Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 365 - Week 1 2012

I'm ba..ack! My, has life gone by and things changed since I have last blogged. More about that another time, this is about beginning Project 365 again. I have appreciated it so much over the past 2 years and regret letting life get in the way of finishing this past year. So here is to a New Year. A year of hope, a year of promise and a year of drawing closer to God and the ones I love!

Happy New Year!! Today was my birthday....only one more year of my 30's left. We went to Mom & Dad's for dinner and my special dessert...

...Robert Redford. I love it and Mom makes it for me every year! After dessert we had a rousing family game.

Tripoley. I love that the kids can play games like this now. Candyland was getting a little old!

Today Grammie picked up both boys for a sleepover. (the girls slept over last week) When Bryce was little he would always pack his Sulley suitcase to go to Grammie's. Look what he did for old times sake.

I am surprised his 6'1" "man stuff" fit in there, but it sure warmed this mama's heart to see it!!

Another sleep over but this time at our house. Ella and Kyla had the beloved "A" spend the night. I am so thankful for this lifelong friendship they have. When I walked by Ella's room to make sure they were sleeping this is what I found...

Kyla and "A" were hanging on to each other. (Ella is up in her bed) Just so sweet!

Today this bag needed to be documented.

This is Ethan's bag and it has been packed everyday for a sleepover this week. When he got the call today to sleep at another friend's house, we just started laughing. Hopefully he will remember his address after being gone so much!

I was out with the kids tonight since Kevin was working late. The girls really enjoy doing this every time we visit this place.

Any ideas where we are?

This evening I took the kids to run a bunch of errands and then we went to surprise Kevin at work. This was the first time we had been out to his store and the kids were super excited to visit.

I think Daddy was pretty happy to see them too!

Today was haircut day. 3 of the 4 kids needed one badly. Here is the before....

...and the after....

Much better! Now they are ready to go back to school Monday.

I pray that your 2012 is off to a great start and that you are making the time to catch the little things in each of your days that make you smile. Have a great week!!


  1. Welcome back !!! Great pictures ths week.
    Great before and after haircut pics too.

  2. 6'1"?!!!!!! really?!! oh my word, is a man/boy!

    lots of sleepovers, sounds like a great week to me!

    So glad you are back, friend!

  3. Happy New Year!
    So what is that special dessert for your birthday? It looks yummy!

  4. Welcome back! :)
    Great family and friend times!

  5. Loved the pictures of your week. Glad you are back. That dessert by the way looks to die for....want to share the recipe?

  6. Great start to your 2012! YUM...that dessert lookis fantasticly yummy...recipe?! and my boys both got haricuts too for the anticipation of school starting back up! It's always fun to surprise daddy at work, I know my boys do!

  7. Sleepover fun personified!

    Nothing beat a good sleepover!

    Great week and hair cut to boot!

  8. Oh and what's a Robert looked like some kind of pie????

  9. I'm so glad you're back! I'm thinking you need to post the Robert Redford recipe - it looks fairly fabulous.

    Love the boys' "cool" looks for their haircut pictures - boys are so funny that way. Can't believe your oldest is that tall - WOW!

  10. cracker barrel!! yes?
    that Robert redford dessert looks fabulous!
    love the before and after haircut pictures; they look great!

    welcome back to 365! glad you're giving it another shot. :-)

  11. oh my. look how much your munchkins have grown! 6'1"? wow.
    you've revived my sweet tooth. that dessert looks yummy. looks like something i've had before... maybe i just didn't know the official name? ;)
    365 is hard, yes? but always so worth it in the end. i'm going to try to do better this year. we'll see. ;) great hearing from you!

  12. Yay I just today saw that you're back. Love it!!!!