Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 365 - Week 4

How can January be almost over?! Why does time go so much faster the older you get? Yikes!! We had a fun week here, take a look.


Today our small group did something different. Instead of meeting for dinner and discussion like normal, we took advantage of the weather and hit the slopes.

The tubing slopes that is. We had a great time......

..making trains (with grown ups leading the way!)

...and watching our youngest member take his first tube ride! A very fun day!!


This is a shot of Kyla after school today.

She was singing a song about Barney to the tune of "Joy to the World". She got to laughing so hard that I thought she was going to cry or pee...not sure. Just had to get her giggle!


Tonight I went somewhere I have never been before with my friend Kristine. Here is a clue.

I needed those for my evening. Any guesses?

Maybe this will help....

It's the laundromat! I have never been to one before and while I wouldn't want to do it all the time, it is a great way to get a lot done in a short amount of time! We did 14 loads of laundry in less than 3 hours. (And no, my machines are not broken. I am just so behind that it would take me months to get everything clean again)


Today was Mom's Day at Kyla's school. It is a very fun and special time to share the day with your student. We had a lovely snack...

...and I had a hand painting done by a very good artist.

We put our hand prints on the cover of a book she had made. Inside the book were questions she answered about me. Here are a couple of my favorite things she said:

"Mom's favorite job at home is cleaning." (obviously after seeing Tuesday's picture, we know this isn't true!)

"She is 6 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds."

"I would like to give her a monkey." (I already have 4!)


I think I have mentioned that Bryce is 6'2" and quite the man. Here is my next "manly" dilemma with him.

He wants to shave!! Now first off, he is a great sport letting me take this picture and post it. You can see that he has a mustache and he is starting to get those "goat" hairs on his chin and neck. I know he needs to...but shaving is forever and that is my baby!! He has told me he wants to shave by the musical, which is March 15 & 16. So, anything I need to know to prepare him and/or his skin. Better yet, anything that can prepare me?!!!


Every other Friday I go to our local gym and babysit for an hour and a half. In return I get a free membership to the gym (Ahem, maybe I should use that...oi!) I usually don't have many kids but this week we had that cutest little 11 month old and my kids were smitten with him.

How could they not be?!!


Went out to dinner as a family tonight with a gift card from Grammie and Grandpa. This is one of our kids favorite places to eat.

It's not fine dining, nor would it be my first choice, but it makes them oh so happy and that make Mama happy too!

Hope you have had a fun week and that your January is coming to a close on a great note!


  1. Kyle uses an electric shaver. It is quick and easy and there isn't a risk of him getting cut.

  2. Teaching shaving is a dad's job! :) with two girls you have other issue that will be ALL yours!

    Ok, I have to admit that the tubing looked like fun! but I still don't miss the snow! ha!

  3. Gotta love Ci-Ci's with their all you can eat pizza buffet...YUm! Love the sound of giggles...the best sound in the world. Love the idea of mom's day at your daughters school...thinking I need to incorporate that somehow into my calendar! And your afternoon of tubing looks like loads of fun!

  4. I love the things your daughter said about you in the book she made. What a keep sake that book is!
    Free membership to the gym for watching children... what a GREAT idea! I wonder if any gym around me offers something like that. I'm going to have to check into that.

  5. Kyla is such a cutie with her giggles :) I can't believe you'll soon have a shaver in your house - yikes!

    I love Cicis - mostly for the cinnamon rolls :)