Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 365 - Week 6

What a busy and fun week this was! Here is a look....


Annual Super Bowl party with our small group. Always a great time with fabulous people and yummy food!

What was left to clean up afterwards. I will do that in the morning!


The temperature is getting a little colder and we had some frost today. I thought this was a cool way to show it.

This is our mailbox a little after 1:00 this afternoon. Do you see all of the "fuzzy" frost still there?


Does anyone else feel like their kids are more technologically savvy than they are? My 5 year old is....

She LOVES to text! She does it all the time, sending messages to Daddy the most. Let me point out that I have only been texting for just over a year. I am 39, she is 5...YIKES!


Kyla's class is doing a unit on snow globes this week. One of the grandma's made these and sent them in for all the kids.

It's an edible snow globe! Isn't it adorable?


No picture today.


Today Reese went for a ride. He loves to go in the van.

He isn't the greatest passenger, but he does ok.


Today was ISSMA for Bryce. He performed a vocal solo, a men's vocal ensemble and a piano solo.

Bryce received two golds and one silver! Very proud of him!!

In case you are wondering, Ethan is still here. For some reason Kyla has been in a bunch of the pictures the past couple of weeks. I will have to capture him this week to prove I still have 4 kids!! ;)

Have a great week!!


  1. every time my grand daughter sees my phone or my kindle she always asks to play a game...and she is only 2 1/2....Oh my stars....I think in a few years we will all be obsolete and all the young one will be the only one who know what is going on!

    Cute cookie idea!

    great week!


  2. Way to Bryce. And lookin good too : )

  3. Great job Bryce! Love the blue shirt.

    I take FOREVER to send a text! Oh my heavens - it's not one of my strengths.

    Love the snow globe - that is such a cute idea!

  4. Five and texting?!!! That means she can spell and all!!!?
    Cool hat, Bryce, to match the level of performance. Congrats!
    What kind of dog is Reese? Cute.

    1. Kyla does spell pretty well! Reese is a miniature poodle.

  5. send some frost down south, eh? ;)

    my nator just about has me covered on the technology front. thank goodness someone does when hubs is out of town. ha!

    an edible snow-globe?? how creative!

    congratulations to bryce! i know you must be a proud mama. in highschool, choir was the one thing i looked forward to every day. i wore those metals on my letter jacket proudly... as he should, too. ;)