Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project 365-Week 17

I am glad this week is over. It wasn't a bad one, just busy and Kevin was gone Thursday through Sunday working an Emmaus Walk, so I had all the kiddos alone. Sure makes me appreciate everything he does to help!
Here's a peek at the week.


Since Kevin lost his job looking through this is a regular thing around here.


Kyla stayed in her jammies all day. She would live in jammies if she could! She was on the floor playing with Reese when I snapped this.


These bring many thoughts to different people.

Some think, "Pesky weeds that are overtaking my lawn." Others may think, "That would be good in a salad." While others of smaller stature think, "Mommy would love these." Those are all fine thoughts. However, our four legged friend thought, "I should eat a lot of these because then I will throw up yellow in the house for a long time." Let's just say, yes he did and he felt miserable!


I had a helper making cookies today. Of course she wanted to help eat them too! Do you know who's hand that is?


It's hard to say, "Not me" when you are confronted with your own handwriting and name as evidence!


While running errands today Kyla wanted my old sunglasses. While at a stoplight I noticed she had them up on her head like I do so I grabbed the camera. She felt this face was appropriate.


With Kevin being gone the last few nights, I took the opportunity to watch a couple of movies that might not be his first choice. Last night I watched "Time Traveler's Wife". Tonight I watched this.....

"Precious". OH.MY.WORD. The language is unbearable and the situations this young woman has gone through are unfathomable. However, the thought that there are people who live this way every day in every community is another reminder of why I need to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who I cross paths with.

Hope you have had a great week!!


  1. great week!

    I was wondering how the job search was going?

    I would stay in my jammies all day if I could too!

    I used to make necklaces with those they make me sneeze!

    I just had to laugh at Ella's name...what did she write on?

  2. Tori- I didn't know Kevin lost his job. I'm so sorry. We will add him to our family list of prayers for church family.
    I laughed so hard at the "handwriting on the wall" photo and comment. It's hilarious. And your puppy is so cute that I literally thought he was a stuffed animal.

  3. Was glad to catch up on the last two weeks... All I can say about Ella's wallart is "magic eraser". Isn't it wonderful to get outside and enjoy the green grass and sunshine. Have a great week dear friend.

  4. Great photos!

    Oh no...poor dog. I like the color yellow, but not as a outcome like you had. :(

    I felt the same way as you when I watched Precious. It was hard to watch at times, but I am so glad I watched it.

  5. Dandelions were 'fined' in Austria.
    My grandfather loved dandelion greens with bacon/sweet dressing.
    I made cookies just like those this week!
    My brother carved/scratched his name in the shiny metal of Mom's sewing machine when he was learning to write!
    I pray for just the right job to open up!

  6. Seeing that name on the wall reminds me of an inicident with our pastor's daughter about 12 year ago. She had just learned to write her name and decided it should be all over the nursery walls upstairs from her daddy office one night while she was with him. When it was found she tried to blame in on her little sister. They only had to point out that Jasmine did not even know how to spell her own name before she confessed.

    Happy job hunting! God knows exactly what your hubby needs!

  7. It is the times the hubbies are away that we do appreciate all they do. Hope that you hubs finds a job soon. I was thinking of taking dandylion picture too. WE don't have any in our yard but there is this field by our house that looks so pretty covered in them. :)
    My kids have written on the walls too. It is hard to deny it was you when your name is all over it. LOL

  8. Hope you have an easier week coming up! THose are my absolute fav cookies! Sadly I only make them at Christmas time though...not sure why!! And she is a cutie with your sunglasses ontop of her head...that is usually where mine are! Have not seen Precious...but loved Time Travelers Wife, although the book was much better! Have a great week!

  9. Praying that the perfect job will open up soon!

    How was Time Traveler's Wife? I still haven't seen it and I am not sure I ever will because I don't think my hubby wants to.

  10. Went back to the dandelion post - all I can figure is that I was distracted by the delicious looking cookies and missed the part about Reese.

  11. Sorry about the job thing. I'm sure that's stressful! I do the same thing when my hubby goes out of town!! I take full advantage of the freedom to watch chick flicks--the key being with no sarcastic running commentary. Love the sunglasses up on Kyla's head! What a cute little momma!!