Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project 365-Week 15

This week was our Spring Break week. While we didn't vacation anywhere, we tried to do some fun things around here. Here's a peek at our week.


Happy Easter, He is Risen! This first picture is of Carrie, Rita and me. We are in small group, worship team, Bible study together and we took this as a shout out to Sara.

After church, we went to Mom & Dad's for dinner and an egg hunt. The kids always have fun and somehow there is always an egg that eludes them!

Kyla finding an obvious egg.

Ella had to look a little harder for this one.

After Mom & Dad's we came home and the kids got to hunt for their baskets here. I always write individual clues and then they have to figure them out to find the loot!

Ethan reading one of his clues.

Bryce had a horrible time finding this one! He didn't know that the bottom of the thermostat panel flipped down. That's where the clue was!!


I received a special gift today!

My first, "Mom, these are for you" flowers!!


Today was a special day in a different way for each of the kids.

Ella spent the night at A's house. (I think she looks like she is moving in!)

Kevin took Bryce and Ethan to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". (didn't get a picture, but they loved it!)

And I took Kyla to KidZoodles. What is that you wonder? Well here's what you do there...



SLIDE! (Do you see Kyla sticking out the entrance?)

And everything she did, I had to do too!! But I think she had a great time. What do you think?


Found this on Reese today...

It's a tick! YUCK!!


Mom & Dad took us all bowling today. We had a great time.

Ethan had just bowled a strike and he and Grandpa were enjoying the moment!


We had a new family picture taken today.


Today was Ella's first T-ball practice. This is her first time playing and she is very excited!

Running back from first base.

Hope you have had a great week!!


  1. I love the family portrait. The tic....yuck! I have removed about 12 of those from my children over the's always during this time of year, too. They are like splinters, though...... forces trust between parent and child.

  2. We both got flowers this week...precious!

    Great family shot!

    Oh, I wanted to thank you. I had to use your vinegar and water trick on gum this week. Normally I would just cut it out but it would have taken way too much hair. I was thankful I'd read your tip not too long ago. Worked great!

  3. MY PEEPS!!!! Oh I love this picture and miss you guys (you skinny guys!) so so much!!!! I am going to have to take this picture and put it on my desktop!!! hug each of their necks for me!

    love your Easter pictures!!! and time with each kids....a must!!!

    ticks are out already?!!! ugh! even the picture grosses me out!

    great week!

  4. Precious first wild flower gift!
    Ticks come mixed in with many woodsy blessings. ;)
    Great family pic.

  5. Love the basket hunt idea - may have to try that in a year or two.

    The tick is gross.

    The flowers are lovely!

    The bounce place looks like a BALL!

    And that is one proud girl roundin those bases!

  6. I have never seen a tick before. Yuck.
    Cute family picture.
    Love the clues to finding the baskets.

  7. EWW... I had a tick on me today too... they are apparently out in full force already!

    Love the new family picture!

  8. Looks like you made the most of your spring break!! So much fun! Except for that tick. yuck! I've yet to pull one off of one of our kids and I'm dreading the moment.
    And where is this KidZoodle place? I've never heard of it!
    Have another great week, Tori!

  9. hand-picked flowers are the best. really.

    i love the idea of a 'scavenger hunt' on easter. how fun.

    ticks... ewe. they scare me.

    bouncy places are fun {and a workout} for mom too. ;)

  10. Looks like you had a fun week! Spring break is usually fun though.

    My kids might get to play with official uniforms but we don't get to keep them. They have to be turned in at the end of the season.