Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project 365-Week 24

First full week of summer vacation down and things are going well! Here is a peek at the week.


After church the kids wanted to cool off.

This is the best $60.00 we have spent! It is a little small for the boys but just right until the girls get swimming savvy, plus everyone can cool off!


Speaking of swimming, today all 4 kids started swimming lessons at the high school.

Here they are before getting in for testing. Who looks most enthusiastic?


Like every family we spend a lot of time driving here and there. Can I tell you how much it blesses my heart when my kids ask to listen to this?

Can I tell you how much more it blesses me to hear them singing praise and truth?


Took Ethan and Ella to Prairie Camp this morning. They went with our church and will be picked up tomorrow evening.

All packed up and ready to go! I think there is a stowaway in the backseat!


Picked Ella and Ethan up from camp this evening. They had a fantastic time!! Afterwards we were eating dinner and Kyla picked up her fork and knife and did this.

She's moving them and saying, "forks and knives, forks and knives". It is the punchline to a joke and when she does it, it is hilarious!!


After work I went straight to the ballpark for games. All 3 older kids were playing. Ella has really been struggling and wanted to quit. Between sock and shoe issues, the heat, etc...well, let's just say there has been drama. Look what I saw to my great surprise and delight.

She was playing and had a great time! Oh thank you for small miracles!!


No picture today. Had to work all day and then went to the store after work. Got home after 11:00.

I hope you have had a great week!!


  1. yea for summer camp and baseball parks!!! Both things I miss these days!

    btw, the girls haircuts are super cute!!!

  2. fun times...i miss baseball parks and summer camps...but NOT the heat.

  3. Camp, summer ball, and swimming! That's a lot of fun for one week!! :) What pool did you get exactly? $60 might actually be doable for us!

  4. I had wondered if Kayla was having sock issues this year - I remembered it from last year. I'm glad she had a good time this week.