Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project 365-Week 12

Please ignore the fact that it is Wednesday of week 13, and I am just getting around to posting week 12. Such is my life right now. Here's a peek at the week.


Had to work today. This is what I am surrounded by in the backroom...

Boxes and boxes and more boxes. UGH!


Remember how I told you that Kyla is a little fashionista? Here is what she had on when she got up this morning.

Love it!!


Today Kyla wanted to make Daddy's sandwich for lunch. She got everything out herself and started the process.

When she was finished she had made quite an impressive sandwich.

This was so precious to me!!

Tonight we went to Grammie and Grandpa's for dinner. Afterwards Bryce noticed the phone on the wall. It has been there his whole life, it's probably been there 39 years. He asked, "How do you even make a call on that thing?"

So, there he is having one of life's valuable lessons...How to make a call on a rotary phone!!


I was running some errands today and while out a funeral procession began to pass. I pulled over behind another vehicle as they passed. This is the vehicle that I was behind.

What got me about this vehicle was that when the procession was done, the gentleman driving the vehicle placed his hat back on his head. I was so touched by the way he honored the family that was grieving.


Back to work and guess what was and is still there.....

Boxes everywhere!


Came home from work and had dinner. Afterwards we all had a little treat.

Sugar free Jello pudding. We love it and have it in all different flavors.

While I was eating my pudding Kevin was playing with this moose and posing him. I thought this one was funny.

I know, we're silly!


Reese has been really bad about trying to get on the table lately. Even with the chairs pushed in he knows he can squeeze his head up and then make enough room for his body. The girls had just, and I mean just gotten up from eating cereal and look what I caught!

Bad Dog!

Hope you are having a great week!!


  1. You had a lot of great pictures this (last) week. Love your bad dog - too cute! And the moose. And Kyla's fashion sense. Oh - we had an ancient black rotary phone that had been in my grandfather's dairy barn - it's probably an antique now. Wonder if daddy still has it?

  2. the gentleman with the hat nearly has me in tears. so sweet.

    speaking of sweet... kyla has skillz. :)

    a rotary phone. now that brings back memories. ha. my girls need a good lesson, too.