Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project 365-Week 26

I can't believe we are halfway through the year!! I am so thankful I have stuck with this project and have a reminder of each day. Here's a look at what we did this week.


Happy Father's Day!! Ethan had made gifts for Kevin before school ended and did a great job putting them in a safe place and then remembering to get them out! One of the items was a sheet with things that were special about dad.

Take a close look at #6...

I was crying. What 7 year old writes that? Obviously mine does, and I am so thankful for his heart!!

We had Kevin's parents over for dinner. Here are "the dads" with the kiddos.


Swimming lessons started for the older 3 kids today. Here is a peek of our view each day for the next two weeks.

Kyla either looks like that, watching intently or she is busy snapping random pictures the whole time!


Today was Ella's last t-ball game. First let me point out her lovely sock choice.

It may look silly but there was NO battle!!

She received a ball and trophy for playing.

I think she was just as excited about the Popsicles they got that day!!


The boys love to play cards, so today Kevin and I played "Golf" with them.


Today was the last day of the Revelation study I've been doing. It was a great study!


The girls went to A's birthday party today. Carrie's sister-in-law brought 2 horses for the kids to ride. The kids were thrilled and the girls loved it!!

Thanks for a great time Carrie (not to mention the pressure to have horses at our house!)

Tonight we decided to go out for dinner. With Kevin not working we are trying to be frugal, but just needed to get out. We went here...

We ordered and an hour and a half later we still had no food! Our waitress and the manager were very accommodating and apologetic and we ended up getting our whole meal, for a family of 6, FREE!! Thank you Lord for providing us a night out and giving our kids patience when they were hungry!!


Today Bryce had his first playoff game. His team had the best record going in, but unfortunately today they just couldn't pull it off. They ended up losing, so his season is over.

We are very proud of him and his improvement this season!

Hope you have had a great week and have some great memories of the first half of your year too!!


  1. we love to play golf!!! of course we love just about any game! ha!

    so where were you at dinner? I don't recognize the place. oh wait, is it red robin? when did you get one of those there?!

  2. Whoo HOOO for a free dinner! Worth the troubles!

    That answer on the Father's day fill in is nothing but precious! That's a good example of a father right there!

    I am totally digging those socks!

  3. I love the "Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Dad"

    I can't believe you waited so long for your food... sad to say but I am not sure I would have been so patient.

    Our friends taught us "Golf" once but it;s been so long ago I don't remember it at all.

  4. That looks like Red Robin - one of my FAVORITE places!

    I'm glad Ella managed to find some socks that worked for her LOL.

  5. What an awesome father's day list, for mother's day I got a book of poems from my 9 year old....made me cry! and Red Robin is a fav place of ours too! Adn golf is such a fun game! Looks like a great week!

  6. I love that Ethan wrote that he loves to hear his Dad sing songs that praise Jesus. My Model does things like that. She is my little light at school.
    Loved the socks. Too cute.
    We love Red Robin and for free...even better!

  7. Love the sock choice. ;) My Gracie would be so jealous of the horses... she LOVES them. And I will have to remember the daddy list. Such a great way to document their thoughts. Love his answers. Too cute!!

  8. I adore that "Top 10" Father's Day list. Precious, precious. That's one of those things you have to keep in a special place forever.

    Yay for horses! Looks like they loved it.