Saturday, April 3, 2010

Project 365-Week 14

He is Risen!! Happy Easter to everyone!
I can't believe it is April already! We had a fun and busy week. Enjoy taking a peek...


Tonight was the closing night of the musical "Esther-Ordinary Faith" at church. This was put on by 1st-5th graders and they have been practicing since January.

Ethan was a soloist. He did awesome!

Bryce was King Xerxes. He did an amazing job too! All of the kids did great and the message was fantastic too!


I have been waiting for this day since Christmas. Any ideas why?

Maybe now?

Full body hot stone massage. Also known as bliss! This was my Christmas present that I just finally got around to using. Totally worth the wait!


Eye exams for everyone but Kyla today. Kevin and Bryce are getting new glasses and Ethan is getting his first pair of glasses. New supply of contacts for me. I thought it was interesting what they use for the eye chart now.


Tonight and tomorrow morning ended the Daniel Bible study I've been leading. It was my second time through and it was great! Moving on to Beth Moore's Revelation after Spring Break.


Bryce had his piano recital tonight. He played three selections and was fantastic, even if I do say so myself! This is Bryce with his piano teacher Miss Michelle. (She also directed the church musical and is Bryce's Splash 45 teacher at church) We love Miss Michelle!!


Good Friday service at church. How thankful I am for the cross!


Guess what we did today?

Colored eggs! The kids each did their own dozen, so we have four dozen to eat or give away!

That was my week. Hope you had a great one too!


  1. great week, tori!!

    We are finishing up Daniel second time to lead!! I did not know she had a study on Revelation!! What is it called?

  2. What a busy & productive week! I'm glad your kids are so involved in music & theater - that kind of thing really helps as they get older...

  3. I am thinking of starting the Daniel study by Beth Moore... I am almost done with my current Bible study and looking for something new.

    Hot stone massage... not sure I would like that or not but I am sure it was great.

    Happy Easter!

  4. OHHHH -I want that massage... HEAVEN!!!

    I love kids plays on Christmas & Easter- so sweet to see the messages come from their mouths!

  5. Our two oldest have fond memories of roles in musicals as kids growing up. Esther is one of my favorite Bible stories, and Daniel a wonderful book to study. I've never been through a Beth Moore book yet.
    So good to hear of kids who are still taking piano lessons.
    Great week.

  6. What a great week you all had! Just a side note, some friends told me about a site that sells cheap prescription glasses that I'm going to try. With S&H my next pair of glasses will cost me $13. :)

  7. Wow How cool that they were in the plays. Neat experiences. Love the last photo of the egg color. We only did one dozen. We dont' really eat them.

  8. I'm completely distracted by your 'bliss' pictures. Oh. My. What a great gift!!

  9. My kids were in the Christmas play at our church so I know how hard yours must have worked. I think they practiced just as many months as yours too.

    Hope you like eggs!

  10. Wow. YOU had a busy week!!! Good think you had that nice hot stone massage thrown in there to keep you sane! (I've had one of those! Sooooooo wonderful.)