Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365-Week 10

This has been a very heavy week with many tears and loss felt by close friends. A week of feeling helpless but doing whatever I could to help. There have also been moments of fun and of course some goofy kids to help remind you that life goes on.


After church today I took the boys with me to Sam's Club to get some things for group tonight. I don't know what struck them but they got a serious case of the goofies! They were snapping while walking here....

Kind of like a bad rhythm pair from West Side Story! It was hilarious and caused others shoppers to grin too!


I received a heart breaking text tonight.

A dear friend's life had been struck with tragedy as she lost a very special person this evening.


Spent some time with my dear friend today before I had to go to work. These would have been in order for us.

So many questions of "why" and knowing that even through the hurt that God has a plan and that we have to rest in it.


I had to work for a little this morning. When I got off I got to do something rare and special...

I got to pick Kyla up from school! I hardly ever get to pick her up anymore because I am usually at work. It was so fun to see her come out and hear her talk about her day on the way home.


Leave it to the girls to always bring a smile to my face. They decided to wear new swimsuits that Gram got for them today.

Can you see their underwear sticking out? Too funny! Does anyone else have children that love to play around the house in their suits? In the summer they will probably want to wear their snow pants!


Tonight after work I attended the visitation for the young man who lost his life earlier this week.

This family has been amazing to watch over the past few weeks. It has been my honor and privilege to walk with them through this tragedy.


This morning was the funeral. I of course did not take any pictures but the visions I saw are forever burned in mind. I watched a young widow caress the box holding her husband's remains. Caressing that box and smiling an innocent smile of lifelong love.
I watched the father, the patriarch of this family who has stood strong over the past two weeks, then carry and hold that same box. While he would talk to people I would watch his thumb stroke the side of that box. Confirming that he would take care of everything.
It is a reminder to us all to hug a little tighter, laugh a little longer and to treasure every moment that God blesses us with here.

When I got home Grammie was here. She and Grandpa just got back from a month long vacation. Here is something she brought the girls.

Ocean and beach treasures...some with sand still in them!

I hope that you have had a good week and that you hug someone a little longer this week!


  1. Sorry it was such a week of loss :(

    But yes, two little girls who just keep smiling & wear bathing suits around the house has to bring some joy back into your world :)

  2. Sorry for your loss. :(

    Swimming suits in the winter time, oh yes, my daughter is known to do silly things along those lines too!

  3. i didn't get any pics this week but sure am enjoying everyone else's

  4. I just got a phone call this morning. My uncle is dying & my dad & I have to take off on Tuesday morning to say goodbye. We'll be driving from Michigan to St. Louis & neither one of us want's to say goodbye. Feeling a loss must be going around.

    I'll keep your friends in my prayers.


  5. I'm so sorry for your friend's loss - but I'm glad you were able to be there for her.

    LOVE the pic of the girls in their swimsuits - they're too cute!

  6. I am sorry to hear of your friends loss. I love the girls in the bathing suits. Too cute and the ocean craft day.

  7. Tori, is this anyone I know? praying for the family and you and you reach out to your friend.

  8. I appreciated this post very much--a reflection of how life is a mix of grief and joy, love and pain.
    You are a great friend and good mom. Loved the photos of the kids. My favorite the car window view of Kyla and teacher.