Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project 365-Week 38

Oh my, week 38. This week was so much better than last week! Thank you for your encouragement! First a few answers to some questions from last week. Bryce's candles were in Twix bars. Java Twix bars to be exact. Last week was not my birthday. I just meant that it was week 37, like I am 37. My birthday is in January.
Ok, so on to this week......


A much needed family day after the crazy week we had. Bryce got to pick a place to eat after church, since we didn't do that on his birthday. He picked Ryan's Steakhouse. Imagine that, an 11 year old boy picking an all you can eat buffet!! While we were walking in I noticed this shadow and made everyone stop.

It's my whole family together!! Hooray!!


Today was a monumental day for Kyla. It was her first day of pre-school. I was at work, but Kevin did a great job and even got all the traditional 1st day photos for me.

She has all 3 things she was supposed to take; her backpack, her name tag and her smile!

Right before one of the teachers got her out of the van. She was so excited!! She will go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. When I got home she was jumping up and down, telling me, "School was great! School was great!"


Ella really wants to be able to hang upside down and flip on the rings of the swing set. I was helping her when this was taken.

Then I decided to show her again. (I have shown her many times)

Never thought someone would capture me doing this!


Today Ella pulled out one of her teeth, all by herself!

Then while I was at work I learned that another tooth had been lost. This time by Ethan.

It's the top right as you look at him.

Then, I came home from Bible study and guess what happened? Ella pulled out another one!! Two for her in one day!!!

I guess it is a good thing I am working, because today was an expensive day at our house!


Do you use this?

I love my wooden spoons! They are great for so many things, safe for my pans, and apparently they are great for dogs too.

Really Reese? Is there anything you won't eat?

And tonight Ethan embarked on a new adventure.

We have a Cub Scout here! He was mesmerized by the uniform. It was hilarious! Now how to sell all that popcorn?


I worked today and when I got off I felt terrible. Dizzy, nauseous, etc. I came home and went straight here.

It took most of the evening to feel better. Never got literally sick, but sure felt awful. Part of it was probably from not eating and possibly just being tired? Who knows, but don't want to feel like that again anytime soon!


After work tonight, I met up with the family at Sam's Club to pick up some things for small group. (they were on the way home from a birthday party run) Got the kids ice cream while Kevin ran through and picked up the few things we needed.

Where else can you get that whole cup full of ice cream for .97?

See, much less of a sob story this week, right? So thankful for more time with the family this week and the pictures to prove it! Hope you have had a great week too!!


  1. What a fun, creative family pic! Love it.

    Hanging upside down, too? You're such a fun mom! Oh... and that is one busy Tooth Fairy!

    Seriously... Reese cracks me up! Ha!

    Hope you are feeling much better!!

  2. Great week. Wow the tooth fairy was busy at your house...that has happened to us as well! And how exciting...first day of preschool. And I must say that you ROCK on the rings!! lol

  3. What a great batch of pictures, Tori! I love love love the first one of your shadows! It's like modern day silhouette art.
    Kyla's old enough for pre-school?! Time passes too quickly. But she looks ready and cute as a button!
    And look at you on those rings, girl! That's a definite mom award moment, plus the fact that you kept the pictures and shared them! You're awesome!
    I'm glad you had a better week. I hope this week is another great one!

  4. great week, Tori!!

    I love the shadow picture!

    and girl, your skills on those rings are impressive!!

    I can't believe your dog ate the spoon....that would be grounds for extermination in my house! ha! you don't touch my cooking utensils!!

  5. I'm with everyone else - VERY impressed by your ring skills!

    Kyla is so cute all excited for school - hope she never loses that.

  6. We had a lost tooth this week too, just one though, not three!

    Do all Sam's Club food court tables look the same? Just mildly curious cuz' ours look the same as yours :)

  7. Well I hope you are feeling better!

    Love all those toothless photographs!

    and way to go mom for being so limber and brave and hanging upside down.

    How many tins of popcorn did I buy over the years, how many pack meeting did I go to, how many camping trips did I shiver through???

    It was great fun until the appeal wore off! I wanted my boy child to go on to get his eagle but sadly he lost interest about the time he entered middle school!

    I hope he keeps up with it! Scouting really is a wonderful organization!


  8. NOT a bad week at all!!!
    Lots of teeth flying at your house and Momma too...on the swing set!

  9. What a super fun busy week. I love the picture of the shadow family. That is awesome. My favorite so far.
    Love how excited and all smiles Kyla was for her first day of preschool.
    Yeah for missing teeth. Love toothless grins.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Way to go on the rings...I'm impressed.

  10. Great shadow photo. I have one coming up this week.
    Busy tooth fairy! I'm curious, how much does she leave nowadays?
    Five-year old grandson kept loosening & pulling his teeth intentionally!
    I'm enjoying this mini-vacation opportunity to catch up on blogs a bit!