Saturday, November 27, 2010

Project 365-Week 48

What a whirlwind week! So many things to be thankful for and pictures to prove it!


Why is this picture special?

I took this when we left church Sunday. It was the first time I had been to church in over a month and it did my heart good! Hooray for being with my family and being able to worship with my church family too.


Any idea where we are?

The 3 younger kids had a dentist appointment today. We have the greatest dentist and the kids love going.

After the dentist, Kyla had Thanksgiving feast at pre-school. Kevin took her and this is what she looked like when she came home...

A very cute Indian!


I was off work today, so ran last minute errands in preparation for Thanksgiving. While Kyla and I were out we saw a huge swarm of birds. (or would that be a flock?) I wish I could have gotten a picture of all of them in air at the same time. It was amazing, in an Alfred Hitchcock kind of way.


Today before I went to work the girls helped me get something ready for Thanksgiving.

We wrapped and tied all of the silverware for Thanksgiving. So thankful for my willing helpers. Then it was off to work until 11:45.


Happy Thanksgiving! We hosted 50 people at our house today. (44 to eat and 6 that stopped in to visit) Kevin's mom and I share the hot food cooking, everyone else brings sides and desserts. Everything went very well and it was a blessing to have so many together.

My brother Trent and his girlfriend Becky.

Kevin's Aunt Phyll and Uncle Kelly.

Kevin's cousin, Sherry and her two kids, Karen and Justin.

Kevin's cousin, James.

My mom.

My sister, Tawn, her husband Nathan and their kids, Andie, Austin, Alivia and Alex.

Kevin's cousin Brenda and her children, Sydney, Becca and Michael.

Kevin's Grandma Donna, Aunt Beth and two of her kids Austin and Ashlyn.

Kevin's Uncle Karl, Aunt Chris and one of their daughter's, Susie.

Kevin's cousin David, his wife Angie and their girls, Hannah and Abigail.

Kevin's cousin Angie, her husband John and their 4 boys, John John, Isaiah, Caleb and Samuel.

Mom and Dad (AKA, Grammie and Grandpa)

Kevin's brother Mark, his wife Judy and 3 of the 4 kids, Andy, Zach and Matthew. (Sarah had to leave early and I didn't get her picture)

And I think you might recognize this group.
Now that was a lot of people!! Don't worry, no quiz.


Had to be to work at 4:00am. Can I just say that is early! I worked until 4:30 pm and was totally pooped. Came home, ate dinner and then on to an important tradition at the Yoder house. Decorating the tree!
Every year the kids get a new ornament of their choice. They always love getting them all out and seeing them from the past years.

Here they are decorating. They did a great job with just a little help for the highest places!


Back to work this morning. After I had been home and dinner and baths were done I asked the girls if they wanted to do something. Here's what we did.

And then they did this....

And when it was all said and done, we had this....

Breakfast tomorrow should be very yummy!

Thanks for sticking with the longest post ever! I hope you had a blessed week and were able to celebrate with some (or many) of your loved ones too!! Have a great week!


  1. Tori your pictures made me smile. You are amazing!!! After working so much lately, you host 50 people in your house!! I hope all that fun and love energized you a bit!!!

    Do you know I have yet to make pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls?!!

  2. What a great picture week! Loved the van picture... and the cinnamon rolls... yum!! Hope you have a great week with earlier bedtimes and more sleep!

  3. Love it, and love you. My sister is awesome!

  4. 50 people! You are such a brave soul :)

    Your kids each get to pick out a new ornament? Is your tree ornament crowded yet? Cuz' I know ours is and we only add one new family ornament a year (excluding the ones the kids always inevitably make at school)>

  5. Sounds like a blast having so many people to share Thanksgiving with (and hopefully the dishes). We also put up our tree with very special ornaments on Friday, we love the entire process.

    Have a great week.

  6. WOW! You had a week of wonderful smiling faces and then some very sweet treats!


  7. Wow 50 people is a LOT! We only had 35 & we rented a church fellowship hall (although I think that had more to do with the parties involved not wanting to have company).

  8. You are wonder-woman, girl. How did you manage to host so many while working so much lately? I'll have what you're having. ;) A busy, yet blessed week. (((hugs)))