Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 365 - Week 5

Pictures for this week...check. Posting on time.....nope. Better late than never!


Kyla was turned on to a new thing last week by Mrs. Marsh at school..pistachios. Kyla loves them! Mrs. Marsh also told her about special muffins that were at the store. When we were there today for some groceries, Kyla spotted them right away and wanted to get one.

It's a pistachio muffin! We'll see if she likes it in the morning.


Kyla wanted the muffin this morning. I cut it in half......

She was intrigued with the color, but not as crazy about the flavor.

Tonight Kyla went to a special friend's house for his 4th birthday.

Special fun for special friends!


Today was pajama day at Kyla's school. I help at school every Tuesday so I got to wear my jammies too!! I think we should have jammie days more often!

Kyla with her teacher, Mrs. C.


We have been having unseasonably warm temps for this time of year. The seagulls were taking advantage of it in the parking lot!


Guess what is back on the menu at the golden arches?

Shamrock shakes!! My mom used to get these for us when I was a kid and I loved them! I have to say, I don't think they taste the same anymore, but someone enjoyed hers!


Kyla's school had a special guest today for a magic show.

The kids really seemed to enjoy it. Do you see the book Ronald is holding? Do you see the purple guy in the picture? Do kids even know who that is anymore? Do you know who it is?


Went to Sam's today in preparation for our Super Bowl party. (so did everyone else in town!) I came out with some good purchases, but my two favorite are in the back.

Sam's was so crowded they didn't have any regular carts and they thought it was so fun to ride on! I have a feeling the girls might ask for this every time we go.

Here's hoping you have had a fabulous week!!


  1. I know that guy - Barney! Lot's of fun pics this week - I love Kyla's pajamas. I like pistacios a lot - wonder if I'd like that muffin? I'll have to keep an eye out.

  2. Pistachio muffin...yummmm. Shamrock shakes have not made it back on our mcDonalds menu.