Sunday, May 9, 2010

Project 365-Week 19

Happy Mother's Day! I hope today finds you celebrating and/or being celebrated!!
It's been another busy week around here but as you will see we found time for a new toy.....Here's a peek!


Small group night. After we're done people usually go back and nibble a little more food before heading out. Some people do this.....

This is Melissa. She is our babysitter and one very special lady!! She was having a little whipped cream and I caught her!!


Made these today...

The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls, otherwise known as YUM!!!

For dinner our small group ladies surprised one of our friends that moved to Alabama on Friday. We had a lot of fun, great conversation and it just happened to be two of their birthdays.

This is our group. The only one missing was Carrie. I am SO THANKFUL for these women! They are real, caring, praying and faithful friends!!


Today we received a new toy. Berette, our friend moving to Alabama got this game for our family.

This game is AWESOME!! It's dancing but all you use is the Wii remote. Our whole family loves it and we have been playing it like crazy. It is also a fantastic workout.


The kids playing Just Dance.


Tonight Kevin and I went to the Spring choir concert at our high school. This was Melissa's last concert and we wanted to see and support her. (You know, the same Melissa with the whipped cream) I have had the honor of being Melissa's voice teacher for 4 years and she is very talented, but more than that she is a treasure. She is beautiful, intelligent, funny, loving and she is strong. Strong in her will, in her love and in her faith. I am going to miss her when she heads to school in the fall but can't wait to see what God has planned for her!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

When we got home around 10:40 or so we saw this when we pulled in.

Notes from the kids. One said, "buying lunch" and the other two were random notes from the girls. Too funny! Guess they wanted to make sure we saw them.


Tonight we had family dance night! 4 people can play Just Dance at a time so we would rotate in and out. We played for over an hour a half straight. So much fun!!

There was some serious groove being thrown down tonight!


We kept our friend's kids tonight while they went out to dinner. When they came back the four adults played Just Dance. (surprised, aren't you?) Because we were all playing and the kids were all off playing in other rooms, I don't have an actual picture of us, but it was fun! So just to remind you what the game looks like...

If you haven't figured out.....we LOVE this game. If you like to dance I would encourage you to give it a try. It has a great mix of songs, some oldies, 70's & 80's and more current. The lyrics are ok for the kids and the words even come up so you can sing along. Plus it's great exercise!!!

Hope you've had a super week!!


  1. Just Dance sounds like a blast! Love it when a good time = exercise and is good for you :-)

    Have a great week!

  2. what a great week!! and you know I always love seeing pictures of my friends!!!

    I will have to look into that game!

  3. we don't have a wii but that dancing looks like fun, especially since you can do it as a family.

    I've made those cinnamon rolls before but I've never been able to find Maple flavoring...

  4. just dance is your pictures

  5. Happy Mother's Day to you and to answer your question from my blog, No sales yet from the flower shop... but God is in control!
    Just Dance looks like alot of fun!

  6. That looks like lots of fun...that game I mean! My boys would love it...I will have to keep an eye out for it; it would make a great present! And my oldest does that with whipped cream too! funny!

  7. That does look like a fun game. Might just have to give it a try sometime.

    Rained out this week, huh? The kids were actually able to play all of their scheduled games last week, but there's rain on the forcast for this week, so we'll have to see what happens.

  8. Thinkin we need to have a small group with Just Dance - can we squeeze a spiritual lesson out of it?? Melissa and I laughed at the Ready Whip pic. She and I almost cried at the dance had us at both extremes. Seriously, she was very touched by your kind words. One more question...How come I have never had one of those delicious looking rolls? LOL

  9. We got a Wii for Christmas, we have been wanting to get that game for a long time. I keep meaning to go and rent it so ewe can try it out before we actually buy it! Looks like to much fun!

    Those sweet rolls look amazing. Were you trying to fee the whole neighborhood. It looks like you made a ton of them!


  10. Love the dancin' pictures, it looks like the kids (and adults!) are really enjoying that game!
    And those cinnamon rolls, gonna have to check out that recipe! Yummy!

  11. What a fun week! that cinnamon rolls looks good.

    365 day

  12. What great pics this week. Those rolls are making me drool !!! I love being with my friends too - what a fun looking group. Blessings this week!!

  13. The dancing looks like a lot of fun. I was MIGHTILY confused about Melissa (where have I seen her before?) until I went to her Mom's blog. Heh.

    But the most important question - what kind of bag is the almost-middle person carrying in your group shot? Looks like something I NEED LOL.

  14. Oh, man, I'm such a sucker for dancing games. We went to this place called Playtime Pizza once and they had an X-Box dance game. I don't remember the name of it, but it keeps a score of all your right moves and wrong steps. I rocked it out!!!!! (Seriously.) I'm all into that sort of thing. (I'm such a weirdo.) Anyway, since we have a Wii, I just may have to get my hands on this little gem. :) Especially if I end up making those sinful cinnamon rolls you had to go and tempt me with!! LOL!!

  15. I'll have to look into that game. Looks like serious fun... and a workout too. ;)

    Don't you just love girl-gatherings? So much fun! Great week!!