Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project 365-Week 14

Hooray..finally a post on time!! Life is still crazy but I am always so thankful to have something to remember the week with.


I forgot to take a picture today but it was a great day! Was able to go to church with my family and to small group! Hooray!!


Today was "Crazy Dress Up Day" at Kyla's school.

I think she was successful!

Tonight Kevin installed our new dishwasher. So thankful to my mom for helping us out with it!

Fingerprints are there already!


Do you see the white thing on my coat sleeve?

That is a grey hair I pulled out of my head! Yikes, I think the stress of life is catching up with me! :)


My new shoes for work finally came today!

Super comfy!!


Tonight Bryce and Ethan had their Spring piano recital.

They worked hard and sounded great!

Here are all of the students with Miss Michelle afterwards.

Great job everyone!!


Tonight after work I ran home and got the girls and we went to church for movie night. They were showing this...

We had a great time! As a side note, I love Rapunzel's hair at the end of the movie. I was actually thinking, "I wonder what my hair would look like with that cut." Am I pathetic or what?

Kevin received something today that is altering his lifestyle.

He has not yet been "officially" diagnosed as diabetic, but we feel it is inevitable. So thankful to our dear friends the Fishers for getting this to help him start to get a handle on things and get the necessary information so that his doctor will do something!


It's back....

My mom is in New York for the next week so I get the Cube! It is fun to drive and the kids get a kick out of it!

I hope you have had a great week!


  1. Love Kayla's hair in her crazy outfit pic! And those shoes look super comfy! I started graying at 17...yea, I was still in high school! Can't even tell you my natural color anymore!! lol And I want to see Tangled SO badly!

  2. Looks like an action-packed week! I love music recitals :) Lots of great photos for the week!

  3. love the outfit for school. she did a great job. love the car !

  4. so happy to see that you were an early poster..which means your week has been better!!!!

    Don't be pulling out those grey know they say 5 will grow back!!! embrace them! color them!!! :)

  5. Those shoes look great for work, and your daughter is adorable!

    Even my 19 year old son said Tangled was cute, but I haven't seen it yet.

    Have a great week,

  6. gray fun! Gray hair...all over my head... I think Sara's right about embracing the gray...


  7. Sorry to hear that Kevin may be on the road to being a diabetic. I hope he's changing his diet now so it will be easier if that becomes the final diagnosis.

    Ummmm.... If you pull out your grey hair you might just end up making a bald spot. I have a friend who's done it and has to part her hair differently to cover the spot she thinned out.

    Yay! For the new dishwasher!

  8. i typed a nice, long message, and then my computer messed up. grrr.

    it was something akin to...

    cute outfit. she did a wonderful job! who did she get her accessorizing abilities from? ;)

    gray hair? i'm with sara... color! {that's what i do. shhhhh...}

    we loved tangled, too!! love the brunette at the end! great ending! :)

  9. I was so sure I had already commented, but it appears not.
    Love Kute Krazy Kyla ;) and the shoes.
    BTW, that is not a gray hair, it is dental floss.
    Happy for you with new dishwasher! I had a taste of hand washing everything last week and was happy to go back to a repaired machine!
    I so admire kids taking piano lessons nowadays, not many left.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  10. Love that car - too cute! And so is Kyla dressed for crazy day :)