Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project 365-Week 7

This has been a fun week. Enjoy taking a peek at what I did!


Super Bowl party with small group tonight! This is just some of the food that was here. Yum!!


Got everything together for taxes today. Not exactly fun, but necessary!


Received my new book today! I am very excited to be doing this book study along with Beth Moore's blogging community.


The kids had a snow day today. I had packed Ethan's lunch the night before, so he just grabbed it at lunchtime. Well, the girls saw that and wanted to play "school lunch" too. So this is what they had.....

Everything had to be packed and in bags or containers and out in the lunch box. They are just too funny!


Do you recognize this? It is the same laundry room floor that wasn't so clean in last week's post. I got it all folded, put away and even did more and the floor is still clean!


Finally went and saw this movie! Great movie with a great friend!!!


My new shoes came today! I got them for a steal!! The heel is really high, but since I have lost so much weight, I love wearing heals now!! Plus it helps me deal with the denial that my 10 year old is as tall as me!

Have a super week!!


  1. Yes my son just passed me...but not when I am in heels :) I loved that movie, hope you did too!! Lunch boxes for everyone, too funny.

    Loved your pictures, thanks for sharing.


  2. Your week in pictures is great. We had a snow day too. I love snow days. I love those heels too. I was just telling hubs we need to go see the Blind side. I have heard nothing but good about it.

  3. those heels are delicious! I would love to see pictures of the weight loss!!!! Miss you!

  4. those are some cute shoes!!!

    got a good laugh at the kids wanting to play school lunch when school was out! ha!

  5. i'm Loving those shoes!
    my kids would have done that same thing when they were lunch time. :D cute.

  6. What is it about school and preschoolers... they love to play it BEFORE they go to school then they don't want to go when they are allowed to go...

    Great pictures. Glad we went on this adventure at the same time. I must say it is more difficult than what I imagined. Taking a picture a day is not easy.

  7. Ugh...taxes. I need to get on those.. :(

    We did the same thing this week with our lunches on our snow day. It was kinda nice not to have to get anything ready.

  8. How kids love to pretend.
    Oh, to be childlike and enjoy small and imagined pleasures.
    That Bible study looks great.
    And so does the laundry room.
    The movie--excellent!
    The shoes--fun!!! Wish I could wear them.
    So, about the weight loss, how?

    Thanks for stopping by.
    To answer:
    LOL I guess we are a Hoosier Colts fan fam, but we rejoiced for the Saints anyway.
    We don't always do that but thought it would be fun for the family pic ;)

  9. taxes, lunches, laundry - oh, my! Thank goodness for a gorgeous pair of shoes. :)