Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project 365-Week 5

Where in the world did January go? Why does time go so much faster when we want it to slow down?
It has been an interesting week here...some sickness went around our house. Here is a look...Not at the sickness by the way!


Guess what time of year it is?

Pinewood Derby time! This is Ethan's first year in Cub Scouts and our first run as derby participants. Grandpa did the cutting of his wood, so once Kevin and Ethan get it decorated I'll give you a peek.


Here is what my drive to work looked like this morning.

This is a main highway here and it was slow going. I don't know if you can tell but they were plowing 3 wide, so at least it was freshly cleared!

Tonight started doing this....

Reese got half a cut. Did his legs and belly to try to keep the snowballs off. He wasn't too happy so will have to finish the top half later.


Had a doctor visit today. Not me, but this one...

He did well. Notice, top half of haircut still not done.


Tonight on my way home from work I ended up here.

Now you may think I stopped for a snack, but you would be mistaken. I followed a person driving erratically for a couple of miles while on the phone with 911. They weren't driving fast, but kept crossing over all of the lanes and shoulders, going around curves on the wrong side, it was awful!! I kept praying, "please Lord, don't let anyone be coming." It ended up being an older woman who was heavily medicated. She had no idea where she was or how she got there. The police told her she couldn't drive home and waited at McDonald's with her until her ride came.


Today was a fun morning. Most of our small group ladies went to visit Michelle.

Michelle is the one in the pink and is being induced next Friday!! She has been on bed-rest for a while now so we went to see her and took lunch to her today. I love these ladies so!!
I also had to take a picture of this while I was there. Those of you who have waited for it to be "time" for the baby to come will appreciate this.

All of her bags packed and ready by the door!


After work tonight we were sitting around the table eating and one of the kid's mentioned that it was Fun Fair night at school. We hadn't talked about going and there was only an hour left, but we loaded up and headed out.

The girls wanted to go straight to the "Balloon Men" to get these...

Kyla with her monkey hat.

Ella with her dog.

And I think about every boy was walking out of the school with these.

And the girls also had this done...


This morning I got to take Bryce to ISSMA to perform his piano and vocal solos. He did a great job, especially since this was his first time competing.

He earned first place medals for both! Great job Bryce!!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you have had a great week!!


  1. Awww... Congrats to Bryce! ;) Your girlies are too cute with their sweet, painted faces.

  2. wow!!! Congrats to Bryce!!! That is so awesome..2 first place medals!!!

  3. glad you helped the elderly lady! Some people would just drive by, but you may have saved someones life...Thank you!

    School function looked great and I would have definitely got a monkey hat:)

  4. Congrats to Bryce. You dog looks clean with the fresh fur cut.

  5. yay for Bryce! i am so glad that your 911 ordeal went ok, poor little lady! someone could have been hurt badly! glad you were praying.

  6. I hope you were driving very slowly when taking that picture of the road.

    I love the face paint! Congrats to your boy on getting first place - Twice!

  7. I am so impressed about the McDonalds are really special to have done that. Loved the school fair....I remember those as a child....loved sharing your week in pictures.

  8. Great pictures. Congrats to Bryce!! Love the girls faces. You asked about my cats & if the birds drive them crazy. No, they love to watch them through our picture window. We call it "Birdie TV".

  9. Great job your son must have done & the fun fair looks like it was fun.

    Have a great week,

  10. You sure can pack a lot into a week! :)
    That poor older lady -- scary to think what could have happened!
    Congrats to Bryce. The girls are too cute with their face painting.
    Have a great week!

  11. Oh my stars...does that pine wood derby bring back memories. It was a HUGE deal at out house. My son even won a few time and went to the finals and you could have knocked me over with a feather he even won that one too. The amazing thing is that he built the car all by himself, no help for Dad at all. It was great fun!


  12. Wow, Bryce, what talent, and hard work, I'm sure.
    Such adorable girl kitties.

  13. What a great week!! I hate balloons, but for some reason love balloon sculptures...go figure. My nephew did his first pine wood derby...he had a blast. Love the pooch, too cute.

    Have a great week.

  14. Good job Bryce! I was always too nervous to do well at piano recitals - hated it! Love the face paint on the girls - they look super cool! Good for you for helping take care of that lady - scary situation.

  15. awesome week...that school fun fair sounds and looks like lots of fun; super cute balloons and puppy dog faces! And congrats to Bryce on those first place medals...whoo hoo!