Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project 365-Week 30

Another week gone by already? I love that I have a moment from each day so far this year, because it is going by so quickly, this brain would never remember everything! Here's a look at the week.


Today would have been my dad's 82nd birthday. He passed away almost 10 years ago. For some reason today this hit me like a ton of bricks. I got super emotional and had to leave and go here....

I haven't been to his grave site since he died. I just never felt I needed to go, because it's a stone and my memories are what matter. Today I needed to go. I miss him very much and I miss that he didn't get to know his grandchildren. Nothing like a good cry and some praying to make you feel better.


Today I took the girls on some errands. Ella needed a bang trim, so first stop was the salon. My stylist puts something very special in the girls hair whenever they are there.

Can you see all of the glitter? Oh my...they LOVE it! Let me just say it takes several washings to get it out, which I think they love even more.

While we were driving from place to place we were playing the cloud game. The sky was perfect for it today.


Kyla has taken a huge step over the past week or so. She can now swing all by herself! She is so very proud and we are impressed because she's 3 1/2. I finally caught a picture of her doing it. I wish you could see her face, but I like that this shows no one is pushing her.


A while ago the girls planted some morning glories along the fence. While they have been excited to watch it come up there had been no blooms....until now!

Everyday there have been a few more. I have noticed that then they disappear. Do these flowers bloom and then fall off or is something eating our flowers?


Here is another huge bloom on the "mystery plant" in the front yard.

I still have no idea what it is or how it got there, but it hasn't died yet.


Today I took Ethan out on a date. We went to lunch, to get school shoes, etc. (I did this with Bryce earlier this week) Ethan wanted root beer and they only had it in the bottle. I told him he could get it this one time, but that there wouldn't be any refills.

He was very happy. And then after a few drinks....

He wiped his mouth, with the back of his hand mind you and said, "I feel like a man." Seriously? Why? Where does this boy come up with this stuff? :)


Today was Kevin's birthday. We celebrated with a yummy breakfast, a lazy day and then to Mom and Dad's for dinner. He requested her homemade meatballs and his standard cake, cherry chip.

Happy birthday!

After cake we taught the kids how to play dominoes. We thought it would be something we could all do together. It was interesting with so many playing, but we had fun!

Always fun to see what the pattern will look like too!

I hope you have had a super week and that you enjoy your last week of July!!!


  1. Tori - looks like you had a busy week!
    I don't think the loss of a parent ever lessens . . . I can't even imagine.
    The sparkles are great, what a great stylist and we frequently play the cloud game!
    I love the boy with the root beer - too funny!
    Oh, and your mystery plant looks like some type of squash?!

  2. What a great week! I loved the morning glories and the glorious sky! Ethan looked like he enjoyed his one on one time with you... My kids always think that is special too. Have a great week my fri!

  3. what a beautiful sky!!!

    do you know I've never played dominos... I wanna learn...

    nothing like swinging... I still love to do it myself

  4. Love the sky picture! Ethan is a hoot! I hate to tell him he has a way to go - but I think he'll probably be good at being a man when he gets there.

    I lost my mom 5 years ago - she was 62 when she died of cancer. It still amazes me how grief will just sneak up & hit me over the head at the most random times! I'll be fine on her birthday, but some random Tuesday in July I'm crying in my car on the way to work...

  5. We enjoy a good game of dominoes around here from time to time. Lots of fun!

    It's so funny how the heart brings people and feeling to the surface when you least expect them. Some days I miss my grandma so very much it just hurts my heart. I am glad you had that time to go and process all those feeling.

    Great week in pictures!


  6. I feel like a man? Seriously funny. Ha! Swinging all by herself... Such a great milestone. I'm sure she was proud. Happy birthday to your hubs!

    So sorry about missing your dad, (((((Tori))))).

  7. Good for you, capturing those moments helps trigger one's memory for other surrounding events.
    Which leads to--you never know what might trigger buried/forgotten/hidden/treasured/latent memories.
    Reliving them can be therapeutic.
    I love morning glories and that photo is gorgeous!