Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project 365-Week 15

This week was Spring Break for the kids! While we didn't "go" on vacation we still managed to have some fun and spend some much needed time together!


I had to work all day today and when I got home I was tired! No picture today.


Today was an exciting day! Kevin started a new job today!! It has been over a year since he lost his job and we are so thankful for something, anything, at this point. This is a seasonal position with Ginger Valley, a local garden center.

Sporting his new work shirt before he left. A special thanks to Kristin for the inside help with this!!


Happy day work and an outing with the kids and special friends! Kristine and I wanted to do something with our kids so we decided to head up to St. Joe, Michigan and go to Curious Kids Museum. We went to the museum, ate lunch on the beach (while freezing) and rode the carousel. It was a fun day!!

Kyla inside a huge bubble!

Bryce's image on a life size push-pin board. (we could've played with this ALL day!)

Astronaut Ethan!

Ella feeding the seagulls her sandwich crust. There were only 2 when she started and by the time she was done there were a bunch that came out of no where!

We finished off with some ice cream from Kilwins. A trip to St. Joe isn't complete without it!

What a fun day we all had!!


Look at Kevin's hands....

He has been working with pine and blue spruce trees at work. His hands look like pin cushions! He now has gloves!!


Back to work today. And guess what...I didn't take a picture. So, here's another one from our fun time Tuesday.

This is the view of Silver Beach and Lake Michigan from the museum. Looks deceivingly warm doesn't it?


Tonight I thought it would be fun to take the girls to sleep over at my mom's house. She is still in New York and the girls love to play with her dog and cat (which I have been taking care of) so we went that way. Oh what a bad idea! The girls didn't get to sleep until at least midnight and I only got about an hour and a half of sleep because the dog would not stay off of me. No picture, but imagine a sleep deprived, cranky me! Important note...the girls had fun!


When we got up this morning the girls were hungry, but there was nothing at my mom's. We had to stick around the area to pick Bryce up from a sleep over, so I caved and took the girls here.

Krispy Kreme. The light was on and they were happy! :)

Hope you have had a great week!!


  1. LOVE that picture in the push-pins!!!! Those are so much fun!

    Very good to see Kristine in your pics! Please tell her hi for me! And that I miss her coffee!!! :)

  2. Loved the week of kids pictures. They looked like they were having so much fun. Poor Kevin...I feel his pain. Pine, Cedar and Okra type plants do me the same way....Hay too! Not fun.

  3. Never heard of that kids museum and those activities--an idea for a grandma trip.
    Glad you all had fun during spring break!
    Great news of new job for K. :)
    Sorry about the first day woes :(

  4. I agree, that push pin pic is really cool! What a fun week, except for lack of sleep day, lol.

    Have a great week,

  5. great pic...
    great week for sure

  6. what a fun tuesday you had!!!
    that looks like a great museum!
    i love the pic of your girls eating their donuts, too.

  7. Well I had intelligent things to say about your week, but I'm just mesmerized by that last picture - fresh KK donuts are the BOMB! Yum!

    OK, I'm done now. Heh.

  8. What a fun week of adenture...up to St. Joes and then to gmas! And krispy kremes...YUMMO!