Saturday, June 5, 2010

Project 365-Week 23

One week down of summer vacation and I haven't heard "I'm bored" yet! That within itself is a good week!!
We stayed busy with ball games and celebrations this week. Here is a peek.


Last week I showed you this....

...and told you I would tell you what it was for this week. That was the silverware that Carrie and I wrapped for a surprise 40th birthday party that I had been planning for my good friend, Jill. Her husband approached me almost a year ago saying he wanted to throw one and needed help. I was totally on it! The hardest part was how to get her there. Jill was having all of her family in for her daughter's birthday and she does not like to leave her family when they are. So what did I come up with? I told her that Kevin and I were renewing our vows, since we just celebrated our 15th anniversary and that it was a surprise for him. She totally ran with it, asking me if I would have flowers and what would I wear? We even went dress shopping!

Here she is after she realized what was happening...

And after blowing out her candles.

If you look close at the end of the table you will see some of the silverware. :)


Made this today for an impromptu cookout with Mom & Dad.

Triple Berry Trifle...YUMMY!!


Ella had a t-ball game today. While this is not an "action" shot, I thought it was cute!

Walking out to center field with a teammate.

And one of her fans reminding me what she think of Ella.


The kids were playing the Wii today and I looked around the corner to see this.

3 of them lounging on the couch together watching the other one play. Who do these children belong to? (and why do they always have red eyes?!)


These are the B.E.S.T. flip flops ever!!

They are made by TEVA and have arch support in them! I'm getting a funky tan line, but the comfort is so worth it! (and yes, I need to paint my toes!)


Went bowling today with our friends, the Lyons. There is a local alley that offers free bowling for kids during the summer, you just pay for shoe rental.
Here are the girls...

And the boys...

The adults bowled too, but no picture of us!


Today we went to two graduation open houses. One of them was for our oldest nephew Andy. This is a picture of all of the cousins from Kevin's side of the family together. (our 4 kids and his brother's 4 kids)

Andy is the one in the hat. I guess you're never too old to give goofy ears to your brother!

Hope you have had a great week!! And for those of you who guessed Ella was a flamingo in her Noah's Ark play, you were correct!


  1. I just love all the kid snuggle pictures...on the field, on the couch...precious.

    Great job on pulling off the surprise...that's not always easy to do. Looks like you blessed her and made great memories.

  2. What a sweet surprise! It looks like it went over well!
    Triple Berry Truffle - Yum!
    I love the pic of the girls walking out to the ballfield and the one of the kids on the couch - that is why we take pictures - to capture sweet moments like those (so we remember those ones when faced with some of the not-so-sweet ones!)
    Enjoy the summer break!

  3. Love the picture of them all together on the couch! Mine will do that once in a while too and surprise me.

    My old camera started doing a lot of red eyes just before it went kaput! Hopefully your is not about to quit on you.

    Teva makes a sandal with an arch?! I've never been able to wear Tevas because of my high arch. I can't wear flip flops for that matter either, so I usually stick with ugly sport sandals. I value my knees and hips more than my style. But I might just have to check out those cute little flip flops of yours if they have them at our local sports stores.

  4. What a fun surprise for your friend! And the cakes looked lovely - I wish I could have eaten some LOL. And the trifle - boy that looked REALLY delish!

    LOVE the picture of the girls headed out to center field. It should be on a greeting card or something...

  5. Everyone should have at least one surprise birthday party in their life :-) How fun to be able to help your friend with hers! Really love the photo of the teammates walking outfield together. Too cute! I'm looking for comfy sandals, will have to check out TEVAs. Lots of great photos from your week!

  6. Ethan wears the coolest shirts ever!

  7. Love a trifle, that looked amazing!

    Surprise parties are so fun! I know your friend will remember all your hard work and how special you made it for her!


  8. oh my - that triple berry triffle looks AMAZING!!!

    How sweet are those t-ball buddies!!

  9. Triple Berry Triffle looks fabulous... my mouth is watering...

  10. What a nice party for your friend! Surprises are fun. yummy triple berry.

  11. I love your impromptu dessert. I don't think i could make that if they gave me a week. lOL
    Cute graduation picture. Love the funny ears. Too cute.
    I knew those sandals were TEVA before you even told us. They do look comfy.

  12. What fun...a surprise 40th bday party! When I turned 30 (lots of years ago) my hubby and some of my friends threw me a surprise bday party for me and my girlfriends! So much fun! And love the free bowling thing! Very fun!

  13. Oh. my. Could the cuddle pictures be any cuter??

    What a friend you are! I know who to call if I ever need someone to pull something off like that! Dress shopping and all... love it!! Hubs is having a 40th this year, and I'm clueless.

    I love all the family time. Priceless!

    {I just wanted to say, your comments on my blog always make me smile. So sweet.} :)

  14. How sweet of you to do that for your friend!! And what a conspiracy you had going! Wow. Pretty cool.

    Oh, and I just love all the kid cuddling going on during your week!!! Just precious.