Sunday, September 26, 2010

Project 365-Week 39

Another week gone by. Wow, this year is going by quickly!! Here is a peek at the week.


Went to church, then home. I was on call for work but didn't have to go, so back to church for a meeting. On the way home this was the sky.

I loved the blue sky peeking through! Just like God peeks through our lives and situations.


Houston, we have a reader!!

She had been recognizing sight words and starting some reading, but has really taken off now! So very proud of her! Here's the way someone else looked during the time.

I couldn't resist Kyla's expression!!

Also put up some Fall decorations today.

In case you are wondering, there is an "e" on Welcome, it is just hiding behind the leaves. I Love Fall!!!


We have our first middle school progress report. Drum roll please,

Not too shabby I would say!

I also got a great surprise today! We have been doing a little updating in our house here and there as we can. (We live in the house I grew up in, so a little updating and TLC is necessary!) Anyway, we used to have these hideous 70's mirrors in the entry. Our wonderful friend and master carpenter, jack-of-all trades, Barry put this up for us.

We now have beautiful wood and then Kevin put up the hooks! (Insert Hallelujah Chorus here) Now I have to decide if we will paint it and the entry or just stain or seal it? Any suggestions?


I have been on these a lot lately.

I have been interviewing for the full time assistant store manager of Crazy 8. I have gone through 2 rounds of phone interviews and there are 2 more from what I am told. Again, not how I thought provision would look, but who I am I to question how God is providing during this season?


Someone needed a haircut....

He is getting much better about this. He might actually be enjoying a part of it.

All I can say is, pathetic! :)


We had a cool full moon tonight. Want to see what a great job I did capturing it?

Or perhaps this will show it better?

Let's just say that Tori should not try to take pictures while driving ever again!


A little while ago I received a Target gift card from H-Mama for winning a contest at her blog. (I was so excited to win something!) I had been trying to decide what to get with my gift card and this is what I came up with.

Oh be still my heart! I need new pans desperately!! I love to cook and have the original pans from when I got married 15 years ago. My pans are T-Fal, you know, all the rage back then. Well, they are in bad shape. All of the coating is gone, everything sticks and a few are even bent or have broken lids. So, as I am able to, I am starting to replace a pan at a time. Thank you H-Mama...You rock!!

Hope you have had a super week and that your September is wrapping up well! "See you" in October! :)


  1. Sounds like a full week. Isn't it funny how we get so excited about housewares like pans... With guys it is usually tools or sporting equipment.... Have a great week!!!

  2. I love your moon pics. Too funny! It was great to see you this morning!

  3. How funny...I was married over 12 years ago and still have the TFal pans that I registered for!! They have seen better days. Love your new pan...fancy. Those hooks are great...I really need some of those in my front foyer by the door...would clear up so much clutter. Great job on that progress report...whoo hoo! And love your fall decor. I am not one to decorate for all...we are not home much so i don't even think about it. Hope you have a great week

  4. Look at those grades!!! Awesome!

    I love the hooks with the back packs... anything that organizes, I love!!!

    I so desperatly need new pots & pans myself!! I'm pretty sure what I'm cooking on - it CANT be healthy! :)

  5. 1. Love taking pictures of the clouds.

    2. I vote for stain!

    #. Cookware is always a good choice. It's on my Birthday and Christmas wish list this year!

    Wonderful week!


  6. Love the fall decorations - we put our fall flag out, but that's all we've done. Your girls are SO cute! I remember how the whole world opened up to me when I learned to read.

    I like the natural look on the wood - but if it doesn't match the rest of that area then I guess you can stain it :)

  7. Lovely smiles and great learning going on!
    The improved staircase reminds me of our first home in the USA 27 years ago and the work we did there. Just saw the house again and sad to see it abandoned and in disrepair.

  8. Isn't it funny how we still have things from when we first married? {I won't show you my bedroom set, from 18 yrs ago. Yeah, it's not purdy. ha!}

    Driving and picture taking... that made me giggle. ;)

    So glad you were able to get something you needed with the gift card! Sounds like it was meant for you. :)

    When it comes to wood, I know I'm not the majority when I say paint... but I tend to like that look better. Although, stain would be better for taking scuffs from backpacks? The scuffs would only add to the character. Hmmm...

    Hoping with you for good results from those interviews!