Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 365-Week 4

Time is flying around here. I feel like everyday I fall further behind in my "everyday" things. Hopefully things will slow down soon but until then here's a quick look at my week.


Today was a glorious day for me! I didn't have to work, so I got to go to church!! I haven't been to church since the end of November/beginning of December due to my schedule. While at church I picked up this...

It's the study guide for small group and since I didn't have to work, we had small group at my house!! Oh today was a good day!!


Ethan had Cub Scouts this evening so Kevin took him and his good friend Michael. They finished making their wood project. Here is what he made.

Pretty cool birdhouse, huh? Notice that the "vips" can stay there. I love his sweet mind!


Spent a fair amount of time on these today before going to work.

Getting fundraiser things finalized via phone and email for the rest of the year at the pre-school.


Today was a very special day! It was Mom's visitation at Kyla's school. I had so much fun spending the afternoon with her!! At one of our stations she practiced writing her name.

She did a great job! Thanks for sharing your day with me Kyla!!


Today I was off so I tried to get some household things done, some errands run and Kevin and I were able to take in a show. I don't know if you are familiar with the two stars but I am sure they will be household names soon!

They were all dressed up and doing fun dances, songs and announcements for us! Great entertainment!

The other great thing about being home today was giving the girls their baths tonight. I know, mundane task but I don't get to do it much anymore with my schedule. I know this will surprise you, but they were being goofy so I had to snap a shot!

Oh those girls make me smile. (So do my boys but I don't bathe them anymore!!)


Last week I mentioned we had a lunch at the pre-school. We grilled steaks and I put a call out on Facebook to borrow George Foreman grills. People were very gracious and let me borrow some. Well one wasn't in a rush to get hers back, so truth be told, we used it twice at home. AMAZING!!

Tonight, she and her family came in to my store and I told her if I had known she was coming I would have brought it, that we had been using it, etc. Guess what she told me? "Just keep it!" What?!! They insisted and I can't tell you how excited we are! We have an outside grill but let's face it, we live in Northern Indiana. You know, where it is cold and snowy. Now we can grill inside....YAHOO!!! Thanks Missy!!


My precious friend Lori is always giving us clothes for the girls as her daughter outgrows them. We are always so thankful and the girls insist on going through every piece to see what treasures have arrived. Well there was something extra special this time. They each have a pair they are wearing all of the time. Here is Kyla with them on first thing in the morning with her jammies.

Nothing makes a fashion statement like plastic, princess "high heels" trimmed in marabou. Oh no, nothing!

I pray that you have had a great week full of heart filling moments mixed with some stylish giggles too!!


  1. My daughter loves hand me down clothes because she gets all kinds of "new" clothes at one time.

    We have a George Foreman rotisserie that we love too.

    Love the VIP bird house, I hope it gets some residents this spring!

  2. Those jammies are too cute and I love the George Foreman Grill. Glad you got to spend some quality time with the girlies, they look like they are having fun!!

  3. Great glad your schedule allowed you some much needed family time! Love going to 'shows' like that...we used to have those all the time at our house...not so much anymore {tear}! And love the poodle skirt, sometimes I think I should have grown up in the 50s! And those high heels are the bomb!

  4. so glad you got to spend some extra quality time with your kids this week!!!

    wish I could have taken in the "show"!!!

  5. Your girls are so cute! I'm sure they put on a great show :)

    We used to use our Foreman grill almost every day, but when we moved last year we couldn't find anywhere to keep it out on the counter so we never use it anymore. I need to get that thing out!

  6. oh, yea for a little time off! your girlies are too cute. and the vip house is sure to attract some attention. ;)

  7. I still like making goofy faces and/or animal sounds--rabbit, monkey, horse, cow... ;)
    Does that make me childish or childlike?

  8. We both tried to respond to your e-mail and the messages were returned for some unexplained reason. So here is what Mike said:
    Yes, please send pictures! I have a couple of different blues and can hopefully mix and match. That will also help with the form. Colors can be tricky so you might want to take the same picture in different light settings (natural, florescent, incandescent) and send them all.

    Of course you wouldn't have to take the bowls (since they aren't even made yet :-) )

    Do you know if your bowls are stoneware, earthenware or porcelain?