Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project 365 - Week 3

Another week over! I am so glad I am documenting the days again, because they go by so quickly.


Still sick today. Kevin took the kids to church and then I went and picked them up since he had to go on to work. After I picked them up we ran here to grab a few things we needed.

Taking the kids to Sam's is always an adventure, but adding mama not feeling well is probably not a good combination!


No school today and I was thankful. Still feel lousy, so went in to the doctor. Had the fun of meeting this.

My lungs were "rattling" enough that she wanted to rule out pneumonia. I was in the clear for that but had a bad bronchial infection. Antibiotics and an inhaler will hopefully do the trick!

When I got home this is what I saw.

All dressed up, suitcases packed and headed to Alabama. I don't know why, but this is what they have been playing lately. Why Alabama? Not sure. But obviously you must wear your finest to visit there. As the day went on and they were still playing here is the progression.

Did you notice that Kyla has worn 3 different outfits to Alabama? All I know is they must do a lot of laundry in that fine state!


Today the kids had a 2 hour delay. Now we had a snow day last Friday so you may think that was the reason, but this will show you otherwise.

FOG!! The temperature was almost balmy but that quickly changed by the end of the day!

This afternoon I had an appointment that I have really been looking forward to. Here is the room where my appointment started.

On the agenda were these...

..and then I ended up with this...

For my birthday my family and Grammie and Grandpa gave me a gift card to the spa. Today was the day for the full body hot stone massage and pedicure!! Ahhhhh......I would love an appointment like this every week!


Started leading a new Bible study tonight! So very excited to start this journey with a lovely group of ladies.

I love the book of James and am looking forward to really diving into it!


I have a friend that I was re-introduced to recently. We have been spending a lot of time together lately, sometimes meeting twice in one day. I would love for you all to meet.

Unfortunately, I think we are going to have a long, love-hate relationship!!


Tonight was Ethan's Pinewood Derby. Grandpa and Ethan worked on his car together and it turned out really well! The competition was tough but Ethan's car took 4th place in his division, which was a pretty good showing. The highlight for him though was a special award he won for most colorful car.

The proud boy, his car, trophy, medal and equally proud Grandpa!!


Had to run an errand today and when we went to leave we saw these on our front porch.

Cute little birdie tracks! The girls loved them.

A pretty good week and feeling much better, so I will take it! Hope you have had a great week too.


  1. yea! I can post this week!!

    That Kyla is so funny...I loved ALL her outfits for Alabama!!! :)

    I have a gift card for a massage too....just waiting for the perfect time!

  2. aahhhh a spa day! i confess my envy.
    i love the birdie tracks!

  3. I have never tried the hot rocks I can't get past the facial, massage, mani, and pedi. If you ever need to bring the girls to Alabama...bring them on....we have plenty of room here.

  4. Hope you're feeling all better!
    A spa day sounds so lovely...
    Giggled at the girls playing "going to Alabama" :) Looks like that's a very fun place to go!
    Not missing all the snow. It may be really hot here, but I'll take the heat over cold -- and snow -- any day!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Love the girls "Going to Alabama" they were soooo cute.

  6. Oh, the spa, how refreshing
    and the girly girls, how cute.
    The birdie tracks, oh so delicate,
    and the Derby car so colorful.
    The new Bible study, so inviting,
    and your new 'friendship', well hopefully that doesn't last too long ;)

  7. Those girls are too cute! Congrats to Ethan on his finish - that's pretty good. LOVE the birdie tracks - & you're too funny talking about the shovel. Hope you feel better this week!

  8. I'm here from H-Mama's blog. :) LOL on the Alabama...that is where we live. Maybe they are planning on visiting. Tell them their outfits are PERFECT for a trip to Bama. ;)

  9. i am doing the james study toooo!!! loving it!

  10. BINGO! I love hot rocks and pedi's. My favorite. Loved the tubing shots. I love bible studies so the James one sounds wonderful. Alabama here too...and another Karen. Is that weird or what?