Saturday, June 19, 2010

Project 365-Week 25

What a soggy week it's been here! We still managed to get out and have some fun though. Here's a peek.


Whenever it is hot and humid with rain or storms, we will get some of these popping up in our backyard.

We call them toadstools and knock them down. Kyla thought the round ones looked like microphones!


Received this letter a few weeks ago for today...

Went and sat through the longest questioning process ever! I served just over two years ago and went through nothing like this. I was a second round candidate and was not chosen this time. (Insert sigh of relief here) When I came out I found this on the van.



Good day to go to the library today and sign up for the summer reading program. I love that my kids all love books and reading!!

When we came home Kyla was playing outside and then was coming up the back deck stairs and fell. She got a nasty scrape and goose egg on her chin. It was hard for her to keep the ice on it, so we got creative.

She thought that was pretty fun!


Today a couple of things happened that I am just not ready for. First, I watched a friend's boys while she went to the doctor. Her oldest is the same age as Ethan. After they left Ella drew this picture for him.

It's the two of them. Notice the hearts? When I asked her what they meant she said, "love". Ethan and Ella are like oil and water, so for a boy his age to treat her kindly was huge for her. I think we had a first crush!

The other thing I wasn't ready for today was this.

Do you know what this is? This is a reason I will have to wear heels or walk on my tippy toes the rest of my life! This has put me into denial. These two marks are Bryce and my height measurements. Let's just say mine is the one on the lower side. UGH!!! How is my 10 year old taller than me?!!!


These were the cause of much fit throwing, possible gnashing of teeth and a missed t-ball game.

Ella has MAJOR issues with socks. She is always complaining that they "feel funny" and it has been the source of major problems many mornings. Thankfully when it's warm, sandals are here and we're good, except when it's t-ball time. Tonight's episode was so bad that she had to call her coach to tell him she wouldn't be there. Oh please, let this pass before it gets cold again!


Some cute little legs getting dried off after being in the pool. Went this afternoon with good friends from our small group. Thankful for friends to play with, nice adult conversation and a cool refresher from the heat.


Do you like chocolate raspberry? It was time for some tonight.

Fooled you, huh? So thankful for a stylist who tells me exactly what to use and how to do it and for a mom that has a beautician's license and can get the products at dirt cheap prices! I have been doing this for a while now and can I just say that the salon price for hair color is ridiculous!

Hope you have had a super week!!


  1. seriously you got a parking ticket at jury duty?!!!! Please tell me they are going to let it slide!!!

    I don't think I have ever heard of a child who didn't like to wear socks!!! you tell my girl that they are good for her and will give her extra strength while playing.......hey, it might work!

    I tried to color my own hair ONE time....never again!!

  2. I cannot believe you got a parking good deed goes unpunished. Cute kids and I also have a son who is a heck of a lot taller than me...sigh. I know so many people who have "sock issues" very odd to me. Love those mushrooms and I think they look like golf balls on tees.

    Great week

  3. I've always loved knocking over toadstools.

    I'll bet they've got things rigged to lure people down to the courthouse (for a jury summons) just to get some parking tickets out of it! (I'm such a cynic.)

    Love summer reading and cute, swimmy legs.

    Sorry about the whole sock thing. Kids are weird that way. I have one who is gradually eliminating all fruits out of her diet because of TEXTURE. Nothing with peels, nothing soft and squishy, nothing tart, nothing too crispy, nothing with seeds, etc. I'm not sure at this point if I'll survive it...

    Ooooh. I used to color my hair. The cost alone drove me away. I just can't do it anymore.

  4. I'm trying to decide what to do with my hair (I color it myself). Should I go lighter for summer? Darker to match my roots? Gray to match my gray? Just not do anything at all? Hmmm.

    My brother was SUPER picky about socks. He would only wear the kind with the seam over the top of the toes - not the ones where the seam is across the front of the toes. The ones pictured are the kind he WOULD wear.

    I laughed out loud about your 10 year old being taller than you. I'm sorry - it's just funny to me.

  5. a TICKET????? Seriously? After you do your civic duty... that's just wrong...

    That mushroom looks huge! Those other ones look like a golf ball on a tee to me! :)

    Have you tried toeless socks? Is it something about the "feel" or the texture? I know I used to freak out having my toes covered...

  6. That is so not fair that you got a parking ticket while you summoned for jury duty...just sayin'...that stinks :P
    And love the picture where they are all sitting and reading! The picture with the hearts is the cutest, although I can relate how that can turn into a heart attack!

  7. My kids love those mushrooms - they call them umbrellas!
    Ugh - jury duty! The only time I actually had to go in I was pregnant! Sometimes it is good be big and emotional, no one wants you for a juror!
    Jake always had an issue with socks, but eventually outgrew it . . . don't miss that at all!
    Not looking forward to that day when I can look my son(s) straight in the eye or have to look up! Do they really have to grow up?!
    Those legs are too cute!
    Looks like more rain this week!

  8. Oh no ... a ticket...that is horrible!

  9. chocolate Raspberry sounds like a color i would love for my hair. Very cool. I love doing my own color. So much cheaper.
    We have some mushrooms like that in our back yard.
    Sorry for the sock issues. I used to have to cut all the tags out of my oldest's clothes...but she got over that. Thank God.

  10. A parking ticket at jury duty? Seriously?
    Okay... the height? I feel for you. We're still looking for the pause button on our girls. They grow up too fast.
    And the socks!! I. have. been. there. :)
    Hope Kyla is all better now! Sweet girl... what a beautiful smile!
    What better way to spend mother/daughter time, eh? I color my own hair too. Shhhh... ;)