Saturday, July 10, 2010

Project 365-Week 28

Why is is that summer days and weeks all just blend together? Here we are halfway through summer (as my 10 year old keeps reminding me). School supplies are already out in the stores, crazy! We had a fun's a peek.


4th of July! We had Mom & Dad come over to cookout, campfire style. We made these.

We call them "pudgy pies". I have made these since I was a young girl at Girl Scout camp.

Here's a pizza one being put together.

Ella is making a lemon pie here.


Do your kids get a kick out of flatulence? Oh, mine do! This stuff is something that brings Kyla much joy.

Noise Putty! It's slimy and when you push your fingers in it, well, it makes "that" noise.

She got to giggling so much, it was contagious!


Today we went bowling. We have a local alley that does a "Kids Bowl Free" program during the summer and some gracious friends got a pass for Kevin and I to bowl too. This is how Ella dressed to go.

Since socks are required for bowling, and we all know how she LOVES socks (NOT!), I didn't care what she had on!

After bowling we went to visit Kevin's grandma. She is turning 90 next week and is one of the most gracious, energetic and fun ladies! Here are the kids with Great Grandma Miller.


Today Ella had A spend the night. We decided to head to the pool after dinner to wear everyone out! We also had our friends the Lyons meet us there.

The girls!

Ethan in action!


This came today...

I hope it lives up to all the hype Sara has given it! I just want to draw your attention to the rule book, with Almanac. Are you serious? This game might be too much for me!


We have a mystery plant growing in the front yard.

We discovered it with a huge bloom. It now has some more. Could it be pumpkin? Ethan said he threw some pumpkin seeds out there last year, but not sure. What a fun surprise!


I went and picked Bryce up from a sleep over and we were going to run to Meijer to grab a few things. When we walked in there was a sign about Dan LeFevour being there from 2:00-3:00 for an autograph session. For those of you who don't know who he is, Dan LeFevour was the Chicago Bears quarterback pick. Bryce is a HUGE Bears fan! He begged me to stay. I called home and let Kevin know and we waited almost 2 hours, second in line, for this.

The coveted autograph on the hat, and then....

Oh. My. Stars! I had the happiest boy ever!! Here's hoping Dan LeFevour has a great career with the Chicago Bears!

Hope you have had a great week too!!


  1. pudgy pies!!! I love them!!! I so miss having a campfire in the summer!!

    I looked at Ella's picture before I read your caption and thought "wow, she's wearing socks!" :)

    Bryce looks so happy!!! that is very cool and you are a great mom to wait 2 hours. Of course I waited 2 hours for the pioneer woman so I guess that's even! ha!

    see you soon!!!

  2. Looks like a great week at the Yoder house. That plant reminds me of our cucumber or squash plants - but I'm pretty clueless. It's probably pumpkin.

    That's great that Bryce got to meet Mr. LeFevour!

  3. Tori! What a wonderful week! Your summer is flying by because you're having so much fun!! I love the picture of Ella in her socks! If you have to wear socks, stripes are the best choice! And that game... I thought about buying it after Sara's review. Let me know how your family likes it. It looks like quite a commitment!
    Hey, and thanks for your prayers this week. It was a whirlwind for all of us, but your prayers were a great encouragement.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  4. I have enjoyed reading about your week, what fun you all have! And how neat that your son got an autograph from a player on a team he loves, too cool. Pudgy pies look yum!
    The Texas Patties have peanuts and tons of sugar, they are a sweet/salty treat and very delicious. Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  5. That is so neat meeting the quarter back. My son would have been in heaven too. Those pudgy pies look good too. How cool. Love the goggles picture. He is adorable jumping.
    We bowled too this week. Was yours free?

  6. Thanks for your visit to my blog!
    I went back and caught up with yours.
    Love all the pictures and the great summer family fun they represent.
    S'mores, that's something we haven't had yet with Amaia. And I had totally forgotten about pudgy pies. I think we have those utensils somewhere in the attic.
    We dug out Settlers and began to relearn it during the camping trip, but have yet to really get into it. DIL says it is not a camping game.
    Nerts was tricky too because every time the wind picked up we had to pause and hold down the cards. FYI it is like playing solitaire but in a group. It can be wild, great fun!
    I am so inspired to be an active fun grandma like Gt. Grandma Miller! My Mother is 89, also energetic.
    About the mystery plant--looks like some sort of squashy-type. BTW, what do you get when you plant watermelons and pumpkins too close?

  7. That's so cool that your hubby's grandma is still alive. Have you taken a 4 generations picture with her?

    My son totally is becoming a sports fanatic so he'd have begged me to stay too!

  8. Oh my lands. What a great, summer-fun week! We recently discovered slime-toots in our new game, Totally Gross. Too funny.

    *Welcome to the spike-y legs club! ;)

  9. Pudgy pies, fart sounds, fun socks, and big smiles - one of my favorite posts! PS. If he said he threw some pumpkin seeds I bet it's pumpkin. They resemble cucumber, squash plants and I know they can make it through the winter because it happened to me. Best Wishes Cinderella.

  10. You are such a good mom to stay at the store waiting for two hours. Very sweet.

    Love Ella's outfit! Doesn't bother me either how my kids go out in public...its all part of the growing and learning process. The other day I told my five year old that what she was planning to wear didn't match. She said, "Mom, I don't have to match EVERY day." And well...who says you do, right?