Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project 365-Week 50

Does the phrase better late than never count for me this week? Our computer crashed this past week (among other things) so it has been very interesting around here. Here is my week, a little late.

Sunday (there are a few pictures today)

When we came out of church this morning the snow was really coming down. This is the top of my head just from walking to the van.

After church I took the kids to surprise Kevin. He was downtown doing his "Santa gig" so we went to see Santa. As a side note this is the first time any of the kids have ever gone to see Santa. We have never done Santa, so I think it is pretty funny that it's their dad! :)

Kyla was laughing so hard that she was crying. It was hilarious!

Ella telling Santa she wants a Barbie doll.

Ethan telling the big guy some expensive electronic device....keep dreaming!

Bryce proving you are never too old to see Santa!

Then at small group tonight we met at Lori's house. Her daughter Melissa was our babysitter and the kids really miss her. (so do we adults!) Anyway, she was on Skype when we got there and Ella, Kyla and "A" were talking to her.

This was super special!


Today is Ethan's 8th birthday. I had to work all day so we gave him his present before school.

My mom pitched in a lot and helped with a DSi. He was so excited! Do you see the weight in the box? I put that in to make it heavy so he couldn't guess what it was.
Happy Birthday Ethan!! You are a delight and so much fun. Your humor is amazing and your love of life and Jesus is contagious. I love you my sweet little man and I am keeping you forever!!


Tonight we had Kevin's parents and my mom over to celebrate Ethan and Grammie's birthday. I was supposed to be off and had great plans for a super meal and carrot cake, by request, but I had to go in to work. So, we had pizza and store bought cake. Not exactly perfect, but at least we were all together and honoring two very special people!

Hope both of your wishes come true!


The girls wanted to go out and play in the snow. After bundling up this is what they looked like.

So glad they remembered to go potty before putting everything on!! :)


When I went outside to leave for work this morning I saw this written in the snow.

I think someone is ready for Christmas break!


Ella and Kyla worked on a snowman when they were playing and here he is after Ella finished him up.

I tell you, the $3.00 snowman kit we got last year was a super investment!!


Today Ella went to a birthday party. She brought this home.

They made gingerbread fun!!

Well there you have it, another week at the Yoder's! Hope you have had a great week!!


  1. Great week - even if it is a little late :)
    Those Santa pictures are too cute - how fun(ny) when it's your dad!
    Happy Birthday to your boy! Great idea with the weight!
    Cute picture of the girls all bundled up and love the idea of a snowman kit.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  2. been wondering where you were!!!

    I have been watching the weather in your area....not missing the snow!! :)

    love that you disguised the gift...I do that to. In fact, I have done that to all my kids Xmas gifts (especially since i have recently found out that I have snoopers!!)

  3. Love the santa pictures. That message on the window is hilarious - I'm ready for winter break & I'm not even in school :)