Sunday, April 24, 2011

Project 365-Week 16

I am a whole week late in posting...YIKES! Here is what the week looked like here.


Reese has been up to no good again. Guess what he ate this time?

That used to be a CD. Not anymore! Bad dog!!


Tonight I picked up my friend Kristine and we went to the grocery store at 10:00 p.m. (It's just easier after the kids are in bed sometimes!) While going down the aisles we found this in the International section.

I know it's blurry, but can you see what it says? "It's NOT for girls". It was a chocolate bar. How can that possibly not be for girls? So guess what we did? We bought one and ate some! We'll show you...not for girls! HA!


Ella has a crush at school. It is quite cute. They write notes and draw pictures for each other. Here she is with her newest note and picture.

I am not ready for this!!


Junior photographer, AKA Kyla was taking pictures today. Here is one of her shots.

Showing off her beautiful manicure by Miss Kristine!


Today the girls got very special gifts. Carrie's family went to Disney World over Spring Break and they brought something home for the girls.

Let me just tell you how excited the girls were! They think these headbands and bracelets are the best things since sliced bread!! Thank you King's for thinking of us while you were away!


Today I went to the pre-school to help with a "painting project". Guess what I was painting?

Those are Kyla's hands, but I painted many sets and each one got painted 4 times!!


I have been looking forward to today for a few months! Today Kyla and I traveled to Valparaiso for a very special baby shower. (Ella was at a birthday party) Kylie and Shaun are expecting their first baby in June. Kylie was like my first daughter, as I would watch her and her 3 siblings while her parents would travel when I was in college. Kevin and I sang at their wedding and the boys were the ring bearers and Ella was the flower girl. (Kyla wasn't born yet, but she is named after her). Can you tell I love her and her family so very much? Here is a picture of Kylie and Kyla at the shower.

Kylie, you are going to be a fabulous mother and I pray God's protection over you and that sweet little girl as He puts her finishing touches together!!

And that is the way I wish every week could end!!


  1. A busy and wonderful week indeed! So glad we got to see you girls. XOXO

  2. oh those mickey headbands are so cute!!!! yea, for wonderful friends!

  3. You have to keep those crush notes... I had my first crush in kindergarden & my mom kept all our pictures & "notes"... its so fun to look back on!

    A CD? How is that tasty? :)

    I want those Mickey Mouse headbands.. how fun!!!

  4. This post totally brought tears to my eyes... and for good reason! I'm so thankful that I got to see you and Kyla at the shower. Of course it meant the world to me to have you there. Thanks for setting such an amazing example of what motherhood should be. Love you lots!

  5. hand-prints make a mommy's heart melt, yes? crushes? i'm soooo not ready either. i mean, they're called crushes for a reason, right? heartbreak. *sigh* and your pup makes me *giggle* a little. sorry. how can reese eat so many different things? mickey mouse ears and nail polish = too cute!

  6. Okay, the little love letter is just too cute!

    Have a good week,

  7. What a fun week! Love the candy bar - I'm going to go look it up. Maybe it's for WOMEN instead of girls. Heh.

  8. Wow...can't imagine thatcd would taste very That note is precious and love her spelling and drawing! LOVE those sparkley mickey doodle fun!

  9. I think Reese is an artist. That CD looked sculpted ;)
    Ella is artistic, definitely.
    Love the red hands too, and the head bobbles.
    Where to Yorkies come from???

  10. Loved your pictures. The CD does look like a piece of sculpture. What a fun week you appear to have had.