Saturday, December 4, 2010

Project 365-Week 49

I can not believe we are in week 49! Where did this year go?
This has been a busy week of projects at pre-school and work too. I am so thankful for so many that have helped this week!


This is the hallway I walk down to enter the mall and go to work almost every time I come.

Kind of blah, don't you think?


This is our new mailbox, expertly installed by Kevin's dad today.

Why did we need a new mailbox you wonder? Well, our mailbox and post fell victim to an underage drinker. So thankful that no one was hurt. Thanks to Dad for coming to the rescue!


Today I was off and spent a lot of time at the pre-school. We have been working on a cookbook as a fundraiser and it has been a lot of work. Due to my working, my wonderful friend Ann has taken on the task. Oh how I love her!!
When I got home this one had the giggles.

She couldn't stop laughing and it was funny and contagious!


We have been having some of these boxes arrive lately.

Now that might not be out of the ordinary for most houses this time of year, but for ours it is a HUGE blessing. Due to our situation we are not able to do Christmas gifts this year. Our small group got word of this and have taken action with others and our kids will be receiving gifts. I don't tell you this to gain sympathy, but to give thanks and praise to God who never fails. Thank you to all of those special people who are blessing our family too! I can never express my humble gratitude enough.


The kids saw something today that caused these reactions.

What could get them going like this? Maybe this?

No, he looks like Jack Frost got ahold of him.

Maybe this?

Kevin has a "gig" as Santa for the city of South Bend. He was trying on all of his garb today to make sure it looked ok.
He walked out to the mailbox in full costume...

...and you should've seen the cars going by and then the honks he got. It was hysterical!!


Remember that cookbook I mentioned? Thanks to Ann and Kevin IT.IS. DONE!!!

Hopefully everyone will be pleased with the results and will love the recipes inside. Again, I am so very thankful for Ann, who stepped up for this project due to my schedule. She is an invaluable gift to me!!


When I actually get a break at work, I usually sit down in the food court to get out of the store for a bit. I love to people watch while I am there.

I see some very interesting people and behaviors while there. A note to parents...know what your kids are doing at the mall. I will leave it at that.

I hope you have had a great week and that you are anticipating Christmas and Christ's birth with great excitement this year!! Have a super week!


  1. glad you got your mailbox fixed! I saw that on Kevin's facebook.

    and he looks great as Santa, by the way!!!!!

    have a great week, you tons!

  2. I recognize that hallway - we used to call it the secret entrance - you just kinda come from this blah skinny hall into the middle of the mall!
    Yeah for a new mailbox and gifts from good friends!
    I love the pics of your husband - what a fun job!
    I like people watching too - and it been awhile since I've been at the mall, but I agree with your note!

  3. I'm glad you have good friends to help during this time - it's a sign of hope. Last week I wrote a kind of depressing poem about evil in the world - maybe I can inject some hope into it with your story.

    Love the santa sighting! He looks like a GREAT santa!

  4. God is so good to provide through His people. We've seen it time and again over the years. I love how He created us to support one another!

    Love the photo of your giggly girl :) And the look on the kids faces when they saw Kevin in full Santa garb is priceless!

    Like you said, a busy week, but a good one :)

  5. Good advice, too bad too many parents just let their kids run loose.

    My hubby dresses up as Santa for the preschoolers at my kids' school. He has so much fun doing it every year.

  6. I'm thinking your hallway needs some holiday bling, yes? ;) Oh, and contagious giggles really are the best! Precious. What a great looking Santa you have there! ;)

  7. your kids always make me smile. :)

  8. I think the hallway looks like something out of a horror movie.... maybe that is appropriate??? Kevin looks wonderful as Santa! Hope you have a good week!