo while we let faster players play through.


The morning glories are really abundant. Here's the top of the fence.

I love how low maintenance these are!! Even I haven't killed them!!


First day of school for Ethan and Bryce. (Ella had orientation today, with her first day tomorrow)

Ethan before the bus picked him up at 7:35.

I'd say he looks pretty excited about 2nd grade!

Bryce before the bus came for Jr. High at 8:45.

Looking handsome and cool!


Today was Ella's first day and she was so excited!! We have 1/2 day kdg, so I take her at 11:50 and the the bus brings her home at 2:30. Here she is before.

In the outfit she chose because it was "special and just right!"

Here she is when she got out of the van.

I would say she was ready. No looking back, just took off running and waving! That's a good thing!!

And here she is after she got home.

She is literally jumping up and down telling me about everything at school. Yes kindergarten, I think you and Ella will get along just fine!


Do you have any odd animal eating stories? Reese gave me one tonight. I found him in the backyard with this.

This WAS a Vanilla Coke Zero can. He took it from a recycle container on the back porch and took off. I of course couldn't get it from him and he wasn't dropping it for anything. This is all I could find of it. I don't know if he ate the rest or what. dog is crazy!!


Ever had burgers that look like this?

Kevin and I were treated to 5 Guys Burgers tonight. Y.U.M!! Not something I would eat everyday but if you're craving a great burger, this would be a great place to get one!

That's a look at the week here. And for those of you wondering, Kyla doesn't start pre-school until the week after Labor Day, so her pics will be coming. Hope you have had a great week full of laughter and blessings too!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Project 365-Week 33

This was it. The final full week of summer vacation. We made the most of it with some fun and some preparation for the new school year. Here's a peek.


This afternoon I took the girls to an art fair in Chesterton. We went to visit our special friend, Al of Clement Clayworks. He and his wife are potters and I met them several years ago at another art fair. I loved their things so much that I actually had them make me a 12 piece place setting. I love my pottery!! Anyway, 2 of my bowls had been broken and needed replacing. While there, the girls tried their hands at some art too!

Painting "kitty masks". They had a lot of fun and Mr. Al even gave them each their very own pottery mug to take home!


Today was a very special day!! Ella and Kyla have both been talking quite a bit about cutting their hair. I figured it was their choice and if they didn't like it, it would grow back. So here they are before.

And after...

13" off of Ella and 10" off of Kyla!

Kyla looking gorgeous!

Ella so pretty and grown up!
Now we just have to decide where to donate the pony tails. Locks of Love or Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Any suggestions?


Worked on the calendar today. Not exactly a fun task but necessary to keep an active family of 6 organized.

And for those of you who are noticing the colored Sharpie's. Yes, I color code my calendar! Each person has a color, with black being used for something that involves is all. Type A?...Perhaps a little!!


Today I took Bryce to the middle school to check out his locker and take a look around. There will be a formal walk through on Monday evening.

He whipped his combination around like a pro and had that locker opened in no time! I know he will do well, but am still praying God's protection over him as he enters this next stage of life!


Today was our end of summer annual tradition trip. For the past 4 years, before school starts, we take a day trip to Michigan's Adventure. It is a very nice amusement/water park about 2 1/2 hours from our house. We had a great time riding rides and playing in the water.

The kids enjoying the water!


Today Ethan and Ella got to find out who they would have as a teacher this year. We stopped in the kindergarten wing first. Look who found her name on the list!

She found her seat too!

Ella will be in Mrs. Curry's afternoon kindergarten class! She is so excited!! How can my little girl be ready for kindergarten?!!

Ethan also found his class and seat!

Ethan will be in Mrs. Rice's 2nd grade class! He also is excited!


Today I threw the kids for a loop! It was lunch time and I was asking what people wanted. Ethan said, "I wish we could have ice cream for lunch!" I said, "Ok, what kind do you want?" You should have seen their faces!! They didn't believe me. Bryce actually thought I was being mean and trying to trick them. HA! Joke is on them, I was serious.

The lunch of champions on the last Saturday before school starts!

Hope you have had a great week and maybe some ice cream too!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Project 365-Week 32

I can tell summer is winding down because the schedule is filling up! It has been a fun and productive week. Here's a glimpse.


Small group tonight, complete with dessert selections.

Everyone said they were yummy. I was a good girl and didn't have any.


Since we went to Kevin's reunion last week, I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to do some more reuniting. (is that a word?) So here was my reunion shot.

Oh Jillian, I have missed you so. With the stress of the job loss and the crazy schedule, I stopped doing this. Oh has my body paid for it. So today we reunited and it felt so good. (no, that's a song, not how I really felt!) Anyway, back to the grind with Jillian.


Kyla loves to take pictures and took this one today.

Reese actually was still enough for a picture. That's amazing!

A good friend called us for an impromptu swim. Of course I didn't take a picture of them in the water, but here's the aftermath.


They're back!

More toadstools. (and one crazy brown running furry thing in the background!)


This morning Ella woke up with her eye like this.

She had gotten mosquito bites on the bridge of her nose and her eyebrow yesterday. We were giving her Benadryl, but the swelling wasn't going down. Ended up going to the doctor who told us to continue with the Benadryl regimen and ice if needed and that it would take a few days to pass.

Good thing she was well enough to do this.

My sweet friend Anita and I were meeting regarding Bible study and she invited the kids to come swim in her pool.

Ethan going off a diving board for the first time ever. Let's just say if you needed to find him after that, he was always going off. LOVED it!!

Kyla in the shallow end!

And of course you have to have some lounging time too!

See how swollen her poor eye is? Anyway, I wish all meetings were like this! Thank you to Miss Anita and her wonderful daughters for a fun afternoon!!


We had "A" spend the night and then took all the kids to lunch and miniature golfing. I love free coupons and easy fun!!

I also received this from a friend today. Do you know what it is?

Maybe now?

It is called a green tint patty pan summer squash. Isn't it a fun shape? It tasted good too!


Today I spent the bulk of my day at a retreat for small group leaders. This is where it was held.

It is on lovely grounds and is just exquisite inside! It used to be a professional baseball players home. There were a lot of these on the grounds too.

I love Brown Eyed Susans. (yes, I know they are called Black Eyed Susans, but I have a friend named Susan with brown eyes, so for the past 15 years they have been Brown Eyed Susans)

There you have it. A fun filled, busy week! Hope you have had a great one!!