Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 365-Week 3

Only 3 weeks in and I'm already late in posting. Guess that's what happens when you are crazy busy! Here is a look at the week.


Our dog is pathetic and spoiled. Kyla had him all covered up tonight.

His body is actually stretched out under there. Crazy dog!


The girls broke out the bathing suits again today.

Maybe if I was that cute I would run around in a bathing suit too!


Today I had a meeting to get things finalized for a fundraiser we are doing at the pre-school. We going to be selling Papa Murphy's pizza. If you're not familiar it is a "Take and bake" pizza place and they have all different kinds to chose from. While I was at my meeting I was told I had to take home their new dessert pizza to try it.

That's how it looked before it was baked and then after....

It is a S'More pizza. It has chocolate chips in each twist of the crust and on the pizza itself, marshmallows and a graham crumb topping. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!


Today we had a luncheon for Mrs. Roeder at pre-school. We went with a Texas theme with steaks, Texas sheet cake and other fun things. This is Mrs. Roeder.

We brought in some big hair, she has a big smile. Let's just say we ran with the "EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas" theme!


When I left work tonight I saw this.

Can you see what it is? It is a dog, a real one, just laying on the dash waiting for it's people. Part of me was mad that someone left their dog in the car but the other part of me thought, "Reese would NEVER just lay still like that and wait in a car with people walking by!"


Today Kevin got a special prize.

He got a Webkinz. We both have accounts so we can send things to the kids and know what they are doing and talking about. Kevin's account ran out over a year ago. Well our Hallmark here in town is going out of business and was selling their Webkinz at 75% off. So for $3 and change Kevin now has Manny. I know, we're geeks!


Today while I was at work, Grammie came and took Kevin and the kids to see this.

Everyone had a great time! Thanks Grammie for always doing such great things!!

Now, maybe next week I can post on time!! Have a super week!!


  1. I must be old.. I've never even heard of Webkinz... :)

    My dog would never sit & watch people go by either... This dog must get left behind quit a bit in a car!!!

    A smore pizza???? It sound horrible... but has me intrigued...

  2. okay your girls in their bathing suits is so cute! :)

  3. That pizza looks fabulous to me! I have FIVE webkins - so I think I have you beat in the nerd category. AND I don't have kids. Sad. Heh.

  4. i would totally sport a swimsuit if i looked that cute. ;) your dog cracks me up! and ours totally loves riding with us and being left in the car... much better than leaving her in the kennel at home. except in the heat. or the extreme cold, but we don't really have that here. ;) $3 for a webkinz? great deal! what a fun-looking teacher! ha.