Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project 365-Week 9

I really thought my life (job) would slow down after Christmas. No such luck! This week has been full of a lot of hours away from my family. I am tired and quite frankly disappointed in the things that I have had to miss. I am trying to be thankful that I have a job, guess I need to focus on the gratitude a little more! Here is my week.


This is what we drove to church in this morning.

Can you tell that it is ice? It was icky and it kind of hurt walking in to church.


Went to work at 9:00 a.m. this morning. Was supposed to work until 5:30. Unfortunately many people were sick and we had a new line set, so I didn't get to leave at 5:30. Here is a picture on our microwave at home with what time I got there.

Yup, that would be 12:40 a.m. Can you say exhausted?


The girls wanted to fix me lunch today. Isn't that the sweetest? Here was my buffet.

Nothing better than a little play dough and clay food that I didn't have to fix! :)


When I left work today I went here.

My mom was returning home from Arizona, so I picked her up.


Someone lost another tooth!

She got it out herself again. Such a big girl! As a side note, she actually lost it. Couldn't find it any where. Thankfully the tooth fairy was able to locate it for her.


Had to open at work today and due to some continued illness issues at work, I had to stay and close Gymboree. So went in at 9:00 and left at 9:30. I didn't take a picture today but I will put this one up.

That's my family. If you see them, tell them that I love them and miss them!!


Today was the Pine Wood Derby for Ethan. I had to work, so I missed it but Kevin was able to get a few shots for me.

Do you see the blue #48 car in the back? That is Ethan's. It actually was Kevin's car from when he was a kid. One of the wheels broke off of Ethan's car, so they got Kevin's and repainted it. The car did not fair very against all of the more aerodynamic designs, but it was a good experience for Ethan.

I hope you have had a great week!


  1. Thanks for picking up mom!! I love you and miss you. Nathan started a new job (at Pepsi) when we got back and it's been full of long days and headaches. We're hoping it's a transition period, but only time will tell.

  2. Got to see your fam sat. The girls had fun playing with addie. They also waved every time they went pass. Super cute.

  3. sorry for your long days...maybe it will pay off as time goes by

  4. My brother did those pine cars when he was little... I need to show him this picture for memory sake!

    What a cute "lunch"

    Yipee for another tooth loss... that's always so exciting. Such moments of growing up.

  5. Tori, I am so sorry you are having to work so much. I will be praying for energy, strength and special times with your family!

  6. I can't imagine your long ARe you working at gymboree clothing store or play and music? once upon a time I was a teacher at a play and music...lots of fun for sure. I love toothless grin cute!

  7. What a busy week! I hope this coming week slows down for you.


  8. Yep, I could tell that was ice. Sorry to hear you have been working such long hours. I hope you're not sick next. Toothless pics are soooo cute!

  9. Sorry you have to work so much. Love the various stages of teeth development. You have a beautiful family...and they will still be beautiful when you finally see them.

  10. bless your heart. being on the go so much can take its toll. that's quite a {thoughtful} buffet. ;) such a sweet family. (((hugs)))

  11. Love Ella's toothless grin - too cute! I'm sorry you're having to work so hard - & I'll bet since you're a manager you don't even get overtime do you?