Sunday, May 2, 2010

Project 365-Week 18

Week 18, really? That's a lot of days and I am so thankful to have a record of something from each. Things are moving in to full wind down with the kids and school but full swing with baseball season starting! Here's a peek from around here this week.


Dairy Queen had a special, buy one Blizzard get one for .25! We also had a gift card, so what better way to use it? Someone else thought so too....

Reese grabbed the empty cup to lick out what was left. Ironically it was a Reese PB Cup Blizzard! He carried it around on his snout, quite funny!


We live around the corner from Ella's school. When I picked her up she did this on the way home.

And don't worry, she was buckled....but sitting sideways!


Ella's Pre-K class has had eggs in their room for the past 2 weeks waiting for them to hatch. Two ducks came last week and this week the chicks were born.

The kids were so excited! Out of 14 eggs they ended up with 2 ducks and 7 chicks. So thankful for a class where she can have that experience!


Had to make a Sam's Club run with the girls today and it was over lunch time. Does anyone else think their hot dog and drink combo for $1.50 is a good deal? It least it helps in a pinch!


Do you know what these are?

Kevin found these in the woods today and was ELATED! They are the first morels of the season and he had them fried up in no time.


Ella is going through an interesting phase (Please Lord, let it be a phase!) of getting quite upset and dramatic when she does not get things, answers, etc that she wants. At bedtime I usually tell her a story and then sing two songs. Well, she didn't like my story and a fit ensued, so I calmly told her she was making a choice and I walked out. About 10 minutes later she walked out of her room and presented me with this....

She marched back in her room and then I quietly chuckled and gave her a few minutes. I went in her room and asked what it meant and she said that was how she felt about my story. I just had to take a picture so I can show her this someday. Maybe when her daughter is going through a phase!!


I had a date tonight and went to see this...

It was wonderful to hear the symphony and the guest pianist was amazing! My date however, got very restless. I knew he would not make it through the second half, so we went to get a treat.

This is my date then...

He was very content. (He was very impressed with the symphony and pianist as well, but couldn't understand why the songs had to be so long!)

Hope you have had a super week!!


  1. I think Ella is one smart girl! Expressing oneself through pictures is quite acceptable in our house. I have received many of these over the years and actually think the two children who do this have a very good connection with their feelings. Ella must be very creative!

  2. The symphony sounds like a nice date night!! And too funny about Reese eating the Reese...yum that is my favorite kind of blizzard! We think that deal at Sam's Club is the best too!

  3. there is NO WAY that my Ella could throw a fit!!! :)

    I love having lunch at Sam's....there is no better deal around!!!

    I am going to have to go google morels now....I have no idea what they are!!! what do they taste like?

  4. I recognize that I Carly paper, it's from a McDonald's kids meal, isn't it?

    My oldest is also going through a "phase" so I can feel ya there!

    Love the chicks, I hope they enjoy them. Can't wait to see your baseball pics!

  5. Crack me up! I love Ella's picture... what a creative way to express herself. How did you like the symphony? I too am a fan of the Sam's "cheap lunch" - if nothing more because it is such a good deal. Have a great week!

  6. I know nothing about morels. Going to have to try them some day. But where????

    Sorry about the whole "phase" thing. I know how exhausting they can be.

    Love the little chicks and ducks! What a wonderful experience!

  7. chicks are so cute aren't they!

  8. I just ate a Reese blizzard tonight. YUM I totally guessed those were mushrooms. Yeah me. Right?
    what a fun and educational date:)

  9. So jealous about the mushrooms, we usually find a good quantity around our yard and my parents, but this year - one,1 !!! Maybe they are still yet to come?
    Love the pic of the picture, but makes me wonder? What was your story?! :)

  10. okay those chicks are SO cute! I wish we could have them in my backyard! :)

  11. Reece eating a Reece. Too cute. Those chicks are precious. Our girls like to ride sideways too. What is that? ;) And yes, you should definitely save that 'happy' pic for her scrapbook. Priceless.

  12. The chicks are so cute and I love the hanging feet!
    365 day