Saturday, September 4, 2010

Project 365-Week 36

I can't believe it is September already! The weather even turned cooler here the past couple of days and it feels like Fall. Personally, I love it! We had a good week, here is a peak.


Today we had our annual outdoor celebration at church. Instead of 3 services indoors, we all combine outside for one large celebration. I was on to sing this week. This is what it looked like after we left the stage.

After the celebration, lunch is served and then lots of fun and games. It was a super hot day, but fun.


The girls have been making craft projects lately. Today they worked with clay and this is what they made.

Super cute and fun!

Also took in this sight this evening (5:30ish).

I just love seeing the sun beams break through like that. It always makes me think of God breaking through every situation.


Piano resumed again and we have a new student here.

Ethan began lessons too! He is so excited!! Both boys are taking from our beloved Miss Michelle. Hooray music!!


I saw this today and couldn't believe my eyes!

This tree is at the corner of our street. It has totally changed colors to this brilliant yellow. I guess it knew September started today and was getting ready for Fall!


Today was a milestone for Ella. Well, maybe not a milestone. Did you ever play hand clapping games with friends when you were a kid? You know like, See See My Playmate or Down Down Baby? Or perhaps the McDonald's Big Mac song? Well I taught Ella See See My Playmate. (With Kevin's help...yes, he can do them all too!)

It was so fun teaching her this and doing it with her. Maybe now we'll move on to a more "advanced" one!


Kyla and I had lunch with our special friend Kris and her little guy, "A" today. On the way to lunch Kyla was telling me what the clouds looked like. Guess what she said this one was. (the top one)

She said, "It's a chicken with a bone in it." She meant a drumstick. I was cracking up!
At lunch Kyla took this picture of "A".

He is a lot of fun!!


Today is Ella's birthday!! I can't believe she is 6 already. She opened presents this morning...

...and then we had cake at dinner.

For those of you doing Project 365, I thought you might enjoy this picture. WARNING: This is immediately after Ella was born, so she isn't super blood though!

That is our Project 365 hostess, Sara holding Ella when she was born. Sara was with us for the delivery and even cut the cord.

Happy birthday my sweet Ella! You are full of life and spunk, with a giggle that is absolutely contagious. I am so blessed to be your mama!

Hope you have had a super week and that your September is starting off with joy!!


  1. I am not ready for the leaves to change...keep that up there please!!!

    I can't believe you remember all those hand games!! I am impressed!

    Sweet Ella....Happy Birthday!!! Her birth was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Being able to see a child born from the "other" side was truly amazing!! seems like yesterday.

  2. Happy Happy to your sweet 6 year old and what a fun picture with Sara. I wish I lived in a state where the leaves changed colors...I came from the midwest to the south west and I really really miss fall! I loved doing those hand games growing up, but alas I have boys and they don't care...sigh... and I have always wanted to take piano lessons; someday, although both of my boys are now in the band; one playing the trombone and the other playing the trumpet. And last Sunday sounds like a great day...lots of fun for sure.

  3. I too LOVE LOVE LOVE cloud pictures where the sun rays get through... I always envision angels or God reaching out with that...

    Fun - Birthday cake is always the best!

    I'm keeping an eye out for the beginning of leaves changes... my favorite!

    I love you have an old school picture of Sarah... pretty neat!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Ella. I thought I recognized that face holding your sweet girl.
    Love the clay creations...very creative.
    All of your sky pictures are fabulous too. I can't believe it is leaf changing time already...but I love it!

  5. The clay creations are very creative!

    Chicken with a bone in it...priceless. LOL

    Happy birthday to your dear sweet Ella.

  6. I was never coordinated enough to do the clapping games very well - although it was fun to watch the other girls do them.

    Ella is so cute - looks like she had a great birthday!

  7. Awwww... Happy birthday to your sweet girl, Ella!! Hope she had a fabulous day! Yay! for piano lessons and cute, fun clay projects. Our Gracie is in a phase of lovin' those clappin' games, too. It makes some sweet childhood memories. ;) Love that last pic. How fun!

  8. So cool that Sara was there!! Happy B-day to Ella!

    Okay. So I'd love to teach my kids some of those "clapping" games, but I can't remember them. And some of the ones you mentioned, I've never even heard of. Feel free (when you get time) to email me the "lyrics" of any you think we might enjoy. I think that would be so fun!!

  9. Fun, fun post! Just now getting around to reading.
    Gorgeous skyscapes, cute clay figures, glorious church celebration, joyful piano music (I hope it was ;), fall leaves (not so sure about that one, love them, but this soon?), and a happy birthday and very happy Sara on day of birth!

  10. The crafts looks fun and that cute baby is adorable. Happy birthday Ella! I'm not ready for the fall either but I can't stop it!