Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project 365 - Week 2

What a week here! We went back to school and went from Spring-like temps to a snow day at the end of the week. Here is a look.

It is 5:15 a.m. and I am up making these....

Pancakes. Now, this is no big deal until you realize that I am making pancakes, eggs and sausage for 70. I fed the Junior High kids at church this morning so had to be up to have everything done on time. Let's just say 10 pounds of pancake batter was used!

Tonight everyone had to be in bed on time, since it is back to school tomorrow. Look at how prepared this one was....

She got this out of the dollar aisle at Target and loves it. I think it is adorable!!

I saw this bumper sticker while out this afternoon. I have seen "OMG" used many ways, but never like this before.

Today the boys started lessons up again after being off for break.

Bryce is preparing a piece for ISSMA competition at the beginning of February and will be using those keys quite a bit in preparation.

Today Bryce auditioned for the school musical. He was very excited to audition, as were many of his friends.

Call backs are tomorrow and cast list up by Saturday.

Woke up this morning achy and feeling awful. Stayed home from school and went back to sleep. After I picked up Kyla she was begging to bake something.

So we cheated and she started mixing. Let me just show you the cheat.....

Now I love baking and almost always serve homemade things, but these were a lifesaver for this sick mama today! (they are quite good and nice to have on hand for a quick batch of cookies)

**Side note, Bryce was called back for auditions today!

Two glorious words....Snow Day!!! We went from mid to upper 40's to a Winter Wonderland! Of course the kids had to go out in it. After they come in, it is always chaos. 4 people's things to hang up to dry. We have to resort to this.

Days like this really make me wish I had a mudroom!

Also played a game with the girls.

Have you seen this?

It's called Headbanz and it is fun! It definitely was a great snow day game!!

And in HUGE news today, the cast list was posted and Bryce got one of the male leads! He is Prince Dauntless the Drab!! He is so excited and we are so very proud of him! The cast looks great and I am looking forward to a great show in March!

With snow comes snowballs. Now you may be thinking to throw at people, but that is not the kind I am talking about. Reese gets them all over his legs and belly and the only way to get them off is the blow dryer.

Doesn't look like he was minding it too much!

I hope you have had a great week and that your household is healthy and enjoying each other!!


  1. yay for pancakes, cute girlies willing to bake, fun games, and cute doggies. reese cracks me up. ;) have a great week!

  2. Good for you on the pancakes. I have never made that many.

    I got that game for Christmas from my 9 yr old goddaughter. It is a hoot!

  3. I love all your pics this week. You are a brave woman making that many pancakes! I struggle with just two at a time (of course that could be because I can't cook).

    I'm SO excited for Bryce! I can't wait to hear all about the process... He's apparently VERY talented :)

  4. pancakes for 70....Oh My Stars.....I am sure they were delicious and much appreciated by hungry children!


  5. Love the pj's!
    Those pancakes look so perfect, all like that???
    Sorry you didn't feel well.
    Hope this week is ALL good!

  6. I understand your feeding service, I used to feed our youth group and it takes a loving spirit and busy hands ...
    bet the game was fun...I love having game time
    miss my doggie in my lap
    enjoy week 3 :)

  7. Wowza pancakes for 70. Pancakes for 70 teens ... WOAH! That is a whole lotta hollow legs!

    LOVE that sleep mask too - I might need one!

  8. Bummer about getting sick...hoping you are feeling back to yourself soon. Snow days are always fun..I actually miss them (moving from MI to AZ we have none!) I have seen that game...we are a game family...our new fav...QUELF! Congrats to Bryce on his part and upcoming show!

  9. Oh, and yes, I am going to the Siesta celebration - you?! SO excited!!!

    1. I am not. :( I started it and lasted through March, but then life took over and my discipline went out the window. I know you will have a fabulous time and I want to hear all about it!!