Saturday, July 17, 2010

Project 365-Week 29

This week went by so fast. We were busy doing projects, going places, and we were short two kids for most of it. Here is a look at how we passed the time.


This afternoon, I worked on weeding. We live in the house that I grew up in, and while we love our home, there is much work that needs to be done in updating and maintenance. Weeding and ripping things out was one of those tasks.

This was all from the South end of our house. Pulled out irises that had spread everywhere, weeds, pricker bushes, etc. Then later this week Kevin removed that bush.

Then this evening we decided to try and play Settlers of Catan. Probably not the best idea since it was late, the boys were leaving in the morning and then there are the rules. We didn't even make it past the set up, but I was productive with my pieces!


This morning Grammie and Grandpa showed up around 8:30 to pick up the boys. They were taking them to the Wisconsin Dells all week!

Right before they got in the car.

Heading out. See you Friday!

Then this afternoon I got to meet with a special group of ladies for lunch. We were all meeting to visit with Sara, who was here visiting in Indiana. For those of you who participate in Project 365, you may recognize a couple of faces here.


Today I took Reese over to Lori's house to meet her dog Casey. We have wanted to get them together for a while. The meeting went ok, but let's just say that Reese is a 9 month old, hyper puppy and Casey, well he's not. Casey was very tolerant but just didn't want to play. You know, kind of like making a kindergartner play with a 3rd grader, they just don't have much use for each other! :)

We will try again in the future.


Today was a very fun day! Kevin and I took the girls to Brookfield Zoo. We figured since the boys were doing something special, the girls needed to also!

We saw a kangaroo with a HUGE pouch!

A very interesting giraffe.

(You actually looked through this giraffe to see the real ones. Then you walked around to see them up close)

Marveled at the size of the polar bear.

Wathced the bears swim right in front of us. This was one of the highlights for all of us!

The grizzly.

The polar bear. Notice the polar bear's head. Then look for it's body under the water. It looks like they are not attached! The way the sun was shining and the reflection of the water made it look like he was decapitated. Kevin and I got a huge kick out of this.

A papa caring for his young.

And so much more! After we left we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed home. Within 15 minutes this is what I saw.

I would say it was a great day!


Do you remember when malls used to have Glamour Shots? The studios where they gave you a big makeover, dressed you up and then did a little photo shoot? I never had it done, but was given the opportunity today.

Here was the makeup kit.

After they used that, did my hair and accessorized me, I had a picture taken. Here is the result.

I don't know that it would be a good everyday look. Kind of reminds me of "Mimi" from "The Drew Carey Show". Oh well, it was free and I was honored to have two young aspiring makeup artists chose me!


While we are on the subject of makeup, the girls wanted to do their own for play today. I got everything out and then had to go to an appointment. Kevin was home with them, what could go wrong?

I'm not sure who got the worse end of the deal, me yesterday or them today. At least they are consistent!

The boys arrived home safely and talking a mile a minute about everything they did and all the fun they had!! The noise level in our home has returned to a much higher decibel level!

Just a couple of the many things they did while gone!


When I was in middle school, while waiting in the lunch line,my friends and I would play poker with our lunch money. We would look at the serial numbers and see who had pairs, full houses, flush, etc. (we didn't actually do this for money, but to pass the time) Well, my small brain still does this when waiting in lines, etc. Today I had three one dollar bills and was looking at "my hand". Do you see what I saw?

The serial numbers are consecutive. I was amazed! (I know, I need to get out more.) I had to take a picture to show Kevin, and subsequently, you. So sorry!

I hope you have had a great week, perhaps had a makeover with better results or even won at a game of poker!


  1. what a great week. It really does sound like lots of fun. My cousins vacation at the Dells and love it. glad the boys had a great time.
    Love your make up and I am so jealous that you got to meet so many blogging friends. How fun.

  2. I don't even look at my money but if I noticed that I'd probably take a picture of it too! Looks like the boys had a blast and I sooo love the picture of the polar bear, too funny!

  3. oh, I wish I had had time to teach you how to play settlers!!! It's so much easier to learn if someone can teach you. call if you ever have questions, but you need several hours to play a full game!

    I loved seeing you! thank you again for setting up the lunch. I just wish I had had more time to see everyone individually....ugh!

  4. hahaha -- love the consecutive serial numbers and that you noticed!
    You mean that's not how makeup is supposed to look? It's exactly how mine looks on the rare occasion I put it on :)
    Have a great week!

  5. The reunion ladies' lunch must have been so very special.
    Never thought of looking at serial numbers on dollars, now I will begin to take notice.
    I loved all your zoo pics.
    One thing to be said about the makeover--colorful!
    And that can be a good thing.
    Have an equally vibrant week!

  6. You had a straight! I never carry cash so I can't play that game - but I'll have to tell Dr. M about it.

    Love the makeover! That's actually a very pretty color of lipstick, but overall the effect was a little... pink. Heh.

  7. worked on weeding--I soooo need to do this.

    Settlers of Catan--gotta get this...
    Brookfield me some zoo
    and polar bears.
    Makeup artists...indeed!!
    Love the poker idea!

  8. That glamor shot make up is AWESOME!!! haha!!!

    I cant believe that kangaroo pouch! Awesome picture op there!

    love the bears...

    Ahh - knocked out asleep in the car... looks so peaceful!

  9. Love the make over and I loved Mimi!! I have relatives in the Dells and had so much fun there growing up. I still look like that in the car after a long day...ha ha. Very curious about that game???

    Have a great week and I enjoyed your pictures


  10. I love all of the zoo pictures... especially the kangaroo. Too cute! Looks like great family fun! And the makeovers? Where do I begin? Glam.our!! :)

  11. Ha ha! Your post this week is hilarious! I love all the quirky photos: the board game, the make-up shots, the poker money. :) You're funny. I ADORE that kangaroo...and the cutie-pies in its pouch!

    It is obvious y'all are having such a fun summer. Good for you!