Sunday, July 4, 2010

Project 365-Week 27

Happy 4th of July!! I hope that you are able to find some time to relax, have fun and celebrate your freedom!
We had a good's a look.


Small group tonight. I love our small group! Tonight the kids were doing things that I found picture worthy.

Cupcakes with blue icing were an invitation for A to put it all over his face! What better way to enjoy a cupcake?! And then this treat was found....

This is Reese's water bowl. S thought he would make a special treat for him. One tennis ball, kibble and lots of rocks. YUM!


Today Ethan had his playoff game for Coach Pitch. Unfortunately his team lost, so his season is over now. Here is Ethan and his buddy M, with their medals.

Everyone is done with ball now, so we say goodbye to Gatorade, concession stands and funky ball park tans.

The shoes are comfy, but they leave a funny tan line!


Today the girls helped me make cinnamon rolls. We gave many pans away! Then tonight we had a campfire. Guess what we made....

Daddy helping them get it "just right"!

This is the way they like them.

(Notice Reese trying to "see" Kyla's!)

This is the way I like my S'more.

The blacker, the better!! I actually took this back to the fire and burnt it more. I have done this ever since I was a young girl. Not sure why, but I love it!!

After all the work at the fire Daddy was worn out. Luckily some lovely maidens came to his rescue.


I am not a green thumb at all. A friend asked if I wanted some tomato plants, so I said sure. Thought it would be fun for the kids. She also gave me a couple of "mystery" plants. It is blooming, but I have no idea what it is. Maybe cucumber or zucchini? Does anyone know?


Started a new Bible study this morning.

I did this one a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. We are also going through Psalms on Sunday mornings, so this will be perfect!


Took the dog on a car ride today. He is doing better with it, but still gets way too excited!

He's watching for the boys to come get in.

When we were at home, I found this in his crate.

We were playing hide and seek. Good hiding Kyla!!


Spent the day cleaning today. Reese still can't stand the vacuum. He grabbed it many times and tried to tug it and his barking goes to a really high pitch when it comes out.

Kevin was changing the bag for me when I shot this. Crazy puppy!

Have a super week!!


  1. That looks a lot like a picture I posted last week - ours is yellow crook necked squash. But I'm not a gardener either so I could be wrong!

    Love the cupcake pictures - I've been craving them this weekend, but we seem to keep getting fudge instead :)

    The pic of the girls taking care of daddy was too cute.

  2. see you need to take your shoes "off" at the park while you are sitting there so you don't get those tan lines!!!

    I knew we were friends for a reason...I love my smores black too!! :) could work!

    see you soon!

  3. The cupcake face and sandal tan lines cracked me up!

    That looks like a great bible study. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it.

    I had to laugh at your dog attacking the vacuum. Our dog actually runs and hides and shakes like a leaf in a windstorm when she sees the vacuum come out.

  4. Those tan lines are awesome! haha!

    I'm not a fan of marshmellows, but mmmmmm - those smores look yummy!!!

  5. You had some really great pictures this week. I love the blue lips...too cute. The smores look absolutely delicious and your plant is growing great. I sure hope mine are ok. I need to get to the garden to water them. It has been two days.

  6. I love the pics of your family and the smores! We all love a good smore! The dog trying to get in on the fun-too cute!
    Ok, so the tan lines - very funny! And we have pics of our kids trying to fit in our dogs kennel - why do they think it is so fun?
    Have a great week!

  7. My guess is cucumber but zucchini, squash and even pumpkin are similar.

    Love you guys!!!!

  8. That's one well-loved tennis ball!! ;)

    LOL!! Your tan line is hilarious! The good news is you've obviously gotten some sun this summer!

    That looks like some sort of squash to me.

    I'm doing "Stepping Up" right now, too. On my own. I bought it after a Beth Moore simulcast. I was just itching to do another of her studies. My church hasn't done one of Beth's studies yet. Anyway, I like it so far.

    Ooooh. I'd be so claustrophobic in that crate!!