Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project 365-Week 8

I can't believe another week has gone by! Here is my week in pictures...enjoy a peek!


Valentine's Day. This is the promise ring that Kevin gave me when I was a senior in High School and he was a Freshman at IU. I thought it was appropriate for today, a promise kept.


Kyla wants a "big girl" bed/room, so this is the bedding we found.


Today went and got the paint for Kyla's room. She has been talking non-stop for a year about painting her walls purple. So two shades of purple she will get!


Spent a good share of the day cooking today. A couple of meals for a new mom and Pioneer Woman's lasagna and jalapeno poppers for us!


Met C and her two A's for lunch at Lunkers. The kids love it there because of all of the fish and various animals around the store and restaurant.

And I couldn't resist a picture of them being eaten by an alligator!


Bryce has been busy rehearsing for "Snow White" in which he was Doc. Tonight was closing night of the show. He did a great job!! (they all did)


I have been waiting to get in this position all day! It was 10:45 and I finally got to sit down, get comfy and then we watched "Survivor" from Thursday night. What is up with the "heroes"?

Have a super week!!


  1. Those look like very comfy flannel jammies in the last photo :-)

    A very good representation of your week in photos!

  2. Love the 'Doc'. :) I'm am just learning and becoming addicted to the Pioneer Woman.

  3. I love the bedding she picked out. Make sure and show us the finished project - walls and all.

  4. I like the red in your kitchen. Very cute comforter set and sweet promise ring!
    Great week!

  5. The ring is sweet.

    I've been looking for bedding for my girls. Yours is cute. Can I ask where you got it?

    Hoping you'll show us the finished room when the purple has gone up on the walls.

    The alligators and Doc - so fun!

    Cute jammy pants; think my college daughter has the same ones. :) I need some to keep me warm. Have Survivor on the DVR. Just waiting for my son to return home tonight so we can watch it together.

  6. Promise keeping--the key to committed love.

    A new look for Miss Kyla's room, sweet!

    Alligators--is that a survivor episode? ;)

  7. Love the promise ring - so sweet! Can't wait to see the new room!

  8. Oh my gosh that promise ring...priceless. I want a purple room too!!! Those alligator shots are great, not sure I could do that even though I knew it was fake..ha ha.

    Great week!!


  9. Can't wait to see the room makeover! It's amazing what a new comforter and some paint can do!

  10. Love the Snow White and the Doc pic. And I agree, what is up with the Heroes!

  11. Those are fun pictures. I love the alligator ones. Good luck with the big girl bedroom. It will be so fun and you will love it when it is all done. I just redid my girls and they still adore it.

  12. How wonderful to have had a promise ring. AND a promise kept!
    Cute 'gator pics.
    Precious play idea. Your boy makes a good Doc.
    And I envy those feet at the end. Envy. Them.

  13. So...were you watching curling when you got all comfy? I'll meet you in Kalamazoo for the big event. NOT. :) (We live in Mass. now, so it would be a long drive!)

  14. Can you believe we have never eaten at Lunkers? Now we simply must go and see the Alligators!