Saturday, April 17, 2010

Project 365-Week 16

This week has been crazy busy, but still managed to grab some pictures. Here's a peek...


We said goodbye to a new friend today.

This is my mom's new Cube. She was in NY for a week so we got to drive it. Very fun and we really appreciated having a second vehicle that could actually transport more than one child. (we have a mini-van and a small pick-up) Thanks Mom!


It was a gorgeous day today! After the boys got home from school we all went down to the park to play.

Kyla having fun while doing some balance walking.

Ella at the top of a climbing wall.

Daddy playing ball with the boys. (and yes, I said boys. Ethan is that little grey speck way at the back of the picture.)


New glasses came in today. Here are all of my boys with their new specs. This is Ethan's first pair!


Started a new Bible study tonight on Revelation, by Beth Moore. (I'm also doing it Thursday mornings) I'm sure it will be good stuff!


This day was crazy. I was home for about 1 1/2 hours all day and even being gone that much I still missed two meetings I should have been at. All that to say, this is what the sink and counter looks like when I'm gone all day.


This next picture is priceless to me for two reasons. This is my youngest brother, Trent. He is 11 years younger than me and my girls A.D.O.R.E him! As soon as he walks in our house they go crazy and I always wonder who put quarters in them! He is such a good sport with them all of the time, playing with them, being goofy, etc. (that's the first reason this picture is priceless)
The second reason is that he hates having his picture taken. So, being the wonderful, sneaky older sister that I am, I caught this.....

He was letting the girls do his hair!! The girls then asked for the camera and this is what I found that they captured, with Uncle Trent knowing they were taking them.

Kyla getting him in position.

Ella taking her turn at him. Notice he is on his phone. I can only imagine what he is telling the person on the other end!

And this one made me tear up. This is Ella riding on Trent's foot. (Kyla, the 3 year old took this!) Our dad used to walk around with us on his feet and I remember it very fondly. My kids didn't get to know Grandpa Freel, but Trent is passing on a great memory of him to them! Oh Trent, I love you and your patience for letting those girls give you such style!! Thanks for being a super uncle!


Today I cleaned and folded laundry for what seemed like all day! Here are the towels that had yet to be put away. (How's that for an exciting Saturday?!)

Hope you have had a great week!!


  1. Aren't you loving that we can get outside?!
    Great glasses pic - Micah was upset when he didn't need him (me, thankful!).
    I love the pics of the girls with your brother! I can relate to watching my brother play with the kids, it is great for all of them!

  2. Fun uncles are such a blessing!

    Sounds like you need to have a quieter week this week. Enjoy.

  3. Oh the pictures with your brother are priceless. What a good uncle.
    Love all the glasses too. Very handsome fellas!

  4. What a great uncle! Love that he is on his cell phone while getting his makeover! And your men all look very handsome in their new specs!

  5. I would love to go through that Beth Moore study... looking forward to hearing how you like it.

  6. Great pictures, Tori. I suspect that some of them wouldn't have been captured if not for the challenge of 365? Especially the towels, I guess, but isn't it great to have these reminders of wonderfully FULL weeks?
    I hope you have another great one!

  7. the cube is a very weird looking car!!!

    love the pictures of the girls!!

    We have decided to do the Revelation study over the summer! can't wait!

  8. Love our brother!!!! Love my sista too : )

  9. Adorable photos of the girls. Kyla's smile is priceless. Uncle Trent is p.a.t.i.e.n.t! Beth Moore study on Rev. must be DEEP!

  10. I love fun uncles, you are very lucky to have such a special brother!! And my sink feels your pain too.