Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project 365- Week 37

This is my "golden" Project 365 post. What does that mean? Well I am 37 and this is week 37. (you know, like golden birthdays.)
I am so glad this week is done! I have been away from my home and family more than I have been with them this week and it has been hard, both physically and emotionally. (beware of sob story throughout this post!) We all made it though. Here is a peek at the week.


Today was our family celebration of Ella and Bryce's birthdays. Ella's birthday was the day before and Bryce's is Wednesday. Grammie, Grandpa and Gram all came over to join us for birthday dessert, chosen by the honorees. They both picked pumpkin pie crunch, but I wanted to stick candles in something different for each of them. Here they are....

Can you tell what Bryce's candles are in?


Happy Labor Day! For Bryce's birthday party this year, he got to chose 4 friends to take to a Cubs baseball game. One friend couldn't go, so Ethan was able to go by default! Kevin was brave and ventured to Wrigley Field with the 5 boys.

Here they are outside the stadium.

This is such a great group of kids! And, at their seats before the game.

They had a great time and the Cubs WON!!!! On a side note, I have to say that I was so impressed with the Cubs organization. I had contacted them, saying it was Bryce's birthday celebration and first game. After the 7th inning stretch, a Cubs Ambassador came to their seats, asked for Bryce and presented him with a bunch of little Cubs goodies and a handwritten card. With all of the people that go in and out of that stadium every game, I was really impressed!


Today started a series of long, busy days for me. I had to do 7 presentations at the pre-school for orientation (3 today, 3 Wednesday and 1 Thursday) and I brought breakfast to the teachers that morning.

Baked oatmeal, Scrambled egg and sausage muffins, fruit and oj. Breakfast of champions for some of the most wonderful ladies you would ever want to meet! After that it was straight to work.


Today started the same as yesterday, minus the breakfast. After presentations straight to work. Got off work at 5:30 went on to church to set up for our first evening of Bible Study. We are doing this on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning....

Very excited for this! So, left home at 8:15 a.m. and returned home at 9:00 p.m. Exhausted! Here is the most important and hardest part of this day. Today is Bryce's 11th birthday and I wasn't home for it! Wasn't able to make him a cake on his day. Hadn't had any time to shop for present(s). Felt like a lousy mother. But, here is my sweet boy on his very first birthday.

Happy Birthday Bryce!! You are such a wonderful young man and you bless my socks off with your compassion, intelligence and talent. Your love for God is a treasure and I thank you for showing your mama grace this week. I love you sweet boy and am so proud to call you son!


Headed out for Kyla's pre-school orientation and my final presentation. (yeah!) Then off to the Thursday morning of above mentioned Bible Study. (I was late of course and Carrie did great leading without me...Thank you Carrie!!) Then home for a little bit to bake 6 dozen cookies for a junior high event for Bryce. While I was running around the house, Kyla wanted to take pictures. She ALWAYS wants to take pictures!! So here is one she took of me coming upstairs from grabbing an ingredient.

Do I look as tired as I felt? Finished baking, quick bite to eat and off to work. Home at 10:00.


This morning I left for work just before 9:00. Worked until 5:30 and then Kevin dropped Ella and Kyla off to me for Ella's birthday party at Build A Bear. Here they all are with their animals they made.

I think this was seriously one of the only times they were still! :) They were a great group and had a good time. They begged for a silly picture and of course, I obliged.

After the party we walked down to the food court for Dairy Queen.
Home at 9:00 p.m.


Left for work shortly after 9:00 and worked all day. Today was super busy! We have been open for almost 2 weeks, but this weekend was our Grand Opening. It was Grand and Crazy!! Guess it's a good thing the store is called Crazy 8! Here is my last picture. This is the clock in the van when I pulled in the garage tonight.

I am pooped! I know there are so many that work full time. I haven't worked outside of the home for almost 10 years. It is definitely an adjustment, and I salute all of you who do it and don't document and complain like I just did!! Thank you Kevin for doing your best to pick up my slack. Thank you to Grandmas who have been willing to pitch in. And thank you Lord for providing in our time of need. It is not exactly how we envisioned it looking, but I am thankful nonetheless.

I pray your week has brought you joy and thankfulness, with some treasured moments too!


  1. Love ya Tori!!! You are doing a great job and loved having our conversation the other morning!!

  2. Oh you sweet thing! I'm sorry you had such a crazy/full week! And you're still on-time for posting P365! I imagine it was therapy to process the week, as it is for me sometimes. I asked Chloe what she thought Bryce's candles were in -- we both thought they look like hot dogs! But pumpkin crunch sounds amazing!! Blessings to you, dear one!! And happy birthday to Ella and Bryce!!

  3. Well happy birthday. you are a young one. I turned 39 this year. Are his candles in a twix bar?
    How fun to go to Wrigley stadium for a game. We are heading to comerica park today for a tiger game. The kids are excited.
    That Beth Moore book looks great.

  4. wow that was a busy week!!! But looks like everyone had a great one!

    I filled in for a girl at work the last two weeks giving me more full time hours.....and I was exhausted. Came home one day and sat down and immediately fell asleep!! praying that God will provide you the needed strength and endurance and also time management!


  5. it is oh, so hard, when we miss an event with our kids...i missed 5yo kindergarten graduation while i was away in training for 2 was heartbreaking...but they did take pictures for me ;)
    hope you're gettin a restful weekend

  6. I think it's a twix too - that's a great idea!

    Sorry you had such a crazy week. Mine has felt crazy too but you'll laugh when I tell you - I work full time, but my job is REALLY slow so out of an 8 hour day I maybe do 3 hours of actual work. I'm a legal secretary - so I have to be there in case I'm needed. So I read a lot of blogs on my down time. This week I had to actually do WORK the whole time - no blog reading. Sigh.

  7. I can empathize with how hard it is to miss stuff with the family BUT you do the best you can, and your kids know it and appreciate what you can do.

    Adjusting to a new work schedule after so many years as a SAHM is tough! Complain all you want here :) A blog is a great place to let off steam! lol

    Trust next week will go a little smoother!

  8. Wow what a very busy week. Love the birthday pics, especially the first year one. SO CUTE. Teacher's work is on going but the first couple of weeks are so...full!!

  9. did have a crazy week...sounds like my house during football season! 3 out of the 5 school days we are gone by 7:30am and don't get home until at least say I am pooped is an understatement. Glad that your Grand Opening went well at work...what kind of store do you work in? Have a great week and take a minute to breath! Oh and all that baking sounds yummy...and what was that that the candles were stuck in for Bryce's bday anyway??

  10. Makes me tired just seeing and hearing all you accomplished. Good for you for actually making it through!!

  11. Happy birthday to you and your kiddos!

    Wow you did have quite the busy week. I hope you adjust to the work schedule soon! I understand, I really do!

  12. Girl, I didn't hear complaining here. You are one busy mama. Working outside the home would definitely be a culture shock for me, as well. Juggling both would probably have me in tears, so I can only sing your praises. ;)

    The baby pic of Bryce... melt. my. heart. precious.

    What a fun baseball game! Glad they made it so special for him!