Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter essentials

Since we are in the thick of winter and snow here, which doesn't seem to be going anywhere, I thought I would share some of today's winter essentials.

Hot chocolate! It makes everything better.

A shovel. Notice this is a smaller model....

...so that smaller people can help!

But what is she shoveling?

Paths in the backyard for the dog! (I guess that's the downsize of a small breed)

"Mom, I'm getting snow in my eyes!"

The hairdryer. Why would that be essential, you wonder?

It is the only way to get all of these frozen snowballs off Reese when he comes in. He loves the snow and even with the paths, he likes to venture off of them!

I never thought I would be shoveling the backyard for a dog!!! At least he's cute and I have good help.

Happy Snowy Day!


  1. i do love watching the kids shovel. i have one who actually is a great helper and the others...well....it is nice to have some company! :)

  2. that's very funny!!! another thing I don't miss about the snow! ha!

  3. Love the paths for the dog. I've been know to do that some, but not this year. She's on her own...of course, ours is a bigger dog and she can handle it! Your little Reese is adorable and so is your little girl.

  4. Hairdryer for dogs (to dry off their legas and feet ;) good idea.
    My fovorite--picture of Kyla!