Saturday, June 12, 2010

Project 365-Week 24

This has been a fun week, with "camp" being the theme. All of the kids went to a type of camp at some point this week and we managed to fit a few other things in too. Here's a peek.....


Kyla used to be petrified of animals, especially ones that moved suddenly. Now...

..not so much! She is always on the floor with Reese, or tugging on him, chasing him, etc. Sometimes he lets her know that he is done with it, but for the most part he is very good with her!

Monday (there are a week's worth of pictures just today..sorry!)

Today Ethan left for Prairie Camp (church camp, 2 days and 1 night). Two of his friends spent the night at our house and I took everyone this morning.

Here they are cheesing in the van beforehand...

And once we were checked in, on the way to their cabin with a counselor.

The girls also went to camp today. Their camp was "Water Camp" at the pre-school, which lasts for 4 days, 4 hours a day.

After everyone was dropped off, I went and used a gift certificate from two of my Bible study friends for this.

They are finally painted!! (Thanks Amy and Kerri)

Then picked up the girls....

Took them to do this...

I really think children should be weighed pre and post picking!! I know they ate more than they picked!!


Went out for dessert with some of the teachers from Ella's pre-school. Here are some of the desserts that were consumed, or at least were attempted to consume!

All I can say is, YUM and I will regret this in the morning!


Today Bryce went to Prairie Camp. The older kids were staying 3 days and 2 nights.

Here he is heading to his cabin. On a side note, Bryce loves camp. He has gone every summer for many years and always has a hard time leaving camp. I am so thankful that he has had such great experiences there and made great friends and learned more about being the young man God created him to be!


Today was the last day of water camp for the girls. They LOVED it and made and did many fun things.

Kyla by her creations.

Ella with her treasures.

And the other big project today.....

Any idea what this is all over my shirt?

Maybe now?

Surely you guessed this...

We did the haircut again and it went a little better this time!! Well, except that I am soaking wet!


Remember Kyla on the floor with the dog? Here she is in another position with him..

This time they needed a blanket apparently.


We went to two more graduation open houses today. When we were leaving the second one, the rain came. Some of us ran to the van, others, well not so much!

Obviously I wasn't doing too much running because I needed this picture! Hope their shoes are dry in the morning.

Hope you have had a super week!!


  1. I still think that puppy is the cutest to exist! I saw Mrs. Chrobot this week. She actually came to Matt's graduation party and remembered everything about him!!! Can you believe she even remembered the theme that was taught during Abby's year at preschool? I think she is amazing! Looks like a little bit of a break and fun time for you with the boys at camp.

  2. summer camps are so fun! I only have one at summer camp this year, Jared will be going for a week of band camp up in Northwest Arkansas. He's also going on a mission trip with the youth.

    Sounds like you were in your car a lot, eh?

  3. I totally guess doggie hair. That dessert looked amazing and I have been wanting to take my kids to go berry picking forever. Not sure when I will get around to it...but soon.
    Hope camp goes well. How fun.

  4. OMGosh at the desert's! I'd call that sugar heaven!

    Great week!


  5. what WONDERFUL fun...and yummy...i want that choc'ly cookie w/ ice cream...looks to die for...and ESPECIALLY love the girls in the rain! adorable!

  6. Wow those desserts look awesome!

  7. Here I am on Day Two of being on plan with Weight Watchers & you post that picture of those desserts. Evil! Boy they look heavenly!

    Your girls are so cute! I'm glad they had fun at camp. Hope the boys have a good time too!

  8. Yay! for short camps {so we won't miss them too much *grin*} and pedis! I was correct! Reece hair... I'm impressed that you do this yourself. Such a cutie! {and I'm impressed with the whole bell story. ha!} Love the rain pic! Their smiles say it all... Sometimes you just have to cut-loose! :)

  9. My Gabriel (this week in a picture with a huge greyhound) was the same way about moving things! It's so nice to have that fear conquered.

    Yum. Love summer strawberry pickin'.

    Those desserts are HUMONGO!!

    That last pic is classic. Very cutely drenched.

  10. Cute pictures! Doggies don't sit still very easily so I'm surprised it wasn't much, much worse!